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gerry -


A friend called me and asked me to get in touch with someone that might be able to solve a problem he has with his BR1180CD recorder.
he was in the middle of adding a track and he heard a buzzing noise come from his recorder and it stopped working. When he tries to access his information it says hard drive error.
What should he do? Can it be fixed?
Are his recorded songs lost or can they be retrieved. If so how can they be retrieved.

zipperhead -

Hmm. Start with backing everything up on CDR as Data. I do this after every session, as cheap insurance against just this kind of thing. Defragment the drive and then reload the data. If this will not work, your friend is pooched. It needs to go in to be serviced, prob. to replace the drive. Roland Canada has replaced the faulty drive in mine...twice! No charge. Mine said 'Drive Busy' Good people! Phone around and find a Roland dealer and they'll tell you where to ship it. A tip I would pass along to your friend is to not leave lots of old tunes on the drive, to work in the top quarter or so of capacity. A service guy told me that it reduces the workload on the drive mechanism. And data back up everything. Good Luck!

Bernie -

We have been using the BR-1180 to record our band but notice that when we record to the CD, the volume of the track(s) is really reduced - anyone any ideas please as to how we can keep the level of volume up. Thanks

mike -

i'll probablly check this responce by email...
i've had this product for several years, and i havent been able to use it for most of that time. Everytime i turn it on, it reads "now loading" and never completes. Eventually you have to pull the plug out of the wall to turn it off. It never loads, and i was wonering what might have happened. I've looked at the hard drive on my other computer, and it seems to be fine..
so if anyone can help me, i would appreciate it..
you can respond to my email..thanks again

Mike GS -

One small problem,
My BR 1180 works great however when I use dual mics in dual recording mode during playback is always mono. When I play a pre recorded disc I hear sterio. Any help would be greatly appriecated. Mike

Fuzzt warmy -

I have been using the br1180 for about 6 months now. It's pretty cool. As far a noise is concerned, try recording with no effects, just gain, I've found that the FX sometimes compress sound too much (especially air crud), and make sure the mic and room are decent and that the source is close to the mic. As far as mono recordings, again try no FX and then pan the recorded stereo track to check results. make sure the mics aren't picking up the same source and it really is stereo. These are just tips that worked for me, I find the unit is cool, It just picks up a lot when recording so I found I have to be easy on it. oh, and some mastering kits really change the sound (higher, lower) so play around with it.

Good luck :)

Eddy B -

Basically to make the sound of the tracks louder on cd you need to make sure that you have mastered the songs and that when you select the songs to be burnt the right v tracks for 9 and 10 are selected. Also make sure the sound levels on the screen go up as high as you can make them. This may cause distortion in your headphones but it only comes out distorted on cd if the sound levels go above the top of the screen. As a guidline the "12" on the screen should be a minimum for sound levels.

dev -

i am trying to record the built in drums onto a track but no matter what i do it will not record. am i doing something wrong



Jerry -

I would like to purchase just the cd burner to install in a BR1180. It has the controls for the burner, just no burner was installed. Any ideas where I can buy one? Been having trouble finding one or just looking in all the wrong places. Thanks so much.

Jeremy -

I can't get my CD burner to record songs and a decent level. I tried mastering the songs as well as bouncing tracks to 9/10 at really high levels. I've doubled and trippled tracks then pan them in different direction all in sterio, and then bounced them to 9/10 at high volume levels then mastered them, then burned them to a CD, still the volume comes out really low and the overall effect is just weak. I'm ready to throw my 1180 out the window. Any suggestions?

Dan -

I bought a br-1180 about 1 year ago. It has already burned out two hard drives. I'm replacing it myself now and can't figure out why it won't work. Do I need something else besides a new hard drive? Do I need some sort of soft ware to load or what? When it's working it's the best recorder I've ever used. WHEN it's working. Help please.


tom minardo -

I've owned the BR1180CD for about a year, and I am very satisfied with it. My only issue is that the owners manual sucks. I can't figure out how to correctly use the rhythm tracks. I start all of my recordings (approx) 32 seconds after the start so that the drums go thru their different intros and breaks. After 32 seconds, it just is the straight drum track. Can anyone answer a few questions for me? Feeling stooopid

Barry Randall -

I've just rented br1180 for my singer songwriter daughter and me to's great! We're just starting to burn cds etc....but with no manual it's a little hit and miss...trial by error. We just lost several tracks by agreeing to "save". Must have gone back to an earlier version of the song. Does anyone know of an online manual or another source?

mcintosh -

br1180 works great, but when trying to burn certain recordings to cd it gives a "not enough data" error. You can listen to the songs but can't burn them.

John Denton -

I've had a BR 1180 for two years or so. No problems until today when a powered mixing desk (Carlsbro 12 track) was hooked up to its input in an attempt to input more than one mike. The 1180 now appears to have died. Switching it on gives a very brief flicker of lights and then zilch. My first thought on being told of this was that the preamp might have blown, but then I would have expected some functions (such as the CD eject button) to still function. Is this likely to be a blown power supply or are there easily replaceable fuses which might have blown? Help please.

John Denton

ryder -

if you get a "not enough data" error it means you're burning the wrong track in your song... you need to bounce your track to a stereo track, then select this stereo track to burn. so, when you pick the song to burn, scroll to the right so you can pick if it's 9/10-2 (that's track 9/10, vtrack 2)... if you've got one selected with no data on it, you'll get the error you got.
hope that helps. i've rented these machines twice and had the hard drives crash on both. also, the preamps burned out as well. they're extremely functional, BUT NOT RELIABLE! i would never buy one.

Mark Healey -

Hey there,

How much does such a gadget cost these days? There is local store that sells it - retails for approx $799.00 CDN ( with CD burner ) and $499.99 CDN without the burner.


Steve W -

I'm having a problem recording in stereo. When I do run the left and right record simul the actual sound of each is thinner and not as good as recording with just the one but of course it is mono. Ay suggestions?

Jamie -

I am trying to help my father record all of his songs at the moment and he has purchased this machine for this purpose. We can record the songs no problem but no matter what I try the different instruments are at different levels. I cannot understand and any help would be greatly appreciated.



charlie -

hello im trying to backup my hard drive i have no manual and nothing is working. A few times it says HDD full other times it just asks for a certain number cd...also i only have like 4 hrs left for there any place online i can buy a manual that can help does anyone know...and one more thing my drive has used up like 19000bytes how do i get it back to i have to buy another drive or do something like initialize...someone help please......

Angel C -

Well I really have enjoyed my studio recorder,up until today. I turned it on and tried to go record a new song.I went to new song and it went to save song. I selected yes. Then I watched it just stayed on the loading screen not loading. I try to erase songs and it just stayed at the erase song ___screen. Please help it was working fine last night

James -

Do I need to have the cd burner for the BR-1180 or is there a way to simply download everything onto my computer and burn from there? Is there a way to do it with the digital line out perhaps? I really dont want to have to shell out $$$ for a burner :(

Zerry -

I have a BR 1180 and it's givin me a message when I turn it on that says. "NOW CHECKING......"
And it just stays there forever........Is this a hard drive gone bad? Or is there a way to initialize it or something......the data on it is not really unsalvagable....thanks ahead of time

Chris -

Three Problems, Help!:
Problem #1: I've had some problems optimizing certain songs. Some songs optimize perfectly and others freeze up when optimizing.
Problem #2: When doing some voice-overs last night one track wouldn't allow me to change effects.
Problem #3: Sometimes when "punching in & out" retakes I get an error message that says "Drive Busy" and it doesn't work. I usually just hit "stop" just a split second before the punch out mark to beat the error message from coming on and it works.
I'm open to all comments/suggestions?

Steve -

Response re: "Optimizing" Some songs take a long time if you've done a lot of work as the Br through the undo redo features store all previous info. So when you optimize it gets rid of everthing except your last recordings.

My Problem

I find that using the 2 inputs in simul mode just to do a stereo recording (IE: Recording guitar amp with 2 mikes) yields less than satisfactory results. (Weaker thinner sound) Any solutions?

Christina -

Anyways, my stupid BR1180 is coming out with really low volume too. The more I master a track, the more it comes out low. Its rediculous. I even am friends with all the Roland Reps and know them all. I hate this stupid thing, for almost a thousand dollars all you really get is a soundboard. Anyone have any ideas on how to make the volume louder? PLEASE RESPOND! I am in definate need.

Hannah -

How much does it cost for a new hard drive for this thing
mines is having problems

Spencer Matthews -

Got a recording session comin up on sat dec. 9 2006 got a big name comin in. Thing is I dropped my br1180 now it wont even turn on past the first menu. Hard drive sounds like its runnin but just not loadin. Any suggestions on what to do.


JD -

When i turn mine on it says NOW CHECKING... , and it just freezes there. Ive tried unplugging it and everything, seeing that it wont turn off itself.

Anyone know how i can get it to work???, Ive already sent it to roland once with some other problem i had, now this.

Roy -


I'm having problems turning the cosm effects button on and off!! Anyone else got this happening and any idea how to fix it?


Rudy -

My BR 1180 won't finish loading and must be unplugged to turn it off. All songs are irretrievable. Hey Roland people, where's the recall man? These things aren't cheap ya know!

ted -

alot of people have asked about the volume being too low at playback after they bounce downn and master their songs. I had this problem at first, but all you have to do is make sure that 1. your track faders are at least in the black areas (depending on how you want your mix) and 2. make sure the master volume level is in the black area while you're bouncing down or mastering. You can even go higher. Watch the screen too. The bars for each track, and the bars for 9/10 and the bars for L/R (master volume) should be as close to the top of the screen as you can get. If it's too loud in your headphones, just reach behind the unit and lower the volume for the headphones (it won't effect the volume of your mix) You shouldn't mix a song with headphones anyways.

Ross -

The br 1180 does have it's problems, i've had it now for about 4 years and besides the common freezing problem for what it is, i think it's great.To avoid loosing your precious data always save songs through out recording, this way if it freezes your data is still there, and as always recommened if you've got the burner back them up just in case. As mentioned above theres a few things to watch if you want a full good sound. For recording with gtr's check the sens levels/input levels on the mixer, also check the volume on your gtr. When playing/recording the input and sens levels should only light up in the louder parts of the song and should not stay on.Also as mentioned above have your master track in the black, and your 9/10 bouncing track in the black. When using the rhythm/loop track keep that in the black to. Try and keep your levels above 12 but below 4 for each individual track, togeather they will go higher, but indivdually keep em to those levels.With recording in stereo also be aware that there is a doubling function so on tracks you way want to double the gtr rather than record two tracks and pan l to r, i use both depending if i need the tracks.

David Cardenas -

hey i had the same problem as john denton did. my band was recording an acoustic demo when all of a sudden it shut off and would only flicker when we would try to turn it back on if anyone has some info we would really appreciate it. we really need those songs!!!!

Andi C -

My burner on my Br-1180CD died barely a year after buying it and with hardly any use.
I've had it now for nearly four years and have had to use other methods to get my tunes out i.e. playing my tunes through the headphones jack onto software installed on my PC's sound card. However, the results are often patchy and with minor hiss or buzz that in my book ruins the whole thing. Of late I have recorded more music and am desperate to be able to get these tunes into mp3 format...
For some reason there seems to be no replacement burners, at least in the UK and when hearing stories of guys having their drives replaced more than twice doesn't fill me with confidence even if I could get a replacement drive.
I was recently advised to buy the Boss Micro Br which comes with USB and converts data into mp3/wav.files, but at £160 ($300) it seems rather pricey and still it may not be perfect.
So, part of me is thinking of getting the one of the newer boss recording studios with the 16-tracks and the USB input and just accept that although I can stil record on my current studio that I may as well bite the bullit and upgrade.

Kim Sinclair -

Why does my br1180 make a clicking noise on while the hd access light is blinking. I can't transfer music to my computer with out the noise!


Michael -
Has Many updates for the br-1180cd and also have A updated downloadable manual. I would call them if you needed a new one they have very very very good costumer service as I had no manual and no power plug and they sent them to me for freeeeee. Just the right price ive had mine for about a year and a half and have had no problems yet just the low recording thing which was explained above that im going to try if that doesnt work use your mic input on your computer and download audicity its free and youll get exactly what you need to take it and change it to mp3 format and bam use your comp to burn it. Hope this helped some of you.

Michael -

oh and they sent me a free manual as well call them whats the worst that could happen they could say no

Joost -

Wanted to also post regarding the "Now Checking" error.
I opened it up and noticed it has a Maxtor 541 DX 20GB hard drive (5,400 RPM)
Can i just buy another and insert, or will it need to be formatted in accordance with a Roland/Boss BIOS?


Joost -

I finally figured out the "Now Checking" Hangup issue.
DO NOT SEND YOUR UNIT TO BOSS, the fix costs $25 if you do it yourself it may even cost nothing.
Remove the backplate of the unit.
Remove the hard drive.
Throw hard drive away.
Replace with any hard drive that is freshly formatted.
The unit that ships standard on these is a Maxtor 20Gig 5,400RPM.
I had a spare Western Digital 20gig 7,200RPM.
I switched the jumper for it to read slave.
Opened up my home computer and attached the 20gig drive to the ribbon between the motherboard and the main hard drive.
When you turn your computer on, it will recognize the new HD.
Go to Control Panel>Admin tools>computer management>disk management
You will see your 20 gig drive, right click on it and select format (BE SURE TO SELECT THE HD YOU INTEND TO PUT INTO THE BR-1180!!!!!)
Once this is complete, turn off computer, disconnect the drive from the data ribbon.
Reset the jumper so that it is set to master (may need to be set to 'single' in some cases)
Remove mounting brackets from the bad drive and screw onto new drive.
Connect the drive to the power supply and data ribbon in BR 1180.
Screw drive into place.
Replace back cover of unit.
When you start up the BR-1180 it will say something like "this is a new drive, initialize now?" you click 'yes' and you are back in business.

This advice is free, if you have boss-authorized dealer fix it, it will cost you $200 or whatever the UK/Euro equivalent is.

Rich W -

I had the same problem as john denton and david i only get a flicker when i try to turn it on. can anyone offer any suggestions?!?

Stephen Willis -

I have had my Br-11180cd for 4 years now and cannot figure out how to record the rhytmn track to a regular track. I can access the drum patterns and arrangements but have no idea how to actually take a recorded pattern or arrangement and have it record to one of the tracks. All I hear is drums playing. I can set up different arrangements, but how do I actually record the sound of drums into my song? I have read the owner's manual, downloaded the Rhytm guide and I still can't figure it out. Please, someones knowledge would be greatly appreciated? My email address is

kresna ekalaya -

HELP!!i have boss br1180,but currently there is a suddent message hdd error,first happend the drive was busy then pop up the hdd error, cant even open my recording or record anything,this is my important recording of my life! ive been putting things all years in this track, is there anyway not lost the data or get the backup from the hard drive other than initialize it and lost all my data,havent got the chance burn to cd., please i really need help please..cheers

skip -

I've had the br1180cd now bout 4 years, and after a few months of inactivity now the burner will not burn cd's.
It still goes through most of the normal processes(except the orange light doesn't flash), it appears to burn, and finalize the disc, but when i take the disc out and check it on any player or computer it's empty???
Now i assume it may be dead, but with the replacement possibly costing $700 installed, i am wondering if any genius out there has managed to get MASTERED songs of the unit and onto cd without using the internal burner.There must be an easy way to get your finished songs out of this thing?????
My brother has another unit and i was wondering if 2 br1180's can be hooked up together and the data transfered from one to the other(so i can get these finished tracks on disc). Anyone who can help, please do, roland was quick to reply to my enquiry about a replacement burner, but when i asked how to get the music of this unit, they did not respond, considering i payed $1700 you think they'd help a customer out!!!!!!

Cherokee_Brown -

I have a Boss BR1180CDR and it freezes when Optimizing and Saving. What can I do to fix this? Any help would be appreciated.

Benny -

PLEASE HELP.... I have erased all my songs on my Boss BR 1180CD because I have put it up for sale. However I now keep getting "HDD Read Error" every time I try to select a new song. It appears to record data but as I cannot call up or create a new "Song" it doesn't want to play!


Maclean -

If I get a HD error message can I replace the drive with another? If so which HD is the best replacement>

Miro -

I recently bouthg BR-1180 through ebay, wonder where could I get optional CR/RW drive for this unit.
Also, I was wonder what are the other way of uplodaing pre-recorded music to BR 1180 and if there is a way of transfering recorded data to computer other then using build in CR/RW drive.

Any information would be appreciated.



Barry -

When I try to burn to cd a message: Finalized Disc error comes up. The disc is a recordable CD-R Memorex. I'm sure these have been recorder on before. Any ideas what the problem might be....anyone?

Thanks Barry

ren schofield -

having the same problems as john denton and david cardenas and rich w...
yesterday i listened to 3 stored songs and burnt one cd, today just a flicker and nothing else??
please hit me with any info you have ijustlivehere at yahoo dot com
help would be greatly appreciated.

ren schofield -

having the same problems as john denton and david cardenas and rich w...
yesterday i listened to 3 stored songs and burnt one cd, today just a flicker and nothing else??
please hit me with any info you have ijustlivehere at yahoo dot com
help would be greatly appreciated.

Rachel -

Im having the same problem described above by mike, but cant seem to find any replies.
My BR1180CD has always worked perfectly until today. I turned it on, start up was normal, and tried to select a new song. The machine got stuck on the now loading...I waited a while then turned off the power.
Now when I turn it on, the machine gets stuck on now loading in the startup phase so I cant re-format the hard drive or do anything because the machine is stuck on 'now loading'

Any ideas?

Rachel -

in case you have a suggestion, email me at rgre6915 at dot au

J W -

I've had one for 7 years , payed big bucks twice for a new hard, and they charge be 140 bucks extra to download the samples. I asked them not to but they held the recorder hostage till I paid. This item is now a paper weight, I affraid to use it. I'll go back to Yamaha before boss , roland or what ever they are going by now. good luck.

paula millar -

plz some one help me ......i got a micro br 4 xmas ..its one of those wee ones wiv da 4 tracks on it ....i tried putin mi songs n mi computer but they wont go on n i just dnt ave a clue ..........if ani one knowzz wat 2 do plz rite 2 my email thank you !!!!!!! xxx

paula millar -

i got a micro br 4 xmas n need 2 know how da f**k ya put them n wiv out deleting da songs its one of dem we micro br systems wiv 4 tracks plz help me..i need help 2 install mi songss...get back 2 me if ya no wa 2 do n mi email address thank you :)

Aslam -

My boss Br1180 is freezing when it starts up saying 'now loading' , but it stays there. please help! ASAP Thanks. my e-mail is

Bryan -

I've had a lot of fun with my BR-1180. From laying down bass tracks just to jam or recording a cd for friends. I picked up a guitar synthesizer off of ebay and am looking foward to making more music. The one problem I've had with it lately is that the drums cd I looped, the drum tracks came out distorted. Any suggestions, thanks Bry

A. Arguelles -

After many years I am finally having Major Issues with my BOSS BR1180CD. I guess I have been lucky. I surmise that as the hard drive gets full, issues begin to appear.
My problems begin to occur during the Mixdown and Mastering processes. Erratic volume levels, Lost parts of songs or mixes, etc..
I have to say that I am dissapaointed due to the fact that I have the greater part of my work created on this machine and it is unstable at this point. I pray that I can at least recover my works from my backups.

Frustrated in Miami

A. Arguelles -

A. Arguelles [3:56 AM June 5, 2008]
After many years I am finally having Major Issues with my BOSS BR1180CD. I guess I have been lucky. I surmise that as the hard drive gets full, issues begin to appear.
My problems begin to occur during the Mixdown and Mastering processes. Erratic volume levels, Lost parts of songs or mixes, etc..
I have to say that I am dissapaointed due to the fact that I have the greater part of my work created on this machine and it is unstable at this point. I pray that I can at least recover my works from my backups.
Frustrated in Miami

A. Arguelles -

After many years I am finally having Major Issues with my BOSS BR1180CD. I guess I have been lucky. I surmise that as the hard drive gets full, issues begin to appear.
My problems begin to occur during the Mixdown and Mastering processes. Erratic volume levels, Lost parts of songs or mixes, etc..
I have to say that I am dissapaointed due to the fact that I have the greater part of my work created on this machine and it is unstable at this point. I pray that I can at least recover my works from my backups.

Frustrated in Miami

A. Arguelles -

Anyone have any workarounds please email me at
Thanks and God Bless.

PJ Perretta -

Hello BR-1180 users!

This is for anyone experiencing the "Now Checking" or "HDD Read Error." If you would like to replace or upgrade your BR-1180 hard drive please visit my "Repair Guide" article.

Hope this helps!

emily jane gibson emzart -

wow- this machine i adore, been at since 2005, while others still in the prospects of huge recording studio costs, i leaped over everything, desired to master this one work. if recording is all that we have left, i love the sound and depth of this work. and ability to play a symphony, spare the slave labour or cause its awfully fun, the clutziness of it all. it sits in the smallest of kitchens 5 ' wide, my art paintings studio, the rest, a bed, a drafting table. i love listening to my cds, and very new works, plus i sing well, do all my own backups harmonies. only few problems the cd write error. during winter it were ok. says something about older discs, yet i found a variation here. out of 8 cases, 2 wouldn't write. the maxwell the fiji, the singles. recent ones don't work. iusually find a solution. need to know if the digital outlet at back connects or can to a cdplayer recorder. just play and import - write then. ill look up your article. merci. what a heroes and heroine team! Hey, last song. Did you know that the unity of all living things is water based. grass hair - somewhat but skin for sure. i note difference in senior dad, more water. It would make sense, for the unity of all growth rules. nature is fairly simple. water, sun, food - nutrients. slowly changing to vegetarian - had its hungry moments, but i found even with smoking - which is veggie based - a radical cleaner feeling. no more greese and the smell with it. bit acidy feeling, tobasco, i mean id be dead at 14 years old these wild west envy packages.

ed -

I am helping a friend of mine record on her equipment but she does not have the electric plug in to the unit. do you know how I can obtain one locally? Haverhill Massachusetts

Dean -

I am a dj and would like to know if the boss br 1180 would be good to make cd demos? I just have 2 cd players to hook up and headphones with a mic. I jump back and forth from one cd player to the other , play music and do some intros , otros , news and weather.

steve -

I am wondering if anyone knows why I can hear a clicking sound when the HD Access button is blinking. It only occurs when I am actually recording. I appreciate any help

ronald wilkins -

to dev press bounces and record Select the track u want to record on and record

ronald wilkins -

Someone Sad the lite flicks on and off Buy a power Cord

Pais -

I down loaded a drum loop cd to a zip folder tried to burn it to a cd and import it to my br1180 to add to my rhthym loops. The 1180 displays the folders but gives an " no data or insuficient data " display when I try to sample any of the files. What do I need to do different.

andrew -

I own a boss br-1180 digital rec studio and have no idea where to find a free manual? Any ideas????

greg -

manuals at

Isaiah Torres -

Hey, My BR-1180 Works Great, But Theres One Thing I Cant Figure Out, After Im Done Recording A Song, I Go To Write It On A CD And It Keeps Say "CD Write Error" It Says That To Every Blank CD I Put In, Do Anyone Know Why? Can Anyone Guide My On How To Write A Song Onto A CD? Please. You Can Email Me At,

peter osborne -

if any one wants a manual, i have it on my files,i can send to your email addy.its for the br1180cd.

mike d -

wtf! ive burned so many cds off of this and now i burn one it does all the steps. right after it asks your writing speed it starts writing the disk but then it doesnt do anything after that? the miti light doesnt flash thats its burning so i exit out and i click ok then it says checking then freezes!q! whats wrong with this damn thing/ can anyone explain please!/??

roy lindsay -

hi , my br 1180 , stopped , i relpaced harddrive , an still problem ,, when i power on , i see a quick flash an then nuthuing , do you have suggestion ?? or i would like to buy a unit used to put my hard drive into , thanks roy

Bob Nacho -

I have the now checking error at start up put new seagate 40 GB HDD in replace of it with FAT32 format still have same problem

Roy -

Hey, My BR-1180 Works Great, But Theres One Thing I Cant Figure Out, After Im Done Recording A Song, I Go To Write It On A CD And It Keeps Say "CD Write Error" It Says That To Every Blank CD I Put In, Do Anyone Know Why? Is it just the cds? Thanks, roy

Larry -

We've had the freezing issue but this time we powered it up and all the songs we recorded and saved during this practice session was gone! I took out the hard drive and could see files on the drive. Does anyone know what is on the Archive file on the hard drive? Thanks

Kg -

I have recorded something very important on the bounce track 9/10 when I bounce it ofcourse it's gone,I realized that when I used this track, so my question is how do I keep what I ve recorded on track 9/10 in the mix/ how do it save it? Is there a way ? Can I copy what's on 9/10 and bring it to track 8 some how / if so there is vocals on track 8 it want to put what's on 9/10 after what's on track 8 / will this delete everything on track 8 ? I hope this wasn't confusing

steve barrett -

HI my br has been playing up recently. It wont't turn on and just flickers then it will start evemntuall but screen flickers and says hd error. Can anyone help me also Peter Osbourn could you email me a manual cheers please send to please send answers back to this email address as well. Thanks Steve

Nobbie -

Trying to update software via CDR to version 2.01. Downloaded and unzipped files to the PC fine, then burned to CDR disk. On going through the update procedure on the BR1180CD keep getting 'Wrong Disc' error showing. I have tried this on 3 new discs now, each of different manufacturer. Any ideas what's causing this and how to remedy? Thanks.

don riker -

My br1180 freezes up during playback and recording. It just stops with a high pitched squeel, everything frozen. Nothing works, even power off. I have to unplug it and I lose everything.

Maria Rey -

I am trying to find out if the burner on this can be swapped or replaced? And if so, where can it be purchased

tyrell -

my br1180 screen lights up but display iz blank dose n e 1
kno wat this cud b about
n if so wat must i do

john reese -

I am trying to find out if the burner on this can be swapped or replaced? And if so, where can it be purchased

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