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Cody Swanson -

I'm glad to hear you like your scooby, I started a club ( last year for Maritime Subaru nuts, feel free to sign up and participate. We even have a couple pro rally guys on the site.

I've got a TurboXS stage 2 in my WRX (the other silver one in Charlottetown) and I love it (aside from the small exhaust leak I have at the moment). The stage 2 really makes the car feel alive. I've also put an adjustable rear swaybar and a few other goodies on mine, the rear sway bar really reduces body roll when cornering. Next on my list are a set of Prodrive Springs, I hear they improve the handling a great deal.

CM Harrington -

The stock tyres on the WRX are actually pretty bad in comparison to other performance sedans. One reviewer actually called them a road hazard. Depending on your driving habits, I would suggest going with a stickier compound. You may need to replace the rubber more often, but the difference in cornering and acceleration is amazing.

One caveat: DO NOT LOWER THE CAR. You can put after-market struts/springs on, but make sure they are from a company that really understands the special qualities of the WRX. The WRX is very different from a non-rally performance auto. Prodrive is a *very* good place to look, but they are expensive.

As for a 6-speed, the WRX STi has a 6spd manual, and it is brilliant! You can put it in your standard WRX for some fairly large $$, but it's still cheaper than an STi.

I got to drive a Group N WRX in the Maine Forrest Rally a few years ago, and I've lusted after it ever since.

Above all, enjoy!

Steve -

A very informative post.

I own a WRX myself, having purchased it new in 2004.

The vehicle is as described in your review - albeit it has better performance and a different (some say better) look.

It is interesting to note that you will not consider another WRX. I can understand this statement given the following compromises of the WRX:

1. It definately costs a lot more than average to insure.
2. It (arguably) costs a little more than average to maintain
3. It attracts unwanted attention (COPS and criminals are magnitised to it alike).
4. It has an image problem ("its a hoon's car")

The problem is: what better car is there for the money?

Sure, you can buy a BMW 3 series and have an image boost. But c'mon - unless you shell out far more money for the high performance 6 cylinder cars - won't it annoy you when all the common repmobiles overtake you in a straight line? And lets face it -- 3 series are a dime a dozen.

OK, you can buy an affordable local V8 - - but won't you miss the Sube's all wheel drive on the first wet corner?

And - dare I say it - short of an exotic (Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin), what else is there around which can offer overall better performance?

Sure, Subaru produces other great cars which a WRX driver can graduate to (eg Liberty). But you'll get a blander car without the momo badged wheel, hugging seats or the same unique experience that the rally bred Rex has to offer.

Yet despite all of this - I too want a different car (just for the sake of being different).

I have now evaluated literally hundreds of other cars in the market place. My expectations are now very high - so I am trying to save up for another legend - a (used) Porsche 911.

Hmmm lets see, what will the 911's disadvantages be?

1. It definately will still cost a lot more than average to insure.
2. It will (unequivocally) cost much more than average to maintain
3. It will still attract unwanted attention (COPS and criminals alike).
4. It will still have an image problem ("its a wankers car")

How can you win?

Anon -

I've just bought a used 2002 Impreza Outback.

It is on rails, it is on steroids, and it does go exactly where you point it, even in the snow.

Ethan -

im looking to get a 2002 wrx next year for my first car id like to hear your input and if you wondering yes i do know how to drive a stick. Do you really have to give it hitest gas?? or can i get away with regular??

Dan -

wow, you are wellfare, just put the good shit in it and it will make the car perform the way people say it does. and who cares if you can drive a stick? i sure hope you can drive stick and i also hope that you know your way around cars, because this car is meant for people who know how to drive...

dont be dumb...

Dan James -

For the record the comment above this one was not made by me.

thom -

I just bought a used '02 WRX a month ago, and I absolutely love it. (An interesting aside: the guy who had the car before me was an 81 year old doctor who "unloaded" the car in order to buy an STi for the horsepower upgrade.) The only problem with the car is a wobbly-sounding right rear tire, which I think is out of balance. The car was fully optioned (including the subwoofer -- and I know what you're thinking: what 81 year old man would go for the subwoofer upgrade, but I swear, the only 3 presets in the car were National Public Radio, classical music, and an all-news stations). The car had 34K miles on it, and I got it for $16,300 USD. It came with a full set of service records: the guy had already upgraded the tires, replaced every fluid (including the brake fluid), and had done 13 oil changes on the vehicle.

I'm an older guy (not as old as the original owner, but I'm pushing 50) and have always driven a "budget driver's car" -- a couple Integras, a CRX, a Mustang Mach I, an Austin-Healey, a Mazda Protege ES, a VW GTI -- but this little car makes everything else I've ever owned (and will ever own, since I have three kids entering college the next 9 years...) feel like a Ford pick-up. It goes where you point it, gets there (a lot!) faster than anything I've owned before, and feels like I was born in it. I'm a big guy -- 6' 4", 250 pounds -- and everything fits perfectly. I've bypassed many cars, like the Honda Civic EX and Ford Countour SVT, because something wasn't quite right -- the B-post was too far up so I couldn't fit my left arm on the windowsill with the window open, the roof bent down on the windshield so far that I couldn't see an overhead traffic light when I came upon it, etc. -- but this car fits a big guy superbly. I drive this car with a perpetual smile on my face. I've driven it to the 24-hour supermarket 20 miles from my home at 1:00 AM just to drive it (though we really did need the two avocados and chili pepper that time of night ;-)). Bottom line is the honeymoon with the car is still on, which is already longer than the honeymoon I had with my wife (and I've been referring to her as "my first wife" for the last 18 years...).

Any questions about the car, feel free to e-mail me.

Tonia -

Ironically, we bought a 2002 Impreza WRX in Sept. '01, when you were leasing yours. I concur with everything you've said. The cost of payments/ins. is pricey, but you can always refinance an lower your payments. My husband is tall also (6'3") and, well, let me just add that it's not a "family" car. When he puts the seat all the way back and tilts the back into the backseat, it really cramps the carseat. We have another on the way and that will make the back seat more cramped, but we are going to deal with it because we love our car. It is very reliable, you CAN stop on a dime, the 6-disk right in the dash is SUPERB, etc. We've packed on some miles too (54,000 since Sept. '01) because of our road trips from the west coast to the midwest. It is very comfortable in the rally seats and with the MOMO steering wheel (I agree with that comment as well.) We have the Turbo, automatic, sport wagon model. Like the comment to Ethan, "if you know your way around cars," you can always fool an automatic into thinking it's a stick by dropping it into the lower gears and blowing past people :) I'd like to add a saying that I've heard and it's very true..."If you put garbage in your car, expect nothing less from it. It will run and perform like trash." Use good oil, tires, air filters, gas...need I say more.

kyle -

For some of you on this forum, you need to go do a little research before you come asking these stupid-a!! questions. Also "tonia": your idea of being sporty with an automatic wrx is stupid! Automatics are not meant to be shifted from low gears into "drive" in an auto! Lastly, for all of you people 6'2" and up, you have no idea how you should fit in a car because I am 5'11" and the car is quite tight.

Tim -

You people on this forum are fucking stupid. You people know nothing about cars. Use good air filters and gas. I guess that is all you people know.

brian -

"Dan james": you are a looser. You wasted all that time typing up a review on a 25k wrx.

David -

Alright!!! Everyone here who wants to challenge the WRX, step right up. The WRX is a fantastic car. For the 6'1" people who say the car is roomy, I whole heartidly agree. For the 5'11" people who say the car is tight, get real. I could agree with you if you said it's tight in the back when a 6'11" person is driving, but thats a different situation. For all those out there who question the WRX's performance, you need to do a little research, or drive one for that matter. The WRX is considered by most, "The biggest threat in the tunner community!" For what you're spending, you can't get a car like a Subaru Impreza WRX!!!! -End of Story-

John -

Just wondering if anyone has had problems with the Stock Turbo on any 70K plus WRX. I haven't read anything or seen any reviews stating any problems with the Turbo but just wondering if anybody has run into any issues with it.

Dan James -

I actually had a week of mysterious turbo problems about a year and a half ago. The turbo just stopped working. I took it into the shop and they looked at it and it worked again. I haven't had any problems with it since.

Renee -

I'm about to get a 2002 wrx and was wondering if anyone is familiar with engine immobilizers that i can add onto this car? all the ones i've seen are for 2003 or newer.


Hassan Sleiman -

I have to agree with all the Scooby enthusiasts on here the WRX is the car with the most bang for your buck. I am only 17 years old but I bet you anything I know more about a car, especially a Subaru or a turbocharger, than most people. I currently own a 2005 Subaru Legacy 2.5i Limited Non-turbo. My friend owns a 2003 Subaru Impreza WRX. The one weak link in this car is the massive amount of turbo lag. My car's engine is a 2.5 litre 4 cylinder boxer delivering 168 horses. From 0-40 mph my car will pretty much dust a WRX, after switching into second gear, however, the turbo has had a chance to spool up and the shift into second gear has left the engine's revolutions around 4000. This when the wrx really shines and is what makes it so fast. This is when the WRX will pull ahead of the competition and leave the other car in the rear view mirror. I can see why so many people love this car. It kind of fools the other person into thinking they have the edge but when that turbo spools up its over. I also have a lot of driving experience with a WRX seeing as how it was my first choice for a car and my friend owns one. If you can live with the sub-par interior accomodations such as no leather, no automatic or dualzone climate control, or power seats than this car is for you. The WRX more than makes up for these things with its driveability and performance. The WRX is a driver's car and should be seen as nothing less. The back seats were not designed to be in constant use for those of you complaining about the lack of leg room. It is a rally car, a performance monster and should be treated and evaluated as such. Also, for those of you looking for a good tuner car to start with, you couldn't choose a better car. The range of atermarket products for a WRX is limitless especially if you own a 2002-2003 model. So what I'm saying is, if you're looking for a thrill that never gets old and you don't need the fancy luxury accomodations, then buy this car already!! And if this doesn't sell you, nothing will. My parents refused to get me this car because it was "too fast." ;)

Danny -

So what do you all think of the Evo VIII? I personally like the Evo, bu haven't test driven one yet. I drove an '03 WRX and loved it, but I'm going to test the Evo VIII out in a few days. I know this is a Subaru message board, but you still can't elminate the Evo from the competition. Yes it is a little more than a WRX, but it seems to hold its own on the rally circuit and it seems to be the #1 tuner right now according to most people. I'm not promoting the Evo or slamming the WRX, I just want your opinions and don't be bias because you're on a Subaru message board, be honest with yourself.

Bades -

I hate to tell you but i have a 2002 Wrx Sti with a powerglide automatic transmission, plus it is converted to look identical to a Wrx, and yes it may be an automatic but it will smoke almost anything on the road. I dont know if you know it but an automatic transmission in a turbo vehicle is better than a manual. Manuals loose spool during shifts and automatics dont, this little edge makes a big difference. Plus it pisses people like Kyle off. And no kyle i dont shit gears in it because it tears up the transmission. But i do drive it just like the powerglide i have in my '69 drag Camaro. Kyle, you may not like it but im running a sti in a wrx disguise with an auto matic that would make u crawl back into ur mother's womb before you even reach third gear.

busta rhymes -

I own a 2003 WRX with 80K miles. No issues so far, except new rotors and lots of oil changes. Haven't had any turbo issues either. So far so good.

WRX's Rule -

I own one of these cars, and belive me....they go alright......i just went to see the new wrx 2006 models...and i like mine more......ive also recently moded it a bit...and she pulls off over 400hp at the wheels and goes to 0-100 under 5 seconds flat......ive driven many cars and this is the best car ive ever owned or driven

Gerardo -

Hi, I am planning to buy a 2002 WRX. Do I need to use 89 or higher octane gasoline?

Parrish -

Yeah I have a 2002 WRX and it is definately amazing!!! but yea you should use 93 octane or higher. I put 89 octane in there once and it was terrible in performance. It take some money for gas but its worth it. Good luck! You'll love it bro!!!

David -'s not a tight car. im 5'11 and I have to move my seat back giving the person behing me less comfort, but it's not tig. if your are heavy and overweight, then this car will be a sqeeze(but the car was made in Japan)Sp don't bitch! I love the engine in this thing. I thought the 2.0 wouldn't do justice, but it really surprised me. Before this car I was in a 95 2.5l jeep wrangler. The 2.0 in the wrx has a lot nicer output at high speeds(and no thats not the turbo). TIM! you need to chill bro cause your a cocky ass bitch. I know you don't know then me so don't start. CM, your def right about the tires. They are a shit brand to begin with, and the high grip AWD doesn't help. I recoment Toyo, Yoko, or Mich. for the rex. Low pros are nice, but u gotta take it easy on them. I got Toyos on my 02 rex now, they are holding up nice. I've driven an M3, sweet ass car, but I prefer the STi

David -

hey danny, the Evo is a sweet car. i would be owning one right now if i could afford it. it's not as great as an STi but not by much. The evo usually falls behind 1/10 of a second slower than an STi on most tehnical tracks. What makes the Evo the most popular right now is that it is cheaper than an STi and only 23 horses behind. After market parts seem to be a lot more sucessful in the Evo than they do in an STi. Don't get me wrong, i's a huge fan of the wrx but the Evo looks a hell of a lot nicer also. The front end of an STi is just nasty.

Shawn -

If you really want to get rid of the turbo lag, go with an upipe and downpipe. this will make the turbo much more responsive and decrease spool time. also, a turbo-back exhaust really brings out the growl these boxer engines put out. You can add 30 ponies for 130 bucks. go to and get a high perf. boost controller and run 16 psi. it helps keep boost pressure steady all the way to redline, which the stock controller has major issues with.

Dragn -

I was just wandering around impreza forums and found this, and after reading all the posts (wasn't easy), I'd just like to comment on the ppl who flame others. To kyle, and Dan (not Dan James), and the rest who had uncontributing replies: if you ppl got probs at home, don't let it out on others; if you've got probs with some other part of ur body, go find a ED doctor, but nonetheless keep it to urself. Some ppl who post questions aren't professional racers or tuners, so if u don't wanna answer the question, just simply leave. Anyways, I've got a 2003 Impreza WRX with an aero kit and I've found that the acceleration after pulling out a tight corner's not as great as other racers such as the Nissan Skyline R34. This is a corner where I have to exit at only 60 km tho, so I'm thinking the torque on the low RPM in the Impreza is a tad low. Is there a solution for this low torque? It seems the engine revs too slowly in the 3000-4000 rpm range... but, I haf to admit, once the turbo gets going, the Impreza's faster than any commercial vehicle out there.... other than the Viper or sth. Anyway, a great handling car for the money.

peter -

purchased 2004 subaru wrx, had stereo installed, battery was disconnected for the day. picked up car
and it seemed to have no power and jerky boost, was
told by dealer this procedure resets computor and it
needs to relearn your driving habits. I drove car for
2 days and performance seemed to return. Filled car
with premium fuel last week and car seemed to revert
to lacking power and jerky boost. Question : will the computor retard timing and boost if knock is
present, or do i have some other problem?

josh -

i just bought a 2002 wrx wagon, has 62k miles on it.. has anyone heard about transmission problems in these? i have heard that if the clutch releases near the top of pedal travel that could mean the clutch is on its way out, and hard shifts into first or "stange noises" could mean the tranny is on its way out.... anybody else hear about this?

CDtech -

Hello Everyone, Am considering purchasing a 2002 WRX Wagon stick shift and have a few questions: does the air filter need to be replaced more often (or cleaned since I would purchase a K&N filter)than reg cars, what motor oil do you recommend (synthetic...of course!?), would adding the Sub hood protector truly affect the amount of air getting to the turbo, which tires would you recommend for winter driving, tires for sport but also rough backcountry roads!? THANKS & CHEERS!

CDtech -

Hello, just though of another item: spark plugs. Looking forward to your thoughts and experience with various plugs like the NGK Iridium IX BKR6EIX #6418 (installed them in my motorcycle, a tour sports type, Kawasaki Concours: kind of a WRX Wagon on two wheels...hmmm probably more like an Outback Sport on two wheels)

zack -

hahaha. 1st of all morons use low grade gas on ANYTHING boosted. 2nd, whats with making driving an automatic look cool. ok cool, you may save .01 in a quarter mile(im being sarcastic so all of you who want to look up the actual time you save, by all means knock your socks off) with the turbo spooling between gears. but your still driving an AUTOMATIC. the same choice of transmission by that female that made the comment of "you can always fool an automatic into thinking it's a stick by dropping it into the lower gears and blowing past people :)" WTF! can she be more of a pussy. how about you buy a stick and actually have FUN WITH YOUR CAR! ethan, dude a subaru isnt made for you. go buy a civic. your gonna blow out your transmission within 3 months trying to churp 1st to 2nd. sadaam hassaan-how about you throw a turbo on that legacy, or will your parents take your car away from you?

Nick -

The wrx is one of the worst investments I've ever made. Reliability is garbage, the car eats through tires even when driven slow, the electrical system is flawed, comes with a terrible audio set up (small factory speaker locations), gets consistently awful gas mileage for a 4cyl (not to mention you need to put in high test fuel to run properly), and the transmission is notchy and very slow to shift from gear to gear safely and isn't designed to handle ANY performance upgrades at all without tearing itself apart. The "brilliant" all wheel drive system causes premature tire wear and ALSO requires you to replace 4 tires EVERY TIME YOU HAVE A TIRE ISSUE AT ALL, because you can't just replace one, two or three, you need to do all four or else the stupid differential will act up and possibly cause thousands of dollars of dammage. Not to mention the top mount intercooler falls victim to heat soak any time you stop at a light while driving, which leads to pathetic off the line acceleration, combine that with turbo lag and the power sucking AWD system and you get an overpowered POS that can't get out of its own way until the turbo spools which means you're waiting until about 15mph in first gear or about 2600rpm if you're even lucky to get boost that soon. The car is extremely loud with the windows down even at slow speeds which makes conversation with your friends near impossible without raising your voice just above the uncomfortable level. Also, you DRASTICALLY notice the difference when you add a couple of passangers. Don't fool yourself into thinking the cops won't notice you because you're in a sedan, the hood scoop and double round headlight/foglamp set up on the front makes the car stand out like a sore thumb and cops will see you coming from a country mile. Also, the car FAILS miserably on the highway with performance, even with 13.2lbs of boost coming from the factory turbo, it's so poorly aero-tuned that it needs almost a full pedal to get over 100mph, and don't even think about opening windows at this speed or else the car acts like a sail. There are so many more complaints I have about the vehicle, like crappy factory paint that chips easilly, or the center arm rest that ALWAYS breaks and doesn't even provide any comfortable place to put your arm when you're not shifting, or the FATAL FLAW of the boxer motor which results in a 3rd cylinder missfire ALL THE TIME because the stupid turbo heats up too much and burns out the coil prematurely. So for all those who think reliability is good in these vehicles, TRY owning one after 50k miles, EVERYTHING FALLS APART AND THEY SUCK. Overall, I will never buy another subaru or reccomend one to anybody. A brilliant idea that was very poorly executed.

Scott -

Damn, Nick! You need to relax just a little. Maybe some meds might help. Could it be you've had some bad luck with your particular WRX? Not likely. Sounds more like you abused the shit out of your poor car. I bought my '02 WRX 14 months ago with 41k miles, and it's still a RELIABLE blast to drive 21k miles later! You said "electrical system flawed" which means what? Is the cigarette lighter not working? You have "terrible audio" even with the factory sub? Let me guess, no sub, huh? And the "power sucking awd" that "causes premature tire wear"... again, what?? Dude, it's a rally inspired car. And my tires are still just fine, thank you. As for the "stupid differential", all awd vehicles would have the same problem because of uneven tire size. So that's more like a "stupid comment". Also, I've yet to "burn out" my coil "prematurely" because of the "stupid (waah!) turbo". Once again, sounds like Suba-buse to me. Coils aren't meant to burn out like a light bulb, maturely or not. As for your "top mount intercooler falling victim to heat soak" (wow, how smart you sound!), I'd say it's another victim of your driving. Also, I drive fast on the freeway, typically 100-115mph unless, of course, I see a cop. So I get about 17 mpg. But those are 17 invigorating, fun-filled miles. Economical? No. But I never thought I was buying a Prius. The car is "extremely loud even at slow speeds" yet you want to roll your windows down when going 100mph? What are you, an idiot? And what the hell is a "country mile"? Don't be biased against us city folk, you hick. And I've NEVER, EVER, EVER had a cop pull me over and say "Well, I saw the fog lamps and the hood scoop, so I thought I'd pull you over and give you this ticket because your car looks like you plan on speeding." NEVER!! Even a speeding bucket can get a ticket. And it "acts like a sail" when you roll your windows down. So what you're saying is this increase in drag is a problem with Subaru's only, right? See, it's these stupid little unsubstantial complaints that take away credibility from someone that might have actually had something legit to gripe about. Instead, we get bitch-ass remarks like "everything falls apart and they suck". (YOU SUCK!!) And after all your spoiled crying, you call it "a brilliant idea". Moron. The ONLY thing you've said that I've heard other WRX owners mention was the paint chipping easily. Honestly, I don't see any chips of paint falling of my car so far. Maybe those "country mile" dirt roads of yours have too many rocks in 'em.

Potential WRX owners, know this: My WRX is all stock (except for the carbon fiber hood I came up on), yet it still manages to go 0-60 in less than 6 sec (check out, tops out at 137mph (or 222kph, as Dan James stated), is confidence inspiring in foul weather and has a decent list of ammenities. Is it perfect? Nothing ever is. But I have no complaints.
One last thing: Fellow drivers, please be aware of what's going on around you when you are driving. If I'm going 100 in the #1 lane (i.e. the fast lane) and someone wants to pass me going 110, then I MOVE OUT OF THE WAY as soon as I have an opening, as I hope he or she would. Stop the ignorant mentality of "Well, I'm going really fast, so that should be fast enough for that guy behind me, too!" If he caught up to you, then it's not. Show courtesy and switch lanes and let the police enforce the speed limits. And hang up your phone. You already can't drive as it is! Yea!

Dan H -

I have an 02 WRX with 52K on it. I always use amsoil 5w30 and I have never had a problem and I autoX it all the time. So to those of you who find your rex unreliable, sorry it looks like you found a lemon. Anyway my ? is does anyone know where (other than subaru) I can get heated front seats? I am getting married and the woman must have them. (ahhh my poor car a family wagon. ah well) Thanks for the help if you can give any. and happy speeding!

Andy -

I just drove an 02 today on a test drive. It was an auto 02 Impreza WRX STi, and I fell in love before I even strated the thing! Not only is the steering wheel great, but the entire inside of the car was built to pleas the eyes!
As soon as I got it on the road, it moved when I told it to move, and it turned and stopped the moment I said so. To get to the point, I was IMPRESSED!
I will be going to buy it this week...
Just got to let my wife test drive, and fall in love with it as I did...
But in the WRX STi, that wont be a problem. All she has to do is get behind the wheel!

mike -

damn dude. The 02 wrx i have is not a damn rally car.niether is yours unless your on the factory subaru rally team. If you drive your wrx like it is a rally car it will break. Now, i drive the shit out of my car and have made a few tasteful upgrades. My modifications include: cobb accessport,hks ssqv BOV (virtually eliminates waiting for the turbo to spool plus makes a badass sound) hks carbon Ti catback exhaust,perrin up/down pipe,QTP electronic cutout,Tein coilovers (a 1.5 inch drop to those of you who think it's bad to drop your rex ,custom strut bars, and stiffer anti-roll bars. As for the wheel and tire set-up i went with 18" prodrive rims and toyo proxes t1s's. It's a damn good set-up. My favorite thing is probobly the option of switching maps to change my boost, redline,fuel economy ect. COBBTUNING is the shit. I have also converted my 02 wrx to look like an 02 jdm wrx sti. (actually just put an sti grill,badges,painted side skirts,big scoop,wing and front splitters and a carbon rear diffuser. My next plan is to throw in leather milano's and then brembo brakes all around and i will be done. As for gas I run 93 octane premium and octane booster. and also for the guys farther up this forum...the 2.0 wrx motor is LOW COMPRESSION. Thats why it take more time to rev the motor below like 4 grand. With all of my bolt-on upgrades my wrx can still be the ample stocker that i need it to be. Yet, it dyno's at 322 whp at the jdm sti's 17 psi. People don't think a whole lot of my wrx...unless i have the cutout open ;) so it's sort of a sleeper. I also love the interior of my car. The only modification to the inside are sparco carbon pedals so i can heel and toe better and a greddy counter-weight shift knob. I consider my car to be a supercar in my standards. I bought it in oregon for 14,000 and have invested about 12 grand. I would rather have my own version of the sti than a 32K usdm wrx sti...And for the people who think an automatic is faster in a quater mile it's not. There are proper ways to launch a wrx. Using a powergilde automatic is not one of them. If you really want fast Q M times you get a heavy duty clutch and never take your foot off the floor. and hope that you tranmission dosen't end up on the ground. F*** autmatics. F*** tiptronic automatics. F*** paddle shift. LEAN TO DRICE PROPERLY. peace

mike -

And no f*cking shit your paint's gonna chips if you hurl rocks at it like your front tires are doing when your "rallying" your "rally car" on drirt roads. Just because subaru is heavily involved in wrc rally does not mean much about your car is the same as thiers. execpt parts of the chassi to comply with wrc rules along with displacment and power regulations. YOU GOTTA REMEMBER THESE ARE RACECARS. Not subaru wrx's that you and i drive to work or school everyday.

Jason -

Hey guys....I own a 2004 wrx sti and loved it...aside from the tranny gf has just recently but an evo...and im sorry to say that i like it alot better...I have gone through three trannies throughout my cars lifetime....and the evo is just smooth as glass...even on pump gas....although i feel the evo is a better car im gonna stick with the wrx...cause it does run 12.3 quarter miles...with a few of my secrets...and i am just a subaru kinda guy....well take care all of you

d gut -

yea i have a 99 impreza rs with a 02 swap. right now it is set up with 5psi of boost. what is the highest SAFE amount of boost can i run? i've ask some friends and some say no more than 7-8 and some no more than 11-12psi. so what is it? i wanna go faster!!

Jesse -

Wow, Maybe nick if you knew what it was you were getting into in the first place you would have expected the vast majority of issues you fell haphazardly into after you owned the car. Let us start at the beginning, reliabilty is garbage, however the subaru brand in general is the most reliable make one can purchase, period. With volumes of data to back it up it is impossible to argue. "The car eats through tires," Any car you buy with a performance slant will "eat through tires" because they are a softer compound than your toliet long lasting hard compound tire abortion. I assume your only experience up until now is with the ecconoline all season toliets you can buy at the local tire store chain for 29.99 a tire. It is the tires put on the car not the AWD drive system as you ignorantly claim. Of course if you knew anything about the wrx or even sports cars in general you would have expected higher tire wear. Let us extrapolate one step forward, if you knew or understood anything about the car you would have swapped the stock tires of for a good set of high performance summer tires and a set of winter tires (if applicable), because as one poster noted they are a hazard.
Now, "gets consistantly poor gas mileage," what did it say on the sticker when you bought it, you surely didnt think you would get good gas mileage and a fast car? There are trade-offs nick. You wont get prius gas mileage and wrx performance.
"not to mention you need to put in high test fuel to run properly," oh man, every tubo chared engine on the face of the planet requires octane, every single one. Without out turbo's tend to run improperly at best, or grenade themselves at worst. Given the idea that you are probably intimately familiar with cheap hard toliet tires, the fact that you obviously didnt know and don't want to fork over the cash for the high octane fuel I can reliably tell you buy and use bargain basement motor oil as well. Hmmmmm, I really dont think its the engine's fault you have poor gas mileage, poor acceleration, exaccberated turbo lag and heat soak problems with the intercooler. Because of your ignorance and poor choices you are wasting for energy and turning it into heat rather than useful work, but dont take it from me as a wrx owner who uses yokohama summers and nokian hakkapelitta winters that are religiously rotated per manufacturer specification, with mobil synthetic motor oil and premium fuel all the time every time, I am also an aerospace engineer who specializes in propulsion and thermodynamics. A turbo is nothing more than a small gas turbine, like the ones you will find in a jet engine. Should it surprise you that they have special care requirements. It doesnt surprise me, but then again I prefer the side of edcuated decision making, where-as your is representative of ignorant haphazard blind stupid decision making.
I find it hard to believe that the fact that I have experienced zero of the problems you have is a mere coincidence. I have never fallen victim to heat soak,(I have my doubts as to if you even know what this means), tire problems, boost problems, severe gas milage problems, or severe lag. I will admit the wrx has a bit of lag, but if you have a manual transmission, (as you should in a car like this), it is rather easy to avoid. But the way you speak of the transmission, "notchy and slow" you have an automatic. The only way a manual is notchy and slow, is if the operator is notchy and slow. Whic are you? Once again, an automatic transmission is not going to make sporty responses to your throttle demands. They are all programmed to be fuel and engine conservative. They are interested in their own self preservation, not your entertainment. Ofcourse, you dont blame yourself for not knowing, no, it surely must be the cars fault. If lag is such a huge insurmoutable obstacle for you, the STi has none to speak of. If you want to get off the line fast rev the engine a bit before you put it in gear. Turbo use a turbine to expand the exhaust gases coming out the engine. There is a finite amount of resistance and inertia that must be overcome because the turbine is not massless.
Paint problems, ha, living in new england, where sand and salt covers our roads in the winter and gravel and asphalt chunks cover them in the summer, I have had no such paint problems.
Not being able to handle performance upgrades, what did you do, add a my little rice burner exhaust kit? Which in most cases, (once again, lets rely on my master's degree in this field,), robs power, but provides a nice throaty sound. Did you buy the big boy erector set wing which actually produces lift, not downforce and anything else useful? I bet it certainly does look like the fast and furious in your driveway. No wonder you cant hear yourself talk, strangely, (sarcastic), another problem I have not encountered. Did you think it was possible you put a hole in your exhaust driving down dirt and rock roads while you were chipping paint off the car?

Just like the fatal flaw of any design is the public must you use it, the only fatal flaw of the turbo charged boxer motor is operators like you, nothing less, nothing more. Accept and embrace your ignorance, do something about it, or leave forever and buy a prius.

Never underestimate the predicability of stupidity.

By all means buy a wrx, but understand you are not getting a toyota camry that will lubricate itself with vegetable oil and happily burn deer piss, you are buying a performance vehicle, but you are NOT buying a race car or a rally car.

jesse -

d gut

If I understand, you have a 99 rs in which you put an 02 wrx turbo charger? If so the safest thing to do is look at the 99 rs and see if it had a turbo charged option. If it did I would check your engine code versus the turbo version and try to discern any diference in material usages and coatings. There may or may not be, I dont know. If there is not, at that point I would not exceed the boost level in the 99 turbo version of your car. To be safe I would tune it down 5-10 percent. You must be wary when maximizing boost level in a car that never had one. You will raise the temperature of the entire system substantially as a function of boost level. By raising the pressure of the air stuffed into the engine you increase combustion temperature which produces more power by more rapidly expanding the gas to drive the piston, however you sacrifice the reliabilty and longevity of everythin inside your engine from the injectors to the exhaust, this includes pistons, seals, cylinders, etc... If they were not made for these temperatures they will fail, you will run the risk of destroying the entire engine. You may consider this to be conservative, but it will be safe and increase power. Let me know if this helps, or describe to me your setup if I misunderstood.

mike -

I'm pretty sure he means full motor swap.

Rich L -

I like this site. Lots of usefull info.
I'll be honest. I swore by my 1986 1/2 Toyota Supra N/A 3.0L DOHC car for a few years, and loved it. But its old, and I want a WRX. I jus' want to know if there were any Recall Oreders on the 2002 WRX. Forgive my ignorace, but bein' only 19 years old I'm still wet behind the ears, and I live in Canada :p! And for those people who think they know what they are talkin' about but don't? (Like mr. Autos are Faster) Take a class. I've been drivin' Stick since I was 5. (I kid you not, my go cart was a 3 foward 1 reverse gearing out of a lawn mower, set up with foot clutch, brake and gas pedals) and Listen to The Engineers on this. Not only are they older than us, but they actually Read Books. I consider myself a talented Mechanic when it comes to the small stuff (Micrometer readin' etc) but leave the Pro stuff to the Pros. And get some common sense. The better the oil, the better the lube and viscosity. The higher octane the fuel? The better the burn. Very Worthy investment.
And as for the Engineer types? If ya tell us wet-behind-ears off all the time (Even though we sometimes deserve it) we are gonna rgue. We're retards. We're Teenagers. Thanks for the info.


Stephane B -

I'm writing from Europe (Belgium) and I would like to solve a problem with my wrx 2001.
Back wheels slips in a abnormal way. And I think that front wheels have not anough grip.
What do you think? a differential problem or something others?
Otherwise I'm very happy of my car wich have a max speed 255 km/h (in Germany). 98 octane. full synthetic Motul oil 300 V. And always a Full stock car!

Best regards,


Matt -

I have an 02' WRX that is all factory except a new set of tires @ about 30K miles. I drive it fairly aggressively daily since I have had it. Compared to the 98 Prelude before it the Subi is not quite as comfortable at high speeds but it is far more powerful. I have been running regular 88 octane in it for the past couple of years and have not noticed any appreciable differences in performance. Besides oil & gas the only issue I have had was a cracked fuel line which ran me about $700 because they had to pull the intake manifold off to get to it. Insurance is about the same as my wife's 2000 Ford Exploder - mileage on the highway is about 25 if I use the cruise. I got the optional sub and speaker upgrades on the stereo - factory set up is not bad and the in-dash 6 disc changer is sweet. The gearing is pretty short in first.. but shift at the red-line up through 3rd... as you shift into 4th you will be seeing triple digit speeds shortly. The seats are awesome day to day - they really keep you in place when you are getting after it. Someone mentioned it earlier, but the cup holders could be better and the center arm rest is not of the highest quality. These are minor issues - overall this car just performs every day for me while having room in the back for my son's carseat! I love this car and if I had to do it all over again I would have just replaced the factory tires sooner.

Ron -

Anybody having transmission issues? I have an '03 WRX and at 50k the tranny is shot. The car is "fun" to drive does what you want it to but trannies going out at low mileageare not good, especially when you read all the posts of how Subaru is not covering them claiming "abuse".

Matt -

Anyone had any electrical problems? I just got off work and my battery was dead. I didnt leave anything on and I got a jump start then when I got home the headlights wouldnt turn off. The only way for me to turn them off was disconnect the battery.


Japanese cars must be boycotted. They have illegally set up here. Cadillac rules and nothing else. I drive a beautiful all equiped 1993 Sixty's special with over 200 000km and the only thing I have had to change was the oil and the rear brakes. I don't buy Jappy cars. and safety; give me a break. All these people buying Honda and toyota's should get a f'ing life. They build unexciting cars, no acceleration, they lie about their fuel economy, but of course Canadians, and especially Quebeckers are the cheapest, dumbest, idiotic, no taste people in the world. A quebecker thinks a KIA is a Rolls Royce. What losers. GM rules and everything else sucks except for Italian and British cars....Hahahahahah!! F'you... Get a life people.... GM should have 80% market share not 25%. But of course CANADA is a COMMUNIST country so they like to buy Asian crap. Stupid immigrants go home!!!


Scooby Forever, it's the only thing on my mind...I have pics of my car 2003 WRX STi everywhere, and I love her to bits. The car is a monster and deserves praise. To all who slammed the car, get a fucking life.....

Ben -

I'm impressed with how many of you enjoy your "rex's." They are the best bang for the money. Being that I own a dealership in NY, I personally know they are one of the most "rally-like" cars your can buy. Keep in mind that a mass-produced car such as this is usually designed to enjoy,(power,handling...).aftermarket parts allow the car to be more enjoyable. But these cars are not to be abused such as Nick has done. Maybe it wasn't him that abused the care (as unlikely as it sounds) but still you can see that even the best cars can be damaged under too much heat and abuse.

SPT Expert employee of Ben -

oh Sweet Web site

mike oh -

If they were communist they would produce their own products and goods within the country and not import them from asia u f'in idiot did u not learn anything in hist 101 in college, obviously not dumbass, american cars blow, i went from a 82 oldsmobile omega, to a 95 ford taurus SHO(biggest piece of crap i even owned), 91 honda prelude, 91 bmw 325ix, and now a 95 yota camry, i will never purchase american again, that shit is garbage or made from it, germans and japanese are the only ones that perform execptional technological know how in producing a high quality vehicle.. currently im getting ready to throw down on a down payment for a 02 WRX next month and cannot wait to own it, props to this forum its definteley helped me decide on my making my decision between a 02 WRX, 97 M3, 01 Audi 2.7T, and a 01 Acura CL- TypeS, WRX's and STI's rule/ PEACE

to sean -

LOSSSSEEEEEERRRRRRRRR! Useless piece of crap

speed7bump -

lol... wow... Moto, I don't think you've ever been to "English 101" because it's not an elective in Middle School. Ferrari Enzo, huh? What a joke! The reason you don't understand how ignorant and uneducated you sound is because in whatever back-woods, po-dunk, Bush-lovin' hick town you live in doesn't teach common sense. You need to tell your sister to put her clothes back on, turn off the Randy Travis, and read a book or something constructive. The fact of the matter is that you're nothing, and everyone reading your posts knows that. I hope you at least have the smarts to never write your conservative, fascist views here again. I live in America, and it's people like you that make the rest of the world hate us. I'm embarrassed to be a fellow country-member to you. As far as Japanese cars are concerned; the reason American car companies are losing their share in the car world is because other countries make better and cheaper products that we do. It's no crazy coincidence that their market has been going down, it's because NO ONE WANTS THEM. You should maybe read up on how "American" car companies do business and how many Americans have lost their jobs to plant outsourcing. Whatever, though... (extreme) ignorance is bliss.

Rich in Denver -

I bought thr 02 WRX brand new 5 years and 63K ago..
I'm 42 and have owned 9 cars.

The WRX is for the enthusiast and for the $ cannot be beat.

It is utterly reliable -high performing and deight to drive in all weather conditions. ilook forward to staying in this car a few more years -by then it should be very interesting what will be in the market by then.

Some of you on this blog need to calm down a bit..afterall we are just talking about a car here.

To speed7bump -

Well! first off I am Canadian and not American! Secondly, I am in pharmacy, and I proud of it. Thirdly, I have every right to voice my opinion. I am not in communist China or Saudi Arabia. What I am extremely concerned about is how no more American products are being made anymore. It seems as though we are dependent on the damn Asians to do everything for us. Where is the British or Venetian empire when you need it. I don't like cheap shit. I am 21 years old, and I want luxury items only. I drive a beautiful Caddy, and I am proud. I am sorry, but eventhough the US car companies are losing market share, I still feel Detroit is still the best. It will probably take 10 years for the US to get back on track in making American quality cars. But I am frustrated to see that Japan and Korea ban US cars, even if you think they are crap. I would like to see GM Ford and Chrysler have 40% of the Asian market for all fairness. And you call this a just society. Screw you! We should stop depending on Asia. I want an isolationist society, and I will never forgive Japan and others for wrongs of WWII. The US should have never wasted their time to help.......

continuation of my thoughts above -

I am allowed to be concervative. Don't give me this b.s that we live in a better society today because of stupid, ignorant liberals who force their jargon down your throat, and will kill you for it. Same sex marriage is disgusting! it goes against human nature. read a genetics book. Parents love their animals more than their kids. They spend 10000's on dog food, and 2 cents on food for their children. Give me a break. It's Disgusting. Why have kids!!! Liberals have destroyed the middle class by taxing the hell out of them. Tell some rich f'en company to pay for their social welfare, or tell them to get a job. Speed7bump, it is you and your fellow leftists who have no common sense, and I get the sense that Mr.Bush is really a liberal pretending to be conservative.... If you guys can't defeat the Taliban or Iraqi uprisings with all your weapons, you've got problems. So instead of putting your Goddamn nose in My business of what I believe are good cars, you ought to look into your pea size brain before you open your damn mouth. How dare you say that you know everything. I think you should open a damn book and learn the basics of common sense. I don't lack it, but you and your fellow leftists do. It is the left who suppress peoples' right to think and not the conservatives. Thank you

Sean -

So... isn't this forum to discuss the 2002 subaru wrx and similar models? who really thinks about the government when they buy a car? Sale's tax... thats it... And who ever wrote that retarded, non-related post to speed7bump, Canada is in North AMERICA... so you unfortunately are an American... you aren't no pharmacist, it takes 6 years in a school of pharmacology... non related to the forum, voiced opinions about the main topic are appreciated... I'm personally looking for anything bad about the subaru wrx that is something good to know thanx

Bobby -

I have a 02 wrx and i love it. No problems at all. Just ordered a downpipe and a third cat pipe to eliminate two of the three cats. I'll be getting a uppipe in the future to eliminate all three cats. Definetely will be buying a blow off valve, gotta have that sound. Can't wait to feel the difference.

German Japanese and Korean cars suck -

USA all the way. Lets kick those European and Japanese asses again.

Half Japanese? -

Hi folks...

I don't want to get involved in this discussion to argue, so I will tell you what I like about the WRX, and why I don't want to buy American, but would like to. The problem for me is that I work In a union and would like to help support Canadian Jobs. The problem is that American cars use outdated, fuel dependent technology but don't deliver the HP. I want something that can handle a corner and not well, but great. I like to drive really bloody fast on dirt roads on occasion, and want a car that can do that. I want AWD and a smaller engine that can be fuel efficient if needed, but will haul ass if needed. I don't want torque steer. I don't want an OHV engine. I want a car that will not have front end rattles after 6000km (I have seen it)

I would love to buy an American Car, but can't. US cars I have considered are; The Neon RT, maybe a Corvette (but not really) and....Dodge is pulling it together. GM, forget it, Focus...Maybe, but the engine sucks, handling is great though. The Focus is a Euro designed car, and we don't have the latest itineration, only the old model. The newer one is much nicer, I'd buy a Mazda 3 instead as it is the newer model Euro Focus. I have been a car buff my whole life and have drooled over many LS 6 Chevelles, Yenco Camaros, and C5 Corvettes. The problem is that they are all guzzlers. Now I drool over sleepers like the WRX, EVOs, maybe the Forester XT (Ugly). Actually all Subarus are ugly (except the 1990s Legacy GT) but if you haven't driven one you can't really comment. They handle like a kinfe and go like snot. My next car is a WRX. I am trying to find a good used one and am convinced, they are a riot.

In terms of Republican boy, Canada gives you a kiss on the cheek and wishes that you would understand that taxes pay for things. That you are not the centre of the universe and that other people do matter. That War is really just War. That you have by far the biggest red hole ever know to humanity and Dub is responsible for it. That when your children need to go through a metal detector to get to kindergarten that you saved $5.00 on your taxes, but at least you got a new haircut...

Conor F -

How does a subaru wrx's fuel efficency compare to a 1.8 honda integra type r.i'd love to own a subaru wrx but since i'm a 20 year old student in Ireland insurance has me by the balls not to mind running the car.

Shanna -

I'm about to purchase a 2003 WRX.......75,000 miles, $14,900.00. It has a few modifications and is a beautiful car, i'm already a lover of subarus but have not owned a WRX, is this an appropriate deal? (forgot to mention, it's being sold by a small car dealer not a subaru dealer)

Ian -

I've always love Subarus and been thinking about getting a used 2002 Subaru Impreza WRX Turbo $18,000 canadian with 100k clicks <<<good deal or bad>>>...but with gas prices going up (car needing high octane gas for better performance)im having doubts.I aint a rich guy but dang getting this car insured, maintenance, also with tires wearing (replacing all 4), it adds up and will cost you alot $$$. You guys in this forum must be rich$$$

Bobby -

I bought my 02 wrx for 16,000 it had 23,000 miles on it with no modifications. Seems like a fair deal to me -

I have a 2002 impreza wrx, love it to death but it apears to have one flaw. I was the third owner at 33,000 miles, I had a feeling the car had been driven a little hard, but had all the regular oil changes,etc. At 27,000 the clutch was replaced, at 39,000 the ring gear broke in reverse. The dealership fixed it under warranty only to find out I had bad syncros in first and second gear. And a bad throwout bearing. So if you drive the piss out of them they will break. I still think its the best sports car anywhere for the money. Anyone looking for performance with room for 4 and descent gas mileage( I get 25 mpg avg),get a WRX

bobby -

I agree they are great cars i love mine. About 25 mpg. The only thing i don't like about them is there is so many aftermarket parts out there, I don't know what to buy next. Thats not a bad complaint if you ask me.

bobby -

I was just wondering if anyone on here has removed their intake silencer. If so what is better, removing the silencer and the air ram duct completely. This would me you would be sucking air from the fender. Or removing the silencer and hacking it and putting the air ram duct back in. The sooby definetely sounds better with this removed. Some ppl say you can hear the bov but i still can't. If anyone has any opinions on the i would appreciate it. thanks

newbies -

I just bought an 03 WRX and only one word...WOW. My husband has been telling me for years that this is the car for, fun, reliable, etc. I put him off because I thought it was ugly. He got me to test drive one and after about three minutes after I pulled into traffic, I said I wanted it. Whats the performance step-up - a 911?
What are your suggsted performance upgrades for the most bang for your buck? It was a nice exhuast system, and tires, but what about engin/turbo mods? What makes a Stage 1 different from a Stage 2?
And can you tell me what the turbo guage is telling me? Thanks a bunch,
Mr and Mrs Newbie

Eddie -

I'm about to buy a 2002 Subaru Impreza WRX automatic transmission for $12k 60,000 miles from a small dealer is this a good buy or breakdown everything ready 2 happen? also how much horsepower exactly does this sedan car have its not an STI. so yeh any help because i dont wanna buy a car with that many miles if its gon break down.. Email me

Bobby -

Mine is a five speed and i love it. Never drove an auto wrx. Their suppose to have around 227 hp. Not sure if thats to the wheels or flywheel. Not sure about the mileage. I would think that the car would still have alot of life to it but i'm no expert. Thats a pretty good price if you ask me. I seen one around where i live it was a 2002 auto with around 60k on it and they wanted $18,000 for it. So if you ask me that don't sound to bad. Just my opinion

Bobby -

The fed ex guy just dropped off my downpipe and my third cat eliminator pipe. Gonna put them on hopefully around five. If anyone has any tips for this install let me know. Thanks

subychik -

I own a 2002 wrx and the only problem i've had so far is the tranny went at about 30,000. But warrenty fixed it. I would not trade my suby for any other car. My car still will blow anyone off the line. It will even get the jump on the STI if done right. My suby has 70+ miles and still runs with no problens. No complaints here, next car is an STI or just upgrade mine since it was the best year they made. Have fun driving and enjoy.

Jane -

I have a '02 Subaru WRX, and I love it. It is a fantastic car.

Regarding the premium fuel usage, I wouldn’t dare put regular in the car, I want it to perform at it’s best. And the extra cost incurred is not extravagant. To fill up a completely empty tank at a difference in price (between regular and premium) of 30 cents, you will pay less than five dollars extra. Normally when I fill up the car takes about 12 gallons, and the cost difference is 20 cents, which means I spend an extra $2.40. I would like the car to last, and putting in the best gasoline is a very small investment in its good health.

To the American car enthusiast who is unwelcomingly sharing his opinion, Hyundai is an Korean car company, not Japanese.

Lebanese all the way -

That's right tell the MoFo to kiss his Jap ass. No taste loser. Caddy is more reliable than any Japanese plastic. They ranked in the top three with Lincoln and Lexus. Beat your weiner jackass

Timora -

Hi, I have a 2005 WRX and love it, but just got in a sitation where I can't afford to keep it. Is there anyone on this site who knows someone who would like to purchase one? I only put 5200 miles on it so far and just bought it in two months ago. My selling price is 26,200 or best offer. Email me, thanks.

Kyle -

Why do ppl waste there time typing stuff about things that have nothing to do with subaru? A car is a car who cares the make if its a nice car its nice. I like alot of cars imports and US made. If you like a caddy thats cool WRX's are nice too. Who cares what happened over 60 years ago. Its the past let it go lol. So.... is there any mature people here that like to talk about subarus? Im sure there is a forum somewhere else for pointless remarks. I drive all different cars and they all do what i need. Its 2006 ppl lets get with it. Stop wasting your time typing opinions no one wants to here about Japs and USA and use this time to get a girlfriend or something. Man i love how mature ppl are... what a great new age this =(

Sam -

wow, what a forum/ Jerry Springer episode,lol Just bought a 2004 wrx... Love it, the car has some serious ballz, I've had it a few days and it already smoked a 76 corvette with a 454ci in it. very surprised how much performance it really has, seems like before I can blink, I'm at 60mph. One thing I have noticed about it is that the High test gas is a must! It has really bad power pulsating around 4000rpm's, if you use regular grade. I put 93 octane with 107 booster and it has some serious smooth power. The car has plenty of power obveously, but not any good sound, atleast from inside the car. Does anyone know how to get some sweet turbo spool-up sound without changing the intake and really messing up the ecu? I'm also considering a performance exhaust system in the future, that should keep me awake when I'm driving.


Bobby -

I removed the intake silencer, the turbo was a little more noticeable. After putting a downpipe on my car you could really hear it. Next step is either an uppipe or axelback not sure yet

Rob -

To all those subaru fans, i really like the 2002 impreza wrx, and hoping to buy one this year, can i get some feed back on the drive in winter and summer

subychik -

I also have a 2002 wrx and the drive is just awsome. In the snow it handles really well. Summer time is also great. You would need winter and summer tires to trade when the season starts make a different. In the winter when going around corners with ice on it dont punch the gas you will slide into something like a pole, and break a bumper. Hope you enjoy your suby as much as i do.

Niggity -

Subaru is one of the best car makes out there today. And fuck caddy's.

I'm a stupid moron -

I would like to say that I make no sense because I am a crazy MEth HEad.
My arguement goes from saying I wouldn't by from nazis because I am american but then say german cars are good along with British. THen I say I can't stand communism then say I like socialism. Dude, I need to screw my head on straight. Also, I like to come back to check the post just to make a reply comment. I must really have a lot of time on my hands, because I am either in an insane asylum or I am still awake from my two week high. Also, I think I am an uneducated kid that knows nothing of the world or geography. Finally, there are hundreds of millions of people out there that have degrees and thus I am nothing special. Or I'm in need of some special attention because I am stuck in the closet and hate myself because I have a self persecuted social stigma.

sam -

the rex is runnen good, I wouldm't recommend the intake silencer removal being that it relies on ram-air ducting. I actoually lost a significant amount of power when I removed it, I'm looking into a stage kit/ custom exhaust turbo back that will put a little heat into the car. stage 2 is callen for about $3000 and it will give 320 whp. let me know anything anyone may know more about this. it is at


Nick -

I just bought an '02 WRX last week it was a great deal with only 42,000 miles on it. I have added about 500 hundred more in the last week. I just absolutely love driving it. The WRX is by far the most enjoyable, fastest, and best performing car I have ever owned. Only once has it not gone where I pointed it, after a fresh rain it did NOT make a corner, if not for the anti-lock brakes my time with the WRX would have been short and sweet. This page has been very informative, especially everyones thoughts on Octane, only '93 for me. My WRX already has custome gauges and exhaust on it, any suggestions on what should be done next would be appreciated.


Nick W. -

Just to clarify, I am not the same Nick as above "what an asshole"

Nick W.

Sam -

I just put on the spt cat-back exhaust and it's sounden pretty good. I would recommend for you Nick W to get some good tires for it if already not on it. I haven't had mine break free on pavement in the last month that I've had mine. I have Cooper high performance tires on it, and they really grip. I just ordered an AEM intake off ebay normally priced at $250, for around $50. sweet deal there, it should be in about 4 days from now. I heard you can have problems with pulsation if you don't get a good intake, and never get more than 2.75" diameter intake, the MAS (Mass airflow sensor) will give incorrect reading and could throw CEL and even cause turbulants in the airflow. I'll let you all know how it hooks up. The exhaust is def a must for the WRX.

Jamie -

I removed the intake silencer and hacked it in half and I have had no problems with it so far. My next upgrade is going to be an exhaust.

Nick W -

Thanx for the input Sam, let me know how the new intake works out for you. I hear it can really add some horses. This is my first tuner car and I look forward to having some fun with it. How does removing the intake silencer add to the WRX Jamie?

sam -

john, wrong forum asshole. lol




Sam -

well Alex, sounds like you either don't know how to drive the car correctly, or you just ended up with a bad car, no automotive line makes 100% perfect cars.
Anyway, I got the cold air intake yesterday and installed it, I didn't realize that you can remove the extention pipe and use it as a warm air intake.(ram air intake) but the satisfaction of the intake that I have is that there is now serious turbo spool up noise. it sounds sweet, and you can even hear the stock blow off valve loud and clear ( I didn;t expect that) I had to re-set the ecu by unplugging the battery for 15 min and tapping the break pedal to drain the capisitors. The car started out a little slugish until the computer began learning my driving patterns, 200 miles later, the car is now way more responsive than it was before, I plan on dyno testing it, but the spt exhaust and intake should combine about 15-20 hp.






Rob -

so Alex, you burnt the clutch, transmission and engine up in one car? Sounds like you either should not of ever driven the car or told the people in this forum about it.




Sam -

yo waxen alex, shove it where the sun doesn't shine. Just keep in mind that while your swappen motors, and transmissions, I'll be cruising in my car. And bro, I've changed 2 wrx engines and 5 piece of crap honda engines, that is for other people, people who don't take care of their cars, so don't give me crap that the only thing I do with my car is wax it. Some people know how to race without breaking parts others just smoke clutches and blow motors because they don't have talent when it comes to racing, so go sell your wrx to someone who knows how to drive it and buy yourself a little $1500 civic, then invest all of your paychecks until your broke from blowing the crap outta that car, and if I see ya on the side of the road crying like a little baby, maybe I'll stop and give you a few tips on how to drive, one on one.

Anyone who wants to talk about cars or has any questions gimme a shout. and alex, just give it up, sell it, just don't bad mouth it because if your poor driving skills

p.s. for the love of god, quit yer bitchen

Jamie -

For Nick W you can hear the turbo a little better than before, atleast I can because I have a down pipe in my suby.

Sleeper -

Anyone had any problems with thier oxygen sensor, Looks like I'm going to have to replace mine. Or just run with 93 and octane boost. Other than that my WRX runs like a dream, no problems.





Sam -

Alex, no one cares how you paid for your car. I said that I changed 2 wrx engines, they were not bad engines, they had cast aluminium blocks added and forged pistons and rods, I am just making a small point that I know a little about the cars.It helps that my father-in-law owns a dealership though. You obveously have more problems in life than just your car so why don't you find a forum that people can better relate to you on I really don't wish to hear any response from you you have no contrabution to this forum.

Sleeper, do you have any exhaust mods, and what year is your car, 2002-2004 need 89 octane or higher, and 2005,2006 need 93. Octane booster is not good to run with the wrx on a daily basis, I was told by spt to use it if your converting from low octane to high octane just once, and then about every 3 months pour a little in and rev it up a little on the highway, that should help things get cleared out by removing any excess carbon build-up

Jamie, what state are you from, In NY you can't take out any of the catalytic converters becaust it will not pass inspection, and if the car has less than 50,000 miles and the cat is good and you take it out, you can be fined $2500.


my point proven,hey at least u're honest SAM,I'M A ROUGH RIDER SO PEACE OUT!


Jamie -

Sam I took out my intake silencer not my cat. Where I live our cars don't go through inspection, I live in WI.

Van -

Were thinking about buying a WRX wagon. Were selling our van for around $12,000 and hope to find another car around that same price range. Can you find them this cheap?

N -

I am planning on purchasing a WRX, and I was just wondering(I did not read some of the posts so if it was already answered, then i'm sorry), how does the transmission feel? I have heard various things such as "the shifting is clunky" or "heavy".


Yeah, I got a custom exhaust, couldn't tell you what kind though, bought my 02 WRX with the mods already done. I hear the O-2 sensor is common to go on WRX's, just wondering if anyone else has had this problem. It is a $300 part alone.

Sam -

I wish I lived in any state but NY, I'm thinking about doing a test pipe project and just switch the cat with a downpipe after I get it inspected. Catalytic converts for all we know cause smog in the environment, danm the dept of conservation. lol

Van and N
buying a wrx for around 12,000 is possible, but most likely risky. Dealerships generally trade wrx's for between 14,500 and 25,000. The vehicle is def worth the value that you pay for it, I would just recommend that you have a car fax done on it. I would look for one under 50,000 so you can buy the extended warranty. the reason for that is not that the vehicle needs it, I would say if someone traded in a wrx it would possibly be that they beat the car until it didn't run correctly, otherwise there is not many reasons to get rid of the car.
As for the transmission, I have a factory short throw shifter on mine and I noticed that you have to be stopped when you put it in 1st gear or in reverse, but the car is really smooth through the gears. One thing you don't want to do is try to smoke the tires on it. the transmission won't break but the driveshaft’s can't handle that much torque being shot from the engine to the wheels like a bullet so don[t try anything funny, the car will out corner any stock vehicle and give you one hell of a thrill, but don't beat it, because anything can break on any car.

I haven't heard of any problems on stock exhausts, but if you take out a few catalytic converters, the car will run hotter, and that could burn them out, also keep in mind that the less cats that you have, the less backpressure that you will have, and the car needs some but not as much as they have stock. I would recommend that if you live in a state that doesn't test emissions, that I would change the pipe that the O2 sensor is on, if it is the one that comes directly off the engine block, put a header on that puppy, if after the exhaust than do it up with a downpipe... ect there are quite a few of them. $300 can definitely get you something that you will benefit power from and by-pass the cats.

N -

Thanks Sam, the i'll consider a short-throw if I buy one, but I'll probably mantain it mostly stock (Maybe a new exhaust because i love the note). Have you driven it with the sstock configuration? Anyways, I'm not into that burnout stuff, just normal driving and sometimes a bit of fun. All cars have limits and I will keep in mind to maintain a reliable car.

Sam -

yea when I bought my car, it was completely stock except for the short throw. I had it for about a month before I got the exhaust and then another 3 weeks before I got the CAI. it has equal exhaust and engine noise, but the turbo drowns out everything with the intake. The exhaust will keep your car in good shape being that you don't need to rev it up to hear it's beastly sound. I rarely take it past 4k rpms, only if someone in one of those cheap honda civics tries getten me to race. (j/k I used to have a honda)

scobby doo -

Have a 02 wrx wagon (traded my 04 rs wagon;night and day difference). Just wondering if its normal for the clutch (only when cold) to jump a bit at normal starts. Also if its good or bad to use octane booster ?

Sam -

Specify jump. Octane booster is good once in a while, just don't 1.99 for the crappy stuff.

scooby doo -

When the pedal is released at about 1200rpm and full contact is made with the flywheel the car moves foward with couple of noticeable surges; only when cold, upon a few shifts the clutch is smooth as a babys skin. I have read at SPDUSA.COM that this is normal or is it a sign of a worn clutch. Does anyone else notice this with their 02 WRX ? Thx

Jamie -

My 02 wrx jumps at normal starts when not fully warmed up. I just rev it up a little more and then it goes nice and smooth. I'm still not quite sure if it is normal or not, just started about a year ago. I have had the car for just over 2.

scooby doo -

What is the best way to start a WRX off the line on a 1/4 mile track? Thinking in the boundries of a safe(mechanicaly) but fast start. Is a 3500rpm clutch drop start Safe? What has the better time?

Or a Full RPM decrease throttle to 2000 and drop the clutch to maby still have the turbo spolled up?

Or FUll RPm Drop the clutch and watch the axeles fly? :>

Sam -

I wouldn't try to break the tires lose when your launching off the line, I let the clutch out just a fraction of a sec slower than usual at about 4000 rpm and I smell no clutch and I spin no tires, the car goes nice and smooth.

jamie -

Not sure which has the better time. If you keep the rpms above 3000 you will get a better response then below 3000. You will also keep the turbo going and pass everyone in your way.

steve -

overall the wrx is a nice car.... but its has one big malfunction... the transmission.... most wrx drivers are car enuthiasts and sooner or later that person will blow the tranny.... the transmissions are really weak.... unlike the STI which is much beefier..... even under warranty the subaru 100% guarantee will not replace your tranny becuase there are already many people blowing their tranny and asking for subaru to replace it under the warranty and a stock wrx tranny alone costs 5 grand from the dealer.... subaru noticed they would lose money big time so they decided not to replace them anymore.... wrx are pieces of shit when it comes down to it... if the transmission was like the sti 6 speed then there wouldnt be any problems at all....

river -

I had read soo many reviews on this car and done my research but my parents werent going to allow me to get this car for my first car. I drove a 85 jeep cherokee with about 100 hp for almost 2 years. Then one day they told me that we needed to go testdrive cars. So i did my shopping went all around to mazda every car company you could think of. My last stop was at a subaru dealer. I asked my dad if i could test drive the wrx and he didnt want me to drive it. The salesman overheard me and said he would let me drive it. I hopped in the thing and took it for a drive. The one thing i did not know was at what rpm the turbo hit. Apparently it was a 35k rpm ;P when i hit that i put both of them in their seats and held them there all the way through 3rd gear, but i had to stop as to not get a ticket for going twice the speedlimit. When i pulled the car back into the lot i knew the car was for me. Im 6'2 myself and i felt completely comfortable in the car. If you want a car with value, speed, handeling, the wrx is for you. The one i drove was priced about 22 thousand USD and compared to the mazda 3 which was 21 thousand and only had 160hp. The WRx blew every car i drove out of the water. now i have to talk my dad into the car.

Also i have one question anyone that owns this car give me a estimate on the Insurance for this car That would help a lot thanks

scooby doo -

My Wrx has over 100k on her and no problems.

Jamie -

my suby has 80,000 on her and she has already has the tranny replaced under warranty by suby and the computer fixed also done by suby. Other than that no problems. Just put 18 on her and they look nice.

KevinTM -

To River: Insurance is about $1400 year for me with AAA for no fult full coverage in Michigan. Oh and btw I'm 22 and do have pts on my license.

My parents have had a few subaru's in the past, I've always wanted a wrx since they came out in 2002. I finally picked my up in July '06 for just under $13k. (45k miles) It's in great shape and everything. I love the car so much. I also have a 01 Mecury Cougar. My original plan was to drive the cougar still and just have the WRX as the toy car. But, everyday I find myself wanting to drive the WRX and leaving the cougar in the driveway. I definatly would recommend looking into Subaru's if your looking to get a new / used car.

Ron -

I've been searching for a car to buy for about 4 months now, and, after an exhaustive search (which REALLY has intensified during the last 3 weeks) I have my heart set on a 2002 wrx. The problem? Money. I'm finishing school (which I am paying for) and, whilst technically I have the dough to buy almost any car that I would like (short of a Porche... unfortunately Gates and Winfrey aren't last names in my family), practicality insists that I buy a car in the 5-7k range.

Yes, I know, I cant get a 2002 rex for that kinda dough. (Boohoo :( )
So, whilst I recognise that I cant have my dream right now (even though I have even strongly considered getting a wrecked one at an insurance auction and fixing it up... my friend owns a mechanic shop... I REALLY want a car that performs! Now, I have no desire to buy an Acura Ingegra (too small, I am 6'5", plus I dont want a 2-door car anyhow... not if I can avoid it, anyway), a 3 series BMW (I live in Maryland... cant be bothered to deal with snow issues in a rear-wheel drive car) etc... I think u get my point...

I really would like to get a 4 door, 4wd vehicle that will PERFORM!! Now, I dont mind getting a car as old as 96, as long as it is good value for the money. I dont plan on racing my car at all, really. My last car was a 95 Volvo GLT, but I sold it to help pay for school, and quite frankly, although I enjoyed it, it was disheartening to see my friends in their Civics, Maximas and the like become small dots in the horizon with minimal effort on their part.... yea, I dont want to RACE, per se, but then I dont want to be at the back of the pack anymore, either!!
I might even be willing to pay 8k for a car, but I would like it to be sexy (hence my love for the wrx.)

Any suggestions anyone? I will admit that I have a slight preference for non-domestic cars (my fiance drives an American car, and, whilst I firmly believe that the comfortable ride in an American car is like no other, I dont feel that performance-wise they compare very well in terms of what I am looking for), so please... no suggestions about Mustangs, Camaros, etc (like I said above, anyway... dont want a 2 dr... wanna keep that space up and insurance down!!)

Replies would be greatly appreciated.

Nick W -

If you want to keep your ins. down the WRX is def. not for you. Kevin needs to give me the name of his agent, because I have a clean driving record and am paying a $1100 every six months. If you are looking for something practical and foreign why not a Honda or Nissan like you mentioned.

I just put a K&N "Typhoon" cold air intake on my REX to go along with a magnaflow cat-back and manuel boost. I didn't think the car could sound any more bad ass, but this was a big step, not to mention the ponies that were added. Next a BOV and some new pulleys. Stage 1 in process.

Ron -

Thanks Nick W,
Yea, I think I'ma go with a 2000 Maxima, although I've read all over the net that the O2 sensor and check engine light seem to give probs... but my mechanic friend assured me that since he aint a 'dealershop', I wont need to worry about high-priced repair costs... wish me luck!

jeff123 -

Own a 2003 wrx with 52,000 miles. I have never had any problems with the car whatsoever, it really is bulletproof. I drive my car to the limit and then some. Iv'e been well over 140mph many times. The only thing is to take caution when you shift and don't slam it into all gears. I have 2 friends with wrxs that have blown their trannys more than once, and they have lower milage than mine. Learn how to shift an awd car, and its great. By far the most satisfying car i've ever owned. As for the automatics, they are great as well. The 4eat tranny can support much more power than a 5 speed, and they do better on the strip, but nowhere near as fun. My car is stage 2 with 3" turbo back (no cats or resonator), up pipe, k&n drop in, and a cobb accessport. Thats good for about 300 hp, and i've beaten stock evo's in the 1/8 mile all the time. Not to mention it sounds much better than any other japaneese car made today.

Bobby -

I have a 02 wrx and love it. So far I have a turboback exhaust kn filter and intake silencer removed. They do sound so much better than any other four cylinder on the road. You just gotta laugh at those honda civics when you drive by one.

scooby doo -

I like the idea of removing the intake silencer, I will try it. Are kn filters able to remove all dirt particles with all the psi going through it? I want to replace the exost with something that rumbles and was wondering how the 02 wrx wgn would like no cats or resonator? thnx. Its all in the shifting

Bobby -

My 02 wrx still has the cat in the uppipe. None in the downpipe. I definetely want to replace the uppipe but it looks alot more work compared to the downpipe. So i'm gonna hold off on that for a while and buy some other stuff, probably a blow off valve. Not sure what kind yet i don't any idling problems. I heard GFB makes good blow off valves so i'm gonna look into one of them. Check out This is where i purchased all my exhaust products. Very helpful and realonably priced.

bluewrx02 -

I have a 2002 WRX with 134,000 mile on it so far with no problems at all (with a upgrade turbo, injectors, fuel pump, accessport). The only things I change was the water pump, spark plugs, oil, and tires. To this day, it still runs like a champ.

I read majority of the post and it seems like most people doesn't know what they are talking about or know how to drive their car. For one, that guy mike is a total idiot. Just so that you know in the future, a BOV does not reduce turbo lag at all, it actually increases it. For example, everytime you shift, the aftermarket BOV causes the turbo to completely stop spinning (the stock BOV does not completely release all the pressure from the turbo). So now the car has to build up the psi again. So basically if the turbo has to spool back up, you will have greater lag (Learn how a turbo engine works because you post). Also, the turbo does not last as long because of this.

As for Sam, I know for a fact that you don't know how to drive a AWD car. I can understand if this is your first car with a manuel transmission because I do agree that Subaru WRXs have weak transmission. But I don't know how you basically had to change a whole engine at 35,000 miles. Also, how a clutch only lasted you 10,000 miles (plus, a bad clutch does not directly cause the transmission to fail). From the sound of it, you bounced the needle off redline (There is a reason why that part of the RPM is red) and you consistently did clutch drop to launch the car while you race. Since you owned all these honda and acura before, you probably don't know that with any AWD cars, you do not do any of the above. Also, learn how to use period and lowercase.

Doug -

great information thank you guys. Im in the processs of buying an 02 wrx, and in the process of test driving it it would not go into 1st gear without grinding.The car has 65,000 on it and a few up grades (bov, frount rear sway bars and some exaust work.)can any one give me a good explnation for the unnessicary clutch wear?

Bobby -

Probably the previous owner didn't know how to drive a five speed very well.

Doug -

Bobby can you explaine to me the cat back exaust system. Im 17 and getting this badass car on the weekend. im trying to learn every thing i can about the mods and every thing els about subys. Im totally in love with these cars and would really appreciate some info on the exaust.

drigo -

Hey all i own an 02' wrx wagon ,i've had it for about a year and put about 30k miles on it in that year.i drive ALOT and plan on doing about 30k/yr.I've done tons of research and have asked a bunch of owners and mechanics alike regarding this car.They are very reliable and easy to work on(any mechanic will tell you)and regarding mods to the car ,since it is a turbo, exhaust is huge.The stock intake can easily handle up to 300hp as is.Its not worth touching for the little hp gain you get,put your money elsewhere.Like the exhaust: turbo/back or cat/back.As a first mod then you can get nuts later.
(DOUG-on a WRX it goes upipe->turbo->downpipe->centerpipe(this is where the 3rd cat is)->midpipe or resonator pipe->then your muffler or axle back.All different aftermarket exhausts replace any one of these pipes or combo's of these pipes,it all depends on how loud you like and how much you wanna spend.Here's a good diagram.
Hope I could help this is just what i've found out myself,not an expert just learning about my car that I love and spend hrs a day in.

Jason R -

Glad i found this forum. Just got an 02 wrx a few days ago, i have wanted one since they came to america. Have a few questions. first it has a factory BOV so if you just remove the hose returning the air into the intake you would be able to hear it, if that's all you are looking for correct? Or will that cause problems? Now for my main concern. I have heard all these different oppinions on the tranny, mine makes some noise only when i down shift and letting of the gas i.e coasting in gear it makes some grinding. Is the tranny about to go? the car has 98k on it, i dont know how the person before me drove it so im concernd. i heard the noise before i bought it but i loved the car and bought it anyway. i do know how to work on cars so if it needs replacing i can do it. Can you buy gear sets or do you have to buy a whole tranny? Any help would be appreciated, besides telling me how much of a piece of shit it is and i should of bought a caddy.. ha. thanks

doug -

Right on for the diagram that helps me out alot. What is the deal with the 02 sensors? What do they regulate if any thing. thanks

drigo -

As far as i'm concerned you CANT go wrong getting a WRX no matter what you have to fix or change on it.Hell, replace the whole tranny its still worth it to own such a great ride :)if you have to replace anything on it just upgrade it for something even better then stock.Dont you dare get a caddy!!

As for those 02 sensors they have something to do with the proper air/fuel ratio and they are necessary but all aftermarket exhausts(good ones at least)take that into consideration,so you dont have to really worry about that. Check out cobbtuning or prodrive they make excellent quality stuff for our beloved scubbies.

dave -

jason i think your synchros are blown. it's pretty common with wrx's. subaru has used the same gearbox almost 20 years.

Jason R -

Thanks dave. Can you buy a synchro set, or am i better off looking for another tranny? Also i am curious if you can remove the return hose from the factory BOV and plug the hose? Has anyone done this ,seems better then buying an aftermarket one until you start running higher boost.

Nick W. -

For anyone looking to add mods. to their WRX check out, it is a kick-ass site and can answer just about any of your questions. Not to mention give hella tips to make your REX more powerful and perform better.

David -

I just bought a 2002 wrx, so far its an awesome car. The only question is that I am not able to hear the relief valve on the turbo in between shifts...Is this common? Does it have a relief valve? Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you!

Jason R. -

David, i just bought an 02 as well, fun car. Yeah they have a relief valve/ blow off vale. You can't really hear it because it recirculates back into the intake from a hose. it returns just before the turbo so it silences the sound.

doug -

hey i got a couple questions,when i hear boost what exactly is this? i know it has to do with the turbo but im not exactly shure. a good explnation to clarify any misunderstandings I have would be greatly appreciated, and the scoobytuner web site is awsom. thank you

Dan James -

For the record, the WRX I reviewed above was stolen in Montreal last night (Sept 22, 06). I can't say how pleased I've been with the car for the past 5 years. Enjoy it while you have one!

scoobydoo -

WRx 's are a popular one to steal, lots of valuable parts and I think they are an easy target. easy to break into anyway , I dont know how hard it is to start with out the key.
What is a good security system for a wrx ?

keith -

First off, I love my wrx. I have an 02 with 53K on it with no problems what so ever. It has plenty of power and handles like it is on rails. But i do agree if the car isn't driven right you are going to run into problems. I had a Type-R Integra and that VTEC engine combined with Acura's powertrain can put up with way more abuse than the WRX. I could dump the clutch at 5500 rpm and smoke alot of cars, but with the wrx you gotta drive it a little easier. So for the people who are tearing through motors, clutches, and trans. Learn how to drive the car then try racing with it. This whole argument about american verses imports, i have had my fair share of both types of vehicles and i will stick with the imports, but that's my opinion. The next ride on my list is an Evo, but i will never part with my WRX.

Jono -

My buddy used to own an '02 WRX which he track modified. I am not exactly sure as to what he did with the car. Anyway, I am now looking for an '02 WRX since it is AWD and generates 200+ hp. I generally dislike Subarus because I am not a huge fan of SUVs and Wagons (I drive an '03 Mini Cooper and no, I am not gay) but the WRX and it's little brother the RS are quite attractive.

I used to be like a few posters above, totally close minded to anything but German engineering. Then I opened my eyes as soon as I saw a Z4 roadster get destroyed by a Nissan 350Z. Since then I have become partial to Japanese automobiles, Subies and Yotas to be specific. I don't really like Hondas because I feel they are too watered down and generic. As for Lexus, too many SUVs and very high priced. Scion? Wrong age group. If I was 16 again I'd buy one but now? No thanks. American cars don't cut it with me anymore. My first car was a '99 Chevy Lumina and I can't begin to tell you the problems I had with it. GMs fail, Fords are unreliable, and Caddys are outdated. Sorry kids, these are my opinions and I don't find it worth a dime to argue them. Upgraded to the Mini Cooper and she has served me well for almost a year, but I have always wanted something with balls. I enjoy smoking small time tuners with their Civics (Usually the kids around here throw a body kit on it and think that it makes it fast, I prefer the sleeper approach) but having a small, nimble, and lightweight car can only go so far. I'm interested in Autocross and Rallys (One of the reasons why I bought the Mini was it's legendary rally status) and the Subies 200+HP with AWD might be my saving grace.

I digress. I have ridden in a WRX a number of times with my buddy (When he owned it) and always loved it. Everything is clean cut and sporty giving it that "I will kick your ass" look. My only problems with it really center around aesthetics. The monster hood scoop is one, but then again an aftermarket scoop could be applied. The wing worthy of a 747 is the other. Honestly, more kids are worried about the size of their spoiler than the clearance between their front valence and the road.

To conclude this nonsensical post that really had no meaning (And yes, I'll admit that) I'm stoked to go out and buy a WRX. It's been a dream which now I can make a reality. Besides, who DOESN'T want a reliable, quick, nimble car with a muscle look and incredible handling for under $30,000? I know I do, and it will take away that "Are you gay?" remark whenever I drive outside of the city.


Mike -

I just purchased a brand new 07 impreza recently, it being my first. And since then i've had the urge to drive my car 24/7, but since it being new and all i have to hold my self back, which sucks but in return i'm not ruining my car. I bought my impreza on the otherside of this mountain range i live in, so right away i got a taste of the impreza's control on curvy roads; and yes as recent posters posted the car does feel like it's on rails and roids. The car is so smooth to drive that without attention, you'll find yourself easily 25 miles above the speed limit. I love everything about this car and i can see myself driving another new sub in the far future easily.


Questions and more -

I am about to purchase my first car and the wrx is on the top of my list. I realize that there were a few ignorant people on this list and thats ok but i have learned to look past that with a 10th grade education.( no i did not drop out i am 16 years old, alaska driving age)
To the people who will give an answer that sounds halfway intelligent here are my questions.
THe purchase price of this car is not a problem but putting premium 87 and synthetic oil may be what kind of price estimated for a medium use driver.
I live in Alaska and the awd or 4x4 is a must. How will the car do if it snows, say .5 meters will i need a shovell or can i plow through 1/8 km to get to a plowed road. (without excessive damage.)
My last question is, how is the road noise going to be driving 100 km/hr, unlike nick i will not leave the windows open at this speed.
Thank you for your response

deborah Wilkes -

Just bought a 2003 WRX wagon with 26000 miles. Yesterday, the cel came on and I noticed a groaning sound when decelerating, but it didn't seem to have to do with the brakes. Took it to the dealer, who was very busy. HE did a quick check and said I had a code P1097, malfunctioning tumble generator valve. We can't get the part for a week. The mechanic says its okay to drive until then. Anyone else have that problem? My worry is that the groaning deceleration sound is something else entirely. Can I really drive safely with this problem? Sorry if I sound 'stupid'.

Hysteric -

Wow. I can't believe how much I have learned about the WRX by reading through this whole thing and clicking mostly every link and reading those sites as well. I am looking toward buying a 2006 WRX TR from a dealership, $24,500 with a few options. In the process of practicing stick in a Hyundai. Then its off to the test drive where I will more than likely buy it on site. This review has been great. Going from a 1995 Cougar V8 (16mpg without being too too aggressive) means a little bit better gas mileage, and I assume with all the safety features in this my insurance will be lower as well. I can't wait!!!

bobby -

Just ordered a GFB stealth fx blow off valve for my 02 wrx. Seems to be a popular bov for a wrx. If anyone out there could give me their opinion on the stealth fx or GFB in general i'd appreciate it.

CJ -

Please respond to my questions i am the one marked questions and more. It is getting really close to time for me to buy a car and i really would liek a smart sounding answer to those questions.

wrx 82 -

If aynone is looking around for a good blow off valve for their wrx, look into Go Fast Bits products. I just installed my deceptor formally known as the stealth fx. Couldn't be happier. Very loud and no backfiring, hesitation, idling, or stalling problems. Its completely adjustable so if you want to turn down the sound for what ever reason, just a quick turn on the adjustment ring and you can set it to what ever loudness you want. It looks really good to.

DKo -

NOTE TO ALL, buy extended warranty if you can. I paid 1500 for the warranty when I bought my 04 wrx. I don't race and I would consider myself a good/ save driver. At 70 mph will cruse control on, I broke a connecting rod, shattered a piston, and whiped out the cylinder wall. price to fix = $10,500

DKo -

Price I pay = $50 for deductable My mods only included spt intake and spt exhaust... turns out even that makes the car run lean enough for bearings to dry out sieze. result... get Cobb's accessport.

Sam -

CJ, As long as you are on a road with the wrx and you have a good set of snow tires, I would recommend Nokia Hakkapeliitta which are a little pricy, but will turn your car into a snowmobile you'll be fine. Just take it easy for starters until you get a feel for the car.

Scot -

So, I am the owner of an 02 WRX sedan that I picked up used in Northern VA two years ago this January. It had about 18K miles on it. I upgraded it with a K&N Typhoon intake and a TurboXS manual boost controller. I have an uppipe and turbo back exhaust that I waiting to install when I am done with my current unplanned expense, the tranny.

I had clutch slippage at about 45K and decided to get an Exidy racing clutch as a replacement. I am not sure if the previous owner was rough with the car but it is likely since this is a little early to need a new clutch. I really wanted something that would handle a little more than a stock replacement. Mostly it is to help with turbo lag by keeping RPMs where you need them without eating up the clutch in rapid fasion. Well, after getting the clutch installed, I immediately blew 2nd gear, and I mean immediately, I hadn't even made it home from the shop. I was being really nice to it as well, so don't think I was abusing it. The clutch was really tight and quite a new experience. Unfortunately, $3500 and an entire gearset replacement later, I am dealing with another blown gear, this time 3rd. The previous install was done by Cottman and the parts were supposedly STi, but I am not sure if this is the case. About the only ting I will save this time around is the expensive berrings since they only have 5K miles on them. They are rediculously priced at $300 a pop, and you need a couple of them.

This time, I am buying the gearset from Vivid Racing. It is a cryogenically treated setup and is polished to reduce shift friction. I am hoping that it will mesh nicely with the performace clutch. I have a few miles of Sunday driving ahaed as I wear in the gears but I am not deterred and hope to get this setup working correctly. I can't fault the WRX completely because I did put a clutch in it that transfers power much more directly and quickly. I just want a level of reliability across the board. I am not willing to go through another failure, so I am debating whether or not I should move on to Audi Quattro or maybe to a newer STi. I imagine once I get the new gearset worn in, I won't think about it, but it will be in the back of my mind.

To be fair, I had a Mustang 5.0 coupe prior to owning my WRX and they also have issues with their tranny, the T5; synchros tend to blow up if you add extra horsepower. I had to get rid of that even though it was much faster than my WRX because it was undriveable during inclement weather; way to much power. It is also important to note that few performance build-ups will ignore the stock transmission.

After talking with the Cottman guys and some local club members, I found that it is a fairly common issue with the AWD performance line. The combination of power and AWD doesn't provide an adequate give point for the drivetrain and the stock transmission ends up being the weak link.

One final note: If you do blow a gear or other part of the tranny, try to get the evaluation by an authorized Subaru center where you actually know someone and look at the damage directly. If you don't, in most cases they will say the tranny was abused, even if it wasn't due to any kind of racing, but just day-to-day traffic.

Hope this adds a little more to the discussion. See you on the streets.

cj -

I dont know if this is a question any of you have ananswer to, but i found that the 2001 s4 is also a great car. I have been to driving schools and love the pure raw power of vehicles. Although the subi is a little faster the audi has nicer options, and from what i hear a more reliable transmission. My biggest question is how are the two going to compare when it comes to upgrading and will the subaru have better gas milage once i put a chip in it or will the audi take that area. If any of you have responces to this from experience then i would please like the answer.

ish! -

I am picking up my 2002 Sti in 3 days (AUSTRALAIA)

havent got a clue what to expect going from a r32 gtr skyline but that All 4 weel tyre change has me intrigued !!!

I never had to worry about that with the ATTESSA :/

i have a feeling the skyline will be much more brutal power wise than the REX but when it come to fast street/circuit the rex will take it on handleing

Anyone ever driver both before ?

Jay -

Everyone here talks about learning to drive an AWD car correctly. I've got a '95 Celica (fwd, 5 speed) and so far its stood up to abuse pretty well. Normally I'm a fairly easy driver, but once in awhile i'll drop the clutch from 4,000 or so revs at a light.

I'm really intrigued by the WRX's posted 0-60 in the high fives, but I've read this kind of speed comes from a really violent clutch drop, something I hate to do often.

I'm considering an 02 or an 03 WRX, and I want to know exactly how this car should be pushed compared to my front driver.


Sam -

Jay, I would say get the wrx, the drivability is comparable to a porsche. The 0-60 times is low for high rpm drops but it still has awsome power once you have boost from the turbo.

Dave -

To anyone who thinks domestics are better than imports, your an idiot. i have an 04rex and i loooove it.

idiots -

Wow, to those people who said that Japanese cars are garbage, I'd like to see many domestics run after 100k without an engine overhaul or a tranny swap. I mean c'mon, look at what you're saying. "I've got a degree in biochem but I'm on the computer acting like an ass because I can shell out money to buy overpriced domestics". Pitiful, honestly. Goes to show where this world is going with a "highly educated fellow" who goes around calling people "suckas". Get a life man, it's really getting old.

To all of those other mature people in here, I for one, like the WRX. Whether it be performance wise or because of its styling. I was more into two door compacts before, but I've always been wanting something like this. My brother brought home a STi. My, was it amazing. It stuck to the road and stayed that way. All wheel drive has always gotten my vote. I'm planning on purchasing a WRX quite soon actually, but I'm not sure if I was going to modify it or anything at the moment.


Chris -

I bought an '04 WRX a couple years back and even with 80K on it its the best damn thing on four wheels. i live in a small town in northen Alberta where paved roads are few and far between, and even my old ford pickup wouldn't go places my WRX can. I've even crossed a river in it! Sure the water only came up to the top of the bumpers but I passed more than 1 stuck truck in there. I'm also on a local fire dept. and have taken my car on a few calls now. talk about damn good response time. From 200km/h on the hiway straight to flying down muddy back roads at ridiculous speeds the WRX is the ultimate car. Another handy thing is it easily outruns our local cop cars.

EM -

I've owned a 2002 WRX Wagon for just over a year now and driven around 14k miles in it. It's been serviced regularly, runs on 99 octane (UK) fuel whenever possible (I add octane booster when I'm forced to use lower grade fuels).

When driven at 7/10 or less effort, the turbo lag can be a bit wearing on your enthusiam, especially if you let the revs drop below 3000 (in which case the turbo isn't there at all). It feels very much like the throttle pedal is connected to a piece of elastic band - press the pedal, wait, then twang - off you go!

The grip is fantastic (currently on Yokohama rubber), but I've occasionally experienced severe push-on understeer in slow, wet, 2nd gear corners under acceleration - very unnerving. Quite possibly my tyre pressures weren't quite right, something I understand Imprezas are quite sensitive to. My car has an issue with the brakes which don't feel particularly strong, something I'll get sorted as soon as possible. The fuel consumption is pretty bad (20-25 mpg), worse than I'd expect from a car with just 220 or so bhp, but then I'd have gotten a diesel if I was that bothered about this.

On motorways, you do have to drop a gear or two occasionally if you want to accelerate reasonably briskly from less than about 65mph. Where this car excels (for me at least), is on winding country roads - if you keep above 3000rpm, you can cover ground at speeds that you just would not be able to do in many other cars. You can turn into a corner at slightly absurd speeds and then hit the power way before you could in just about anything else. Get your entry speed a bit wrong and the car will usually sort the mess out for you. In some ways, if you're a "driver" this can be a bit of a problem, as you may want a little more involvement.

For me and this particular car, the positives and negatives are:

+ performance
+ grip, traction
+ practicality

- turbo lag
- off-boost performance
- too much understeer?
- poor brakes
- fuel consumption
- notchy/slow gearbox
- slightly too tall gear ratios (6 gears would be better)

Hmmm, that's a lot more negatives than I was expecting....oh well.

And in the UK at least, the base WRX isn't even close to being a "rally car" or even a sports car - it's a turbocharged family saloon/estate with a mild performance slant, though the STi most definitely gets a lot closer to that.

Maxwell Smart -

lokking into an '02 WRX Wagon. 36K miles on it, the car looks and feel really solid. The dealer will give me a 2 year 25K mile warranty on the engine and tranny. Any ideas?

What sould i try to negociate?

Where do all you broke ass 18 yrolds get the $ for this? -

I enjoyed reading this thread and watching this video

Unlike most of you which seem to have more money than you know how to invest, i dont have a fortune to blow. So i did some shopping through a middle-man insurance company thats given me the best rate ever : ok, Its ultimately through progressive, but when i tried to get a direct quote from them they gave me a 6 month $700 price tag on my 99 sentra, when i went through the middle man i got 6 month's for $270.

I am 21, clean driving record, a very safe driver, though i tend to drive the shit out of my cars (im not a racer or a fast/furious whatever the hell you call yourselves), and im willing to pay $$ for a safe powerful AWD car.

These are 6 month estimates (progressive) w/ $20,000 collision coverage (and the required no-fault bs) and all Subaru's are 2006's.

1999 nissan sentra = $270
2.5i Sedan = $845
Outback wagon = $814
WRX wagon = $1010
WRX STI = $1138

Not to mention the use of premium to get the HP you paid for out of it in addition to having to get a whole new set of tires everytime you blow one, this car gets really fucking expensive. I reccommend getting insurance on your tires ($10 a tire) so if you have to replace them all you get money back for the tread left in the good ones.

The way i see it, a car becomes an investment when you dont have to fix anything critical after 5 or 6 years. Its not about how much its worth for resale, its about how much you save not having to pay for a new one.

Oh yeah, and for all you who keep destroying your cars transmission, ive seen how you drive, putting it up to 4500 rpm and shifting into 1st. People like you dont deserve to drive.

ozzy-wrx -

I'm from Australia and the wrx has cult status here. We call em rexes (or rexies) and the performance scene just cant get enough of them. Sure the cost a bit new, but secondhand they are the price of most small fours here, and I can tell you what is better :P

As for the rexes performance, on the street most ppl wont even race them if they sound or look anything different to a standard wrx. This is because most modded street rexes (daily drivers) in Australia run mid 11sec, with the top street cars running high 10 sec. This is prolly because there are a number of workshops here that provide bolt-on mods to help these rexes go from factory 130-150rwkw to 250+ (drive in and drive away).

One workshop in particular in Australia has built a number of street rexes that run sub 10 second quarter miles and are worth checking out if you want to achieve similar - with Dominic continually breaking records in every new wrx he builds.

As for problems with standard rexes, it all comes down to how you drive em. If you abuse em then things will break. Constant high rpm launches will munch the gearbox and wear the clutch very fast. Drive them like any other standard car and everything will be sweet.

Lastly regarding fuel - rexes sold in Australia require 95 RON premium and the STi models require 98RON. I would expect that this would be similar for all rexes - so if you use standard 89-91 RON unleaded or the cheap 93 RON premium then it's time to pay the extra few cents per litre and give the car the fuel it requires to run smoothly.

P.S. I own an MY02 WRX STi and it is the bomb. With only a few mods it runs high 11 sec and makes over 220rwkw :P

Jeremy Townsend -

I just took a 2002 Impreza WRX turbo AWD with 54,165 miles. clean carfax. It has had two owners that leased it. Clean service records. Car is all stock. It is silver with cloth charcoal interior with blue accent seats. Exterior and interior clean. Will take $15,900+++. All serious inquiries please email. Photos will be on website soon.

Where do all you broke ass 18 yrolds get the $ for this? -

95 and 98 octane? the most ive seen here in the states is 93. we got something like 87 89 93.

I honestly dont know a whole lot about cars, maybe someone could explain this

"All WRXes require premium gas (91 octane or higher). The Engine Control Unit can adapt to higher octane to produce more power (and better mileage). Because of this, many WRX owners increase their octane using the paint solvent Toluene or with a quality commercial octane booster such a Torco."

How much of an octane increase should i expect from adding a organic solvent to my gas? Is it going to make a 93 tank of gas go up to 98?

Brandon Clark -

ok, the thing about octane levels is that if you run regular you turbo'ed car will spark knock or "ping". the higher the octane the harder it is for the gas to fire intitally. a turbo charged engine runs hotter because of the conpresion of the turbo, which pushes hot air into the engine. when you use regular gas and run the car alittle hard it sprays the gas onto a very hot piston head, the heat from that makes the gas explode and not the spark from the plug, so its firing to early, this is VERY bad for your engine and will kill it in short order. so dont go cheap with the gasoline cus you'll probably wind up having to re-build your engine if you do

Luk -

My 2002 Subaru Impreza WRX Review ...

I bought it new and it currently has about 58,000 miles. The car had oil leaks from the oil seal(O RING) since the first day I purchased. I went to 6 different Subaru dealers in New York. Unfortunately, the oil leaks problem never been solved by any dealer. Every time I dropped off the car in the dealer for 1 - 2 weeks. They just cleaned / washed the engine bay and gear box area and stated no oil leaks issus found. Handing me the bill for $92.00 + tax bill for the Diagnotic Fee. They said they charged me because they could not find anything wrong(no oil leaks) so I need to pay for 1 hour labor. What a rip off??? I called SOA but no help! A very bad experience with the Subaru people.

Anyway, get back to the topic. I let my WRX oil leaks in the past couple years and finally got it fixed(replaced the o ring) last month. Since replacing the O RING is a hugh job (many parts need to take apart), I replaced the plugs, all pullies, pcv, belts, water pump, and gas filter. I also purchased and installed the COBB AP V2, Perrin up-pipe and down-pipe.

COBB Stage 2 is so stong. 2nd gear at 6,000 rpm can lead me up to 60mph. I haven't found out the 0-60 feature in the COBB AP V2 yet but I guess 0-60 is under 5 sec. These mods combination really reduces the turbo lag a lot. For less than $1,200, it is absolutely worth.

Before mods ... I got 19 mpg city / 30+ mpg highway
After mods ... I get 20-21 mpg city / haven't calculated mpg on the highway yet!

BTW, I also have the K&N drop-in filter clean / re-oil. That should give me a little higher mpg.

-- luk


I drive a 2002 WRX Wagon, bought used with 42,000 km. At 160,000 km (100,000 miles) I blew a rear tire, replaced it with the spare. Forty minutes later the rear differential blew and started on fire which I was able to put out. I stayed within the speed guidelines of the donut spare. It is an expensive repair, $3300. I feel the diffential malfunction was directly related to the use of the space tire and want compensation from Subaru Canada. Anybody else experience this type of problem?

vic -

Im looking into maybe getting an 02 wrx for my first car. My price range is about 12k max. There are a few things I am worried about though. The first is the number of people who have needed to replace their trans at 70k miles or so. I can't afford to replace my trans shortly after buying the car, and any wrx in my price range will have about that many miles. My second concern is the sensitivity of the transmission over daily use. I know how to drive a manual but I don't know how well. When I was first learning to drive I began with a stick, it was an old saturn so it wasn't a big deal if I was a little rough w/ it while learning. I drove it only a few times until I got a hang of how to drive it, but I was far from perfect. Every car I have driven since then has been auto and I'm worried that while mastering the stick I while cause damage to the car with rookie mistakes; causing repairs I can't afford. I have no manual car to practice with either; the saturn was my uncle's girlfriends car and the only manual in my family. The other cars I am looking at are the 02 rsx/type-s and celica/gt-s, although I doubt I will be able to afford the s types of those two.

Any advice would be great,

Dave -

well first of all the reason some of you guys are havin clutch problems is because ya cant drive stick and ya ride the clutch its a hydraulic clutch if ya ride it its gonna slip and burnout in no time im the owner of a 2003 wrx maintained it properly and its never once let me down 130000 km and its never left me stranded and easily kicks the crap outts 95% of the cars that try to race me

AJ 2002 WXR owner -


When looking at cars go for the WRX. It has AWD(All Wheel Drive) anti-slip and is one of the best cars on the road. Since you will be buying a used car make sure it hasn't been salvaged. If you are buying it off of the original owner ask him if He/She will take you for a test drive. Pay attention to the way they drive the clutch and how hard they excellerate. Their are key signs when driving a clutch. First off ask if they will back up. If they don't fully release the clutch and use the brake to control the cars speed take note. This is a key indication that they haven't been driving the car properly. After entering reverse and slowly leting off the clutch one should allow the cars motion to accelerate will controlling the speed with the brake. This is huge. Look at the mileage and ask for oil change verification. Make sure that they have been regularly getting the services the car needs. Oil change every 3000 miles. Overall the Subaru drivers are car enthusists and will sell you they drive fast (spirited). As for me I drive at 140mph. I have about 100,000 miles on my car. And all I have upgraded are my tires and air intake. My car is a fast, fun, and tough car. I would like to think that I know how to drive. With that said I have never blown out a transmittion, clutch, motor, or had any problems with me car. Stick to the manual and use premium or better and change your oil. By the way have fucking fun passing every other car on the road.

Quickest BA in the West!

Luk -

I don't hear many people from the other forum stating WRX's trans is weak. Unless you have a 300whp on yours, otherwise the WRX transmission can last very long. Some people may replace the clutch at 70K but not replacing the entire transmission.

Just pay $100 for a mechanic to inspect the car before you buy.

joe -

hey folks i gotta 2003 wrx turbo with a turboxs utec engine management unit and turboback exhaust does anybody know how much boost a guy can run on the stock turbo without hurtin reliability?? (i.e clutch and trans

Luk -

I think you should ask the tech people from turboxs. MY02 is running Cobb Stage 2 at 15.8 +/- .5 psi.

Jack -

I have owned a ’02 WRX since July 2001. It has 103,000 miles. I had two issues that were covered under warranty – clutch chatter, and a gas leak problem when the temperature was very cold. I also had a fouled plug at around 50K miles.

I love the car, BUT … here is my gripe that is pushing me over the edge of possibly not getting another one in the future. Since the day I bought it, it has chewed through every tire I put on. The problem is always the same, the tires become “chopped”, mostly on the inside edge. Driving the car then becomes a nuisance because of how loud the tires get. After the first occurrence, I purchased a lifetime alignment service from Expert Tire (Central New York). But it goes without saying that the problem continued. The most recent set of tires (Bridgestone Fusion) I have rotated after 2000 miles, twice. Low and behold they are now chopped and getting louder every day.

I don’t drive this car hard, mostly just a commute to work every day. What gives? I was thinking that the shop I take it to for alignment is not doing it properly, but that wouldn’t explain why it happened with the original Potenza treads.

Any comments would really be appreciated.

Luk -

My 02 WRX currently had 54,000 miles. Gas leak? Which parts had problem? I had that chatter problem too but no dealer in NYC wanted to eat that! Well, I can live with that. I just drive it easy in the first 10 min in winter.

Did you check the suspension? May be it is not doing it's job properly.

Yea, let someone else to do the alignment.

Jack -

To be honest, I don't know exactly how to describe where the gas leak was, but it was from a fitting that would shrink in really cold weather and drip gas onto the manifold.

I really haven't checked the suspension. Since this problem started when the car was new, I never gave that a strong consideration. The handling seems to be the same as it has always been. Can a shop tell me for sure if there is a problem?

Luk -

Let the mechanic diagnoics the problem for you. They fix cars everyday, they properly know what's wrong when they test drive your car. If I am you, my WRX reaches 103,000 miles, I would think it is about time to replace a set of new suspension then do the alignment again. You may able to throw a stone and kill two birds. ~Better handling & fix that nuisance problem~ Good Luck!

Luk -

2002 WRX Sedan, 54,500 miles, 5 MT, WR Blue, Power door locks / windows. Very clean In & Out. The car has no major problem. It is in a good sharp and running strong. Never been raced on track and dragged race! I am the first owner, I bought this car new. I am asking for $13,700. Anyone who is serious interested on it can send me an email for photo and detail.

Other upgrades and tuning:
• PIAA Ion Crystal fog light blubs (purchased new and just installed today!)
• Mobil-1 5W40 engine oil (oil change at every 4,000 miles, just changed today!)
• AccessPORT Ver 2.0, Stage 2 Map (purchased new and installed in March 2007)
• Perrin Up Pipe non - cat (purchased new and installed in March 2007)
• Perrin Down Pipe non - cat (purchased new and installed in March 2007)
• Cusco Turbo Heatshield (purchased new and installed in March 2007)
• Redline 75w90NS GL-5 gear oil (last oil changed in March 2007)
• Redline 75w90 GL-5 rear differential gear oil (last oil changed in March 2007)
• K&N Drop In filter (purchased new in Summer in 2005, re-oil / cleaned in March 2007)
• Stock NGK-PFR6G Platinum spark plugs (replaced in March 2007)
• Stock PCV Valve (replaced in March 2007)
• Stock Water Pump (replaced in March 2007)
• Prestone Coolant (replaced in March 2007)
• New Belts (replaced at dealer in Summer in 2006 under manufacture warranty)
• Stock Fuel Filter (last replaced in Summer in 2006)
• Hawk HPS front and rear street brake pads (replaced in Summer in 2005)
• Pirelli PZero Nero M&S tires (replaced in Summer in 2005, tires are good for another 1 to 2 years)
• Stock Rear Diff Protector (came with new car)
• Stock Boost Gauge (came with new car)
• Stock Premium Sound System - 6 disc CD changer /subwoofer /amplifier /upgrade Speaker /tweeter (came with new car)
• Stock Rear Spoiler (came with new car)
• Stock Alarm System (came with new car)
Minor problems:
• Interior auto-dimming mirror has a little scratch
• Interior center panel digital clock is not functioning

joseph -

I just purchased a 2002 wrx impreza, and i have a few questions about that years wrx's. Does every '02 have a turbo guage (above the steering wheel) stock? Do they all have a carbon fiber dash and interior? Do they have the momo pedals as well? He told me that they only made a few hundred of those that year, I am just curious if that is true.
Also, Don't get me wrong on this i LOVE the car and it is very quick, but i thought it would be a little faster than it actually is, it seems to not go through the rpm's very quickly. Is anyone else expieriencing this? I should point out though that i owned an 87 5.0 mustang with a little over 400hp so i may be setting the bar a little high for this car. I have never driven a turbocharged car though and i am still getting used to the little bit of lag b/t gears.
One last thing though this has been my dream car for years now and everytime I step out of the car i can not wait to get back in it.
Anyone have any feedback i would really appreciate it, thanks again.

Luk -

The turbo guage and carbon fiber interior are dealer options. Just like the spoiler! They can be added on any WRX.
The MOMO pedals are stock. Every WRX has it.
Few hundreds were made? They were the yellow color WRXs.
If you want more HP from your WRX, reflash the ecu by a Cobb AccessPort. It gives you 33 HP and 43 lb-ft instantly.
Simply install a down-pipe, you will have about 53 HP and 68 lb-ft of torque over stock!

Shafraz -

Hey scooby fans!!!I just bought a 2002 model WRX couple of weeks ago and I am having a probelm with it. After 4000 RPM the car starts jerking and misses. Could it be the spark plugs? If yes then I have purchased it but havnt installed it yet. I would also like to know what will be the best DIFF oil to use.

Luk -

Go there ~~~>
You'll find the answer!
I recommend Redline 75w90NS for the transmission and Redline 75w90 for the rear differential.

drunkmancmunky -

people actually buy a sub with an autobox?? seriously??? shame on you.

kia -

i just bought a subaru wrx 2002 ,i love it,its fast,and got enough H power,i just have a question,the car shakes little bit when i start the car ,i asked around and they told me i may need a tune up??and what kind of oill should i use for my car?

bradall -

i bought a wrx 2003 model (in the uk) with a prodrive engine kit. i have measured 0-60mph in 4.8s. this car is bonkers. it has ripped a porsche 911s apart, has beaten its "big brother" WRX STI and just is simply awesome for the money.
they represent better value than a evo viii, and are far more reliable than a r34 skyline. but yes, they are awful inside. but who cares, you buy it for power, not for leather and walnut dash.

and if anybody is having trouble with turbo lag, an aftermarket dump valve will remedy any problems. they aren't just for the sound, they really do work

my proof is in the figures that this car rules. i love this car, and wouldn't trade it for many other cars. so anybody thinking of buying, DO SO and live the dream!

MeNotYou -


I noticed many of you throwing around octane numbers for fuel required by the WRX. Some have said 89 and 91, others 95 and 98...

The important thing to remember is the measurement in which the octane rating is taken. There are three measurements of octane ratings, one called "RON" which is the 'Research Octane Number', the second is "MON" 'Motor Octane Number'.
And to add to the confusion we also have 'Pump Octane Number' "PON" which is the average of both the "RON" and "MON".

I am led to believe the U.S rate theirs as "PON"...

Here in Australia, Japan and also throughout Europe the petrol stations claim "RON" figures (mainly so the fuel appears to have a higher octane number), and other countries give motorists the "MON" ratings.

So you can see where the confusion comes along regarding the appropriate fuel for your beloved WRX. Below is a rough conversion chart for fuel ratings.

90 83 86.6
92 85 88.5
95 87 91
96 88 92
98 90 94
100 91.5 95.8
105 95 100
110 99 104.5

So next time you fill up, check which measurement your petroleum station employs to rate their fuels. They should declare the measurement clearly on the petrol bowser.

For me, it doesn't matter if it's a Hyundai Excel, WRX or Ferrari Enzo, i always, but always use the best fuels...

As a general rule, just buy the most expensive premium fuel available. Not only is it better for your engine life, performance, and economy, it's also better for the environment and for your wallet! Cleaner burning, denser fuels seem pricey at the pump, but you also get more mileage for your dollar.

I suspect the whiners posting in regards to poor fuel economy and engine life are cheapskates! No doubt filling their cars with watery 91 "RON"...

So happy motoring and be sure to keep the good juice flowing into your beloved Subaru!

Tony -

I have an 02 wrx with 105,000 miles on it. I deliver pizzas in it so it gets thrashed pretty good. It is completely stock and I've owned it since it was new and had 5 miles on it. So far I have done all the factory suggested maintenances (fluid changes, filter changes, cambelt, etc.)Here is a list of the things that have been problems with it thus far.
-Check engine light with lots of misfires at 40,000 miles.This was fixed with an ECU reflash(warranty covered, ECU removed from car and sent to Subaru of America)
-Clutch and flywheel replacement (due to plenty of 6000rpm launches)
sidenote: The dealership wanted to rebuild the tranny because of noise, I didn't let them and after 35,000 miles on the new clutch I'm having no problems, except for a little grinding when shifting into first gear.
-Cracked windshield (Due to -20 degree weather, not rocks)
-A howling rear diffential (especially annoying when you're on the highway going 60mph, easily fixed by going 85mph)
-Cracked fuel line (When it's cold you get a nice buzz off of the gas fumes)
-really bad paint (Don't touch that paint with anything but a shammy or water)
-rust spots on the roof (due to really bad paint)
-warped front rotors (probably going to happen to everyone after they replace their brake pads the first time)
-seized air conditioner belt tensioner pully resulting in destruction of air conditioner belt resulting in loss of air conditioning
-broken clock
-great synthetic oil consumption (at least 1 1/2 quarts every 3000 miles)
Although this seems like a long list, the car has never broken down and left me on the side of the road. I still enjoy driving it after more than 5 years. Considering my aggressive driving habits this car has held up remarkably well.

Tazzz -

Tony!!! Here's a tip for ya. WRX's weren't made to deliver pizzas. Got get yourself a Chevette for $100 and call it a day.

Uncle G -

I just bought a 2003 WRX and I love it. Traded a 2003 Mazda Protege5 for it and I don't regret it one bit. It has a nice solid ride/feel that the mazda didn't have. You hit the gas and it moves effortlessly no matter what gear you're in (of course it's a stick). I have to get used to the AWD though, it very responsive in sharp curves and the seat bolsters hold you in place. Somewhat plain interior if you like gadgets.
So my main question is what should be my first mod? Cold air intake? Downpipe? If I do that do I need to make changes to the ECU? Any ideas on a bass tube or something to help the audio a bit? I don't want to get rid of the 6-disk if don't have to...yet!
Any thoughts on a Borla exhaust? I don't want it loud, just a little deeper sounding.

robi -

i bought a 02 wrx in nov.06, it is my first manual trans car( I learned on it) and it has been very nice to me. Its got 227000 km on it and still going stong. Im amazed at the durability of these cars, i used to grind gears and smoke the clutch learning how to drive stick on this car, and i havnt had to replace anything (yet!). Ive gotten up to 200KM/hr and it pulled all the way. I love this car and cant wait to see what else it can do!

Craig -

I am trying to decide what car to buy and have been looking at a 2002 wrx, now after hours of reading all theses post i believe i have made my decision I BUYING IT!!! The one in mind is a 02 model with 80,000k's on the clock and yes its manual not sure why you would buy a performance car in an auto?? any way thanks to everyone for the post its helped make my decision.

shane warne -

the worlds fastest wrx was modded by tony rigoli from Australia and it has an automatic transmission. the quarter mile time is 7.795 seconds.

also another random fact, the worlds fastest skyline is owned by Reece Magregor from New Zealand with a time of 7.57 seconds.

go aus n new zealand! lol

Uncle G -

Alright, I had to put another post about my joy in the WRX. It's a 2003 with 53k miles and in great shape. I've only had it a month and it just keeps getting better to drive. I'm about 6'2" mostly legs and I have no problem with legroom and the seats a great for long trips. I drove it 4 hours straight (until I needed to fill up again) without squirming in the seat or changing position. The clutch is a little spongy compared to other cars I've tested, but that'll change when I get into mods. Well, I'm on my way to the vivid racing site to order some JDM headlights.

AG -

May be a bit late with this but the real reason those seeking performance go for EVO is the iron 4G63 block, hit it with 2bar of boost running about 500hp and no worries. aluminum block on the WRX not so good with higher numbers, but hell who cares its a bad ass car thats why tomorrow I am becoming the proud owner of a 2002 WRX wagon. wish me luck with the new ride.

AG -

Congratulate me I'm a new proud owner of a killer wagon, this car is more then I expected, first Impressions from an experienced mechanic and crazy ass driver: This one get four thumbs up, it seriously did not disappoint.

Uncle G -

Alright AG, congrats to you on your new ride. Does anyone know if there's a WRX club or group rallies in NC or VA? My wife has a Mini Cooper (of course it's an "S") and we always roll with the local clubs to VIR or some other spots around the state. Can anyone give me a heads up on Auto-X? I don't want to thrash the Scoob b/c it is my daily driver, but I know it can do more than just rip through the jughandles on the way to work. Help me out here.

oscar -

Hi. After reading all these reviews (pros & cons) and comments, I finally bought a wrx 2002, automatic from Japan . (I live in Nairobi, Kenya). I must say it has lived up to my expectations. Keep the forum going, its useful. I will read it more now that I am a proud owner of a wrx.

one comment I have though is that the paint work seems to chip easily...anything that can be done to protect that nice subaru blue is welcome


chuck -

I have an Imporeza WRX and every winter when it gets cold there is a strong gas smell in the car when it is idling or driving slow. Does anyone else have this problem? If so, what did you do to fix it?

Tom -

Hello All

I have the same problem with my wrx. On cold start ups, i have a really really strong gas smell. Those loser at the dealership said it was the fuel rail and they got a bulletin from subaru that they are defective. I have been reading forum after forum and nobody has said anything about a fuel rail defect. Any ideas for me and buddy.

Jonathan -

hi all,

i have a 2002 impreza wrx and i have the same problem the bad gas smell and when i reverse out of my park at home it really judders when the car is cold, also it is a bit smokey, in New Zealand we have 98 octane and that is the highest it goes, sometimes it will run really bad any suggestions on which fuel company has the highest quallity fuel

any suggestions im a newby to the WRX World i have only had the car a month and a half.



jettaguy59 -

What up guys? I'v kinda been wanting a WRX for quite some time now, but I've always been a VW guy. I'm Just now looking at an 02 WRX and I took it for a test drive. Lucky for me it was cold outside and had been sitting for a while, and it still had no problem starting right up without the gas smell. Anything else you guys think I should look out for?

Thnan -

Hi, im 16, and will be turning 17 soon, There is a 2002 Ipreza WRX that has caught my eye in my area, it has 88k and the guy is asking 9k for it, he just put new racing tires on it and there are some minor after market cosmetic parts. I've read the comments about the octane level required for a WRX, and with the current price of gas in the states, filling the tank will extremely tax my income. I have a friend who owns an older Porsche, which like a WRX requires high octane fuel, but his car has a computer that recognizes the octane level in the fuel, so to trick his car into thinking the cheap stuff was as high as he could get, he ordered a new octane sensor computer thing from Australia where 89 is the highest octane. My question is can the same be done with a WRX, i know the whole put trash in, get trash out, but if the car thinks it is getting the best it can get, then it should still preform well, should it not?

Thomas -

MTO [7:01 PM February 24, 2006]
Japanese cars must be boycotted. They have illegally set up here. Cadillac rules and nothing else. I drive a beautiful all equiped 1993 Sixty's special with over 200 000km and the only thing I have had to change was the oil and the rear brakes. I don't buy Jappy cars. and safety; give me a break. All these people buying Honda and toyota's should get a f'ing life. They build unexciting cars, no acceleration, they lie about their fuel economy, but of course Canadians, and especially Quebeckers are the cheapest, dumbest, idiotic, no taste people in the world. A quebecker thinks a KIA is a Rolls Royce. What losers. GM rules and everything else sucks except for Italian and British cars....Hahahahahah!! F'you... Get a life people.... GM should have 80% market share not 25%. But of course CANADA is a COMMUNIST country so they like to buy Asian crap. Stupid immigrants go home!!!

MTO: I just read your comment and I wanted to be the first to congratulate you on being an ignorant simpleton. Before you make comments like the ones above, perhaps you should do some research and also work on your lexicon, because you have truly made yourself look foolish.
First of all, there is no way in hell your Cadillac has only needed the oil and breaks worked unless, unless you bought it with 198,000 miles on it, stop kidding yourself because no one believes you.
Second, you need to do your research regarding the enormous taxation put forth on foreign imports (especially automobiles) in the United States. How have Japanese imports been "illegally set-up here"? Besides making no sense, this comment alludes to and clearly illustrates your stupidity regarding not only the use of the English language, but also your ignorance regarding the incredible taxation foreign auto importers must deal with in order to sell in the United States. And yet, despite this fact Japanese cars continue to outsell American makers. Those people who are buying Honda's and Toyota's are in fact the smart ones, while you sir are in fact the idiot in this situation.
Third,I guess I should not have been surprised by your third idiotic comment as it clearly continues with the set trend in what can only be described as verbal vomit. Do you honestly think your 1993 Sixty's Special with 200K miles is an exciting car? Before you make unbelievably generalized comments, you again, need to do your research. In this case, I will help you out a bit, look at the: Nissan Skyline, Subaru WRX STi, Honda S2000, Mazda RX-7, Toyota Supra, Mitsubishi Evolution VIII, just to name a few. All are incredibly exciting cars with outstanding acceleration.
Finally, your xenophobic comments regarding people from Canada are not only distasteful, but make the rest of us Americans look bad. Canada has very little to do with US auto imports, the demand for Asian autos is coming from Americans themselves. As for your comment regarding taste, I found this to be especially egregious coming from someone who drives a 1993 Cadillac with 200,000 miles on it. Good call there buddy. Furthermore, your comment regarding Canada as a communist country exemplifies your almost unbelievable lack of intelligence. I suggest your read Marx's communist manifesto, then pick up any book about Political Science, that is, if you can read, and you will soon be enlightened to Canada's actual political situation. They have socialized Health Care, but then again, so does England, which you claim makes amazing cars and is much better than Canada. Concerning your comment about GM, and immigrants. GM makes all their cars in Mexico you moron. Meaning, your precious American automobiles are not manufactured in America, and are being put together by a constituency of people we consider to be immigrants. Do you know where Subaru's are made? Indiana, made in America, by Americans.
In conclusion, not only were your comments uninformed, and childish, they also make true Americans look bad and ignorant regarding the domestic and global economy. Next time you decide to bash foreigners and their products, you should do your research, pick up a dictionary and thesaurus, an think about what you type before you do it. You have truly embarrassed yourself, and every other American on this site by your comments, and you should feel ashamed. That is all.

Thomas -

This is in response to this comment:
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I hope whoever wrote this comment is at most a teenager; if not I must seriously question the educational system in Canada which I previously thought to be quite good. First of all, if your going to affiliate yourself with a certain political ideology, while also attempting to look intelligent, you should probably start by spelling "concervative" correctly. Secondly, you should most likely have some evidence as to a specific time when a liberal "forced their jargon down your throat and or killed you" or someone you know. I don't know if you have heard of this concept, its known as Democracy, and interestingly enough, both the United States and Canada model their political and social systems off of it. This means that if you do not agree with liberals political ideas, DON'T LISTEN TO THEM. Also unlike communist China and Saudi Arabia, you WON'T be killed if you don't listen. Furthermore, I am sure everyone here would love to hear your doctrine concerning what human nature really is, and moreover, how exactly a book regarding genetics would enlighten us to this. Genetics may hint at certain chromosomal pairs which incline humans to do certain things, human nature is largely derived by social and environmental conditions. Thus, reading a genetics book might only help in attempting to derive how a stupid individual such as yourself was created from human beings with functioning brains. Your comment regarding dog food and children; i don't even know what to say because your comment lacks a subject. Are you implying that same sex couples and or liberals spend more money on their pets then children? If so, you must also be saying that conservatives don't? Since you were so quick to tell others to pick up a book about genetics, allow me to make a suggestion as well. You need to go pick up a newspaper with good information about global politics. If you can read, then check it out, you'll soon realize that Mr. Bush is a conservative all the way through, and the assertion that he is anything other than that further illustrates your stupidity. If you think you could do a better job in Iraq then why don't you send your resume to the department of defense and take over General Petraeus's job? Also, the Taliban was defeated you simpleton, seeing as Saddam Hussein was quickly removed from power, his government a.k.a. the Taliban was also removed, again pick up a frickan newspaper. If you have problems with how the USA is handling the war, why doesn't Canada send over some of their weapons.... oh wait, thats right... "It is the left who suppress peoples' right to think and not the conservatives." It appears you also need to purchase a book on political history as well. The suppression of thought and speech within a country is almost solely relegated to political radicalism, which inherently exists on both sides of the political spectrum. However, history has shown that the majority of political suppression has occurred under dictatorships, which are exclusively on the right side of the spectrum, which is characterized by political CONSERVATISM. Do you honestly think that Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Pinochet and others were liberals? And you say that other people need to find some common sense? Finally, I think your final comment was not only hilarious, but also did a good job of quantifying your own lack of intelligence. "I think you should open a damn book and learn the basics of common sense." This comment is of course an oxymoron dictated by simply a moron. Common sense can't be found in a book dumb dumb, its common sense. Before you go attacking people of a different political ideology than yourself, go read a book or two yourself, learn how to spell Conservative, and become comfortable with the fact that common sense is common, and can't be found in books. Also, please read some political history, I think you may be terribly mistaken as to what the difference between liberalism and conservatism really are. You should also feel ashamed for your comments and embarrassed for your lack of candor. It is in fact you who needs to think before you type things on the internet. Congratulations on illustrating your stupidity to hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

JB_Thuis -

A few people asked about a fuel smell in cold weather. There is a tech service bulletin about this:

Ravane -

I thought this was a forum about subarus? Enough with the bickering... back to what the forum was intended for!!

Master Of The Obvious -

That MTO guy is most definitely a homosexual who most likely has sex with his brother. This is a forum to discuss the Subaru WRX you stupid morons! get a boyfriend or girlfriend or whatever you are into instead of waisting time talking about shit here!!!..... IDIOTS!!

airtime132 -

i have an 02 wrx and recently found out that i have to replace my rear o2 sensor. does anyone know where it is located and should i use a bosch oem replacement?

Preston -

Hey, as far as which O2 sensor to use, Bosch are great OEM parts. I've always used Bosch, they're perfect. No worries dude!

missionman51 -

Ok i'm givin serious thougth to getting an 02' wrx. After readin pretty much all of these posts, i've got one question.

from the sounds of it the tranny doesn't sound like its the greatest thing out there so i'd just like an answer of whether or not it's really that bad. Is it worth puttin in an upgraded tranny or what,
Anyone with some advice is appreciated.

Nick M -

Oh my god. Learn how to drive people. It's not that hard. Unless your driving an 18 wheeler you shouldn't be blowing trannies like your girlfriends give you blow jobs.

mike -

Nick M,

you obviously don't know the car or you drive like grandpa and shouldn't own a car that CAME WITH A MEMBERSHIP TO SCCA. I won't tell you what that is, because you obviously don't drive your car like a sports car.

yes: 2002-2003 WRX transmissions are made out of thin glass. they break all the time.

you can upgrade your gearset to a JDM RA spec, or do what i did. i bought a 2005 saab 9-2x tranny (same as buying a 2005 wrx tranny) and swapped it. they have RA width gears, but they aren't cryo treated like the actual RA spec box gears are.

subaru had a real problem on their hands with the warranty denials and such associated with the original trannies. do yourself a favor and upgrade...or drive like grandpa nick.

p.s. i was bone stock until 63K and had the transmission repaired multiple times. each time they refused to just do a swap with the new part number (late 03 and up) and ended up dealing with my ornery ass on the phone constantly to the tune of reimbursing me 7 months payments. if you're buying used, just upgrade your gears. the set costs 1500 and the labor is 800 at a subaru dealer. you can get the gears at gruppe-s (i think?).

mike -

and yes again: there are fuel rail issues. they drip fuel onto the block when the temp is under 50F. if you're lucky and buy a used one with this problem you can get the dealer to fix it free. it will take bugging your SOA rep and service writer/service manager, but there IS a TSB issued by subaru on this regarding the length of the fuel lines and rails. it happens on the "hot side" of the motor aka the turbo side or passenger side.

seriously if you are considering buying this car check out or or any number of forums online devoted to this very car.

it is a great, fun driving car if you are into that.

final note: i've upgraded to: an IHI VF34 turbo, STI-RA pink injectors, a walbro fuel pump, turbo inlet, intake, and turbo-back exhaust (borla hush, for maxium OEM look) and the car is a different beast'll beat just about anything short of a vette from a start and same on the highway... not condoning hw racing b/c it's stupid. but lots of vette and M3 drivers are always looking for a race making it hard to pass up.

just get your hands on the service history for a used one

paco -

and finally, I am mike, but posted my email name in case it helps people remember:

email me with any ?s about buying a used one. i went thru hell with mine (purchased in sept 2001 three days before 9/11) and have reached an equilibrium with it. it's a my2002 with 65K miles on it. i still own it and now love it.

all upgrades, including suspension and brakes, have been done since 62 and 63k. i've put about 4K into upgrades, but spent well over 12k fixing my tranny prior to that. subaru of america and i go way back and i know pretty much ALL the issues and recalls that they sometimes try to avoid. and yes, i WAS stupid for hanging onto the lemon i got.

drop me an email if you have a SERIOUS ? and are SERIOUS about buying one. - if you're not serious i'll just refer you to or or where you can find the info yourself.


slade -

i am thinking of purchasing a 2002 wrx sti limited with 70k miles, asking price is $14,995. anything i should worry about? like tranny probs of the 02-03 wrx? serious opinions and knowledge only please. thanks.

slade -

i am thinking of purchasing a 2002 wrx sti limited with 70k miles, asking price is $14,995. anything i should worry about? like tranny probs of the 02-03 wrx? serious opinions and knowledge only please. thanks.

DG -

Lots of misinformation in this thread (some good stuff in here too but so much BS), check out the FAQ's on for the good stuff. North American Subaru Owners Club.

G -

go to and for $80 you can reflash the stock ECU with a stage2 map from or Along with a nice exhaust (uppipe, downpipe and catback) you can get 230 wheel horsepower and torque (stock car is around 175 at the wheels). Put on some nice rubber from Toyo and 17" wheels, Koni strut inserts and prodrive or RCE springs, better rear sway bar and call it a day. The tranny is ok provided you dont powershift and crunch into second. Dont bother with intakes, BOV's etc etc as with the MAF fueling you will only cause issues. As the above posted said check out the FAQ's on NASIOC and enjoy the brilliant scooby.

Britt -

Hey subie owners i own a 2002 wrx wagon its my dream car and i absolutely love it but im starting to have a few problems and i was wondering if anyone elses subaru goes through oil. I've had it checked out before and it showed no problems so i dont know if its just the car or what?

steve bakatsas -

I have the pearl blue 2002 wrx wagon with the turbo. It is a good car and seems to be very a good quality car. It was my sister's car, but she passed away. It will take a late model Mustang GT. I was quite surprised. I imagine it can take most cars on the road. Don't let the innocent looks fool you! 227 bhp on a 3200 lb car? Top speed is way over 120 mph. Not sure how fast it will go.

dan jones -

hey, i got an 02 wrx with 73000 miles on it. mods include cold air intake, header, greddy profec boost controller at 15psi, bov, performance clutch and flywheel. i dont harp on excessively so i was quite surprised the other day when i was goin about 75 down the highway and it lost all boost and it sounded like an 88 honda with a bad exhuast leak and wasnt tossin out a check engine light. can any one point me in the right direction of what the problem could be, i have located an exhuast leak in the flexpipe off the header up pipe. thanx for your time and any help would be greatly appreciated.

lorrie lungstrom -

My sister's boyfriend wants to sell his '02 Subaru Impreza WRX 60,000. Any ideas where to list the car. Thanks

Vaughn -

Hello, I'm lookin into buying a 2002 Subaru WRX and I have heard a lot of different ratings on fuel consumption, the worst I have heard was 300km on a tank which to me is outrageous on a 4 cylinder. I was wondering if anyone had any other input they could share that are owners of this vehicle. :)

Peter Mason -

Ok i have a 02 WRX with 210,000 kms,still a great car,will change the timing belt soon,I find it awful hard on fog light bulbs and rear struts,and brakes,it also had a fuel leak ,around the intake,but my wife loves it and drives it about 120kms a day,only updates it has is a strut brace,kn air filter,

Marcus -

I have a 2002 WRX and it is a good car, but recently it has started making a squeeking sound when I go around turns. Anyone had this problem, is there an easy fix, or do I need to get it into the shop pronto?

trickywoo -

Hi I'm just wondering if anyone knows anything about the 2002 Subaru Wagon WRX recall that is going on. I recently received a post card in the mail, something about rear nuts to the struts not being properly tightened at the factory.

My question is, I'm planning on UN-lowering my car soon, putting stock springs back on. Should I take it to the dealer for those recall repairs BEFORE or AFTER i intall the OEM springs?

mytham -

hi gays i need your help ? can any one heir me ? please?
the problem beganing when i remove the tumple generator valve sensor i go 2 subaru garag and make my computer clear and i found 2 cood tumple genaratorvalve sensor 1 and the sam 2 ....and now my wrx make me crazy.. i feel no power in my fucken engine if any one can help me send 2 me at my email please ??

Kayla -


I don't know if you are still wondering about the fuel consumption of the WRX, but if you see this here's my take.

I drive an '02 WRX and get about 550Km to a full tank. That is mainly highway driving, cruising about 110Km/h. I also do a bit of driving in the city and that takes it down a bit.

I have also noticed that the way I drive affects my fuel mileage in a huge way. If you keep your revs low, it helps. If you are taking it up to redline every time you shift you'll see the mileage drop dramatically.

drigo -

Hey all just an update.. i got my 02 wrx wagon back in 05 with 29k miles on it and i remember posting up here like 3 yrs ago. i'm surprised this thread is still alive.

anyway my scoob has since put on a bunch of mods and many miles, currently have 115,000 and its running great i take care of it and has never let me down.and believe me i drive it pretty hard sometimes.

solid car well built and will continue to reccommend a subaru to anyone.!!

RyanAUS -

Thnan, this may be a bit late but Australia's maximum Octane is 98, Premium Unleaded. Not 89, not important but Australia has high performance cars that need the higher Octane, but we could be grading fuel differently.

Graboyes -

Just bought a 2002 wrx wagon 5spd with 57,000 mi. Completely factory except for the leather seats and the short throw shift upgrade. Paid $9k for it, which i'm happy about since the car is very clean and drives great. Considering potential mods, but don't want to mess with a good thing.

The downside to buying a car at this milage (57k) means the 60k maintenance is just around the corner. The local dealer here in New Orleans charges $850 for the service. I've called around to other dealers in the US and I haven't found anyone cheaper than $550 ($850 was the most expensive price). Curious to hear people's thoughts on how important the 60k service was to the longevity of their car, and what maintenance might not be necessary? The New Orleans dealer does replace items that other dealers do not such as: pcv valce, wiper blades, air conditioning belt, and alternator belt. Seems like they're probably swapping out perfectly good parts for no reason.

This is my second Subaru. The 02 wrx is replacing my 97 impreza sport wagon with 178,000 miles. The 97 is still running strong, never had a problem, and I would have driven it to the end if I hadn't fallen for the wrx. Hoping for the same luck with this car...

Anyway, just wanted to say that this thread was very helpful while researching the 02 wrx and reading all your positive comments may have ultimately pushed me to make the buy.


Doug -

i bought a 02 wrx in 2004 with 25k miles on it, put a couple upgrades on it including a blow off and exaust and as of date it has 116k on it and ive not ever had a problem with the tranny, you dont have to drive like grandpa you just need to kno not when to mash the hell out of the throttle i race quite frequently and have not a single problem

fan -

I'm just about to own this wagon that I really dream of with 92000 miles on it (used). I don't know much about Subaru WRX with turbo, if anyone out there has been around; please ,educate me about this WRX. How many HP, is it really easy to replaced parts?

nick -

Looking at buying an 02WRX 48000 mi this site is great thanks for all info all. The seller is asking 10995 for it. I feel like that is a little to high for the car I am considering offering him 8,500. Would you say that is fair? Any other things to look for when checking out these cars? Thanks feel free to email me if you have and info.

fan -

Finally own one 2002 wrx wagon silver ,very nice, for $ 7,300.00 in Tampa,FL with 92000 miles on it. I think it's really good deal for you. got problem with CEL ( Check engine light) with the code P0171. Replace MAF, fuel filter, air filter, and O2 sensor. Reset ECU myself by disconnect neg. cable on batt. Fix the problem right away. Cost me about 600 dollars for the whole thing. Happy about it. Hopfully this will educate someone that has the same problem.

BG -

Heated front seats on the '02 WRX? Dream on . . . .

Chris -

about to buy an 02 wrx with 162000 miles. Has the timing belt, water pump and all gaskets replaced last week. Will it be worth it or should I expect to drop 3000 just on repairs?

Rell -

Dealership has a 02 WRX Wagon, 121000miles,manual trans, and they want $7985 for it. What u guys think?

Jason in Denver -

I purchased an 02 WRX wagon in 2007 from a co-worker. He put 16k miles on the car and didn't have a problem. I buy it and within 18 months I had to rebuild the tranny, plus repair the driver window because it fell off its guides. I was very unhappy with the tranny and I have considered selling it and going with something else. However, when I drive it through the Glenwood Canyon in western Colorado I nearly ruin my shorts from the joy I get. The AWD is confidence-inspiring. The cornering limits are outrageous. Plus, the car is incredibly predictable and safe in the snow. The car may be too in control in the snow because I catch myself driving as if the roads were clear and dry. I love the AWD, I love the car's cornering ability, and I have averaged 25mpg over the life of the car. I would like better highway mileage but so be it.

Now, the negative comments. The stock clutch is sloppy, it could use more low-end torque and my brakes aren't as strong I would like. New brakes and rotors and they still don't have the bite that they should.

Through all of the early frustrations with the tranny and the windows (the pass. front window is askew now), I have narrowed my search for a replacement car down to the Golf TDI and WRX. However, I won't replace my car for another 2 years or so.

Impreza in Toronto -

I would go with the WRX since you seem to enjoy it so much... you probably won't have those issues with a new one!

1st Rate -

I have 04 Wrx from new, never broken down, now with 97,000 km. Tranny is fine it it smokes most things on the road!

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