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nathan -

Your claim that the cord was to short to reach from desk to ear is contradicted by the photo. Although the cord length is irrelevant when compared to the many other horrors.

Steven Garrity -

The cord becomes significantly longer after swinging around the fax machine on it for a few minutes.

JP -

Why not use eFax? (If you do, please write a review of it—I'm curious to hear how it works!)

Johnny Rukavina -

I think you're holding back and being too subtle.... why don't you tell us how you *really* feel about the fax machine?

waylman -

Those pics bring back some fond memories. A few years back I used to work in an electronics store. Whenever defective products were returned we were supposed to destroy them so unscrupulous people could not dig them out of the dumpster and return them again. On occasion, the mantienance guys for the building would bring in some parts they had found on the roof. Phones always were fun to twirl by the cord, but when they slipped the results were unpredictable.

Btw, thanks for including unfavoarable reviews as well. That only makes the favorable ones more trustworth. We know you don't just say you like everything.

C.Iqbal.H -

I need badly circuit diagram of Brother IntelliFAX 770 Fax Machine if possible please help me

C.Iqbal.H -

Only the power supply circuit

Rob -

I think you can almost see the power supply curcuit here.

majida -

Hi ,
I lost the catalog for my Brother intellifax 770.
So i need to know how to program it manual if you can help me ?

Thank you

Faye Thomas -

I have also lost my manual and do not know how to program in the header with a different name/phone number than was originally programmed in.

Nor do I know how to request a confirmation sheet for faxes sent from me -- outgoing only. Please email any information you find helpful to me.

Thank you!

Wayne McDonald -

My fax machine says memory full. How do I clear it out?

nathan -

Wayne: Simply follow this step-by-step guide in pictures and the memory will be cleared.

Linda Davis -

Hi, I lost the manual to my Brother Intellifax 770, I need to know if you can hook an answering machine to and how do I do that?

Thank You

Judi -

Hi. I need a Brother Intellifax 770 manual please. I made the mistake of buying a used one (no refunds) and I'm stuck. Can anyone provide me with a manual please? Thanks very much.
(a copy would be fine)

frances gumm -

hi i need a brothers intellifax 770 manual trying to reprogram and i am stuck
thank you

frances gumm -

went to google and found a manual for brother
intellifax 770 at free in electronics

Rainbowkt -

I also got suckered into this sorry fax machine and now I have lost the mnaual and can't do a darn thing with it! I love the pics of destruction...I may be joining in that ritual soon!

f'ingstupidfax770 -

My piece of stool intellifax 770 must die!!! I have nothing but problems with it- always have. My problem is that the call goes thru, you hear the fax on the other line, but it never initiates the sending of your document. So what I do is the fax-version of ring-and-run.

Kimberly Gabbard -

I need a copy of the manual also, can someone please help?


Laura Lane -

I need to know how I can leave my fax machine on a all times and in what mode it should be in so that my phone line will not be blocked. I have one phone line and a ringmaster number. Please advise me. I was told there should be a way to set the fax to receive on a certain ring.


Jean B Cayo -


I don't have any CD.I would like to know also, how to instal my " Brother IntelliFax 770 ";
and which web site I would get some instructions to it.
Thank you for your help.

carmella -


bright -

i love to be there i from, nigeria

Don Logan -

Where can I get the operating Manual for the Brother 770 Intellifax? HELP

hey you with the pictures -

i think you suck.

Amy -

I need to get the instructions on how to program the 770 to pick up on multi-ring/disctinctive ring tone only. Can't find an online manual. Please help!

masroor haider -

respected sir
i have lost the manual of brother intellifax 770 so please send me

Doug -

It appears that I am not the first person looking for a manual for their Brother Intellifax 770. If you have a good source, please let me know. Thank you.

flapjackwaffle -

Found a download of the 770 manual up north...Canada

It is a pdf file for adobe

other models' manuals at
French versions also available at

TOmi Pratt -

I have a Brother Intellifax 1820C,
It says : unplug machine & call Brother. I have no phone # for Brother.

Machine Error 41. Please let me know asap. I am a business & need my machine operating asap. Tpratt

M Z -

Where can I get the operating Manual for the Brother 770 Intellifax? HELP

M Z -

How can I Use the Brother 770 intellifax as a printr and connect with my PC?

Medo -

How can I Use the Brother 770 intellifax as a printr and connect with my PC?

770 lover -

who ever made this page is such a loser! i have owned my 770 for over 6 years, working flawlessly, i don't even know how i found this page

Scott -

I've had this fax for a few years and have had NO trouble with it. Read the manual (for those who have one)closely and no problem.

Medo: I've used mine as a printer. I print to the fax driver and when it dials, the fax picks up and prints.

julia price -

will you please send me an owner's manuel? i need to program the fax machine and learn how to care for it properly.the machine is a brother intellifax 770. thank you. julia m. price. e-mail-


I am also looking for a manuel to set up my Fax Machine.

Bonnie -

need manuel for my intellfax 770 machine. Anyone out there knows where to get one?

Brother Customer Service -

If your Brother Multi-Function Center is displaying Machine Error 41, please contact Brother Customer Service at (800) 284-4329, and we will be more than happy to assist you. Our Customer Service Center is open Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 8:45pm Eastern Standard Time, excluding holidays. Please have your proof of purchase and serial number ready when calling, as this will make it easier for us to help you in a timely fashion.

Steve Laskey -

Having one heck of a problem with printing of faxes on Intellifax 770. Have cleaned with alcohol everywhere visible. Print is barely there, if at all. Tried 2 different cartridges. (Nu-Kote Brother PC-302RF.) Same thing. Can anyone give me a hint please?

jerry -

I am a service technician who has worked on some Brother products, including all-in-one,fax machines,LCD printers HL1240/1260,
HL1440,etc. I have found all their products to be poorly designed and cheaply made. Would not recommend any product to anyone.

Hokuspocus -

The Owners Manual for the Intelifax-770 can be found at....

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.

A. Pfeiffer -

I am also in need of a intellifax 770 manuel. Please advise if you can help Thanks

Diane Wright -

Saranac United Methodist Church purchased a Brother Fax machine last year for their office. When the previous pastor moved out it was misplaced. The current pastor would like to use the fax but is unable to get it to work. Would it be possible to get a new manual or at the least a copy of one. The model is IntelliFax 775.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

Diane Wright

Catherine Dienes -

I have the same problem except I need an operation manual for the 775, can I pull these directions off on line? I do not know how to operate this phone fax. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Francisco Rivera -

Ipurchased a Brother Intellifax 775, I have lost the manual, please let me know how can I get one or copy would be fine thank you.

JimmyJimJim -

Brother Intellifax 775 Manual can be found at

eugene mann -

I need manuel for brothers intellie fax 775. Tried to pull it up from your respone to Jimmy but wouldn't display web page. HELP

Jacki -

Hello, Just a quick note, I ran across this site trying to find a site to get the maunuel for my Brother Intellifax 770, I found one and just thought I would share,the other sites mentioned to obtain manuels did not work for me:
FAX/DCP/MFC Manuel Then that will be an option, click on it and then just click on fax 770 and the manuel will come up and you can print it, its a little over 80 pages. Or just go to the page you need. Have fun. Jacki Hope it works for you, it did for me, I printed it.

John Green -

Why does everyone lose their manuals? Strangely, I went to look for mine and it's gone! I suspect some of you guys ;)

Seriously, folks, it's true that I can't find mine. And I tried Smann's website, but got only that annoying Marsfind.

What I'm trying to do is turn the machine off--but leave the phone on--so it won't get a bunch of junk faxes that just waste ribbon space--faxes pushing stocks, vacations, etc.

bob rogers -

I need an Intellifax 770 manual or hookup info to a phone/answering machine. As things stand now I have to run and answer the phone within 3 rings or the answering machine takes over. Or can you tell me how to make the answering machine hold off until the phone has rung 5 or 6 times ???

Daniel -

This is the manual, someone else posted it a long time ago guys. Just paste the link in your browser and once it opens, save it.

I was able to reprogram my 770 using this manual.

Terry -

Can anyone help me get/find a manual for the "Brother 770 Intellifax"? Or, easier, please answer this question: Do you have to set the fax machine back to phone after using the fax? Or does it automatically detect which it is? Yes I admit it, I'm fax challanged.. :o) .

patti -

i'm trying to download a manual for a brother intellifax #1170. seems they have all other numbers but this one. can you help me on this.
thanks, appreciate it.

randi -

o.k. so it seems we have a split in opinions and some quite humorous, however I wouldnt even beable to begin to give mine cause I csnt even find a software download! bought at a yardsale of course for $7.00 and if all i ever get from it wasall your testimonials than im cool worth the 7 bucks, so anyone out there knowledgeable as to were to find the software? At the brother site i didnt see any for a 770, is there some other one i was to download. help.........H......E.....L......P...!

denys murray -

Please help me! I have lost my manual for my Brothers intellifak 770 fax machine. Can you please send me one by email? Or, mail to Denys murray, C/O Rycom CCI, 226 Britannia RD East, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, L4Z 1S6.
Thank you.

Al -

Judging by the state of the parking lot surface, it looks like this method of trashing items has been used many times before!! Btw, did you consider advertising the parts on eBay?


por favor ayudeme con el manual del FAX de la marcar brother intellifax 770
que al comprar me enviaron otros que no es el mismo
Ademas tengo problemas al colocar el papel necesito instrucciones
referente a lo mencionado

LT -

Does anyone actually READ the damn posts? There are about five different links to the Brother Intellifax 770 Manual up there. Try READING before you post something retarded. AGAIN.



H. Laaly -

I own a Brother IntelliFax 780 MC printer and have nisplaced my manual. Can you please let me know how I set the time? (Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute, AM/PM.
You may fax me that page of the manual to me at:

Tel. / Fax 1-310-559-6090 Thank you in advance!

Pat Stull -

I need a manual for my Brother IntelliFax 770. Please help me. Thanks

Carlton Bellas -

I just got a used Brother intelli-770,I paid a good price for it.I need to have it service.Did I make a good buy?

Joyce Stover -

I too need the infamous manual for the Intellifax 770. Inherited with a business we bought and I don't know how to use it.

Nancy Mohrmann -

I have a Brother Intellifax 770 for six years now and don't understand what your'e talking about. It's given me only minor problems. I had problems setting up it when I got it, called Customer support and they were wonderful, very kind, patient and the thing up and running. More recently, there was a dark line on my print-outs, when I called I was almost expecting them to tell em to get a new one because "it's old" -- the standard answer nowadays. The technician walked me throught the fix in very simple, non-gobbledygook terms.

Diana Morgan -

Everyone: Brother has a Web site, pretty simple to get to: or

Go to the web site, look up the model number, you can download drivers or the manuals for most any machine that brother carries - new or old. If you can't find a reference for the model to the machine that you own, look on ebay. If you still can't find any information call customer service at Brother Customer Service at (800) 284-4329.Customer Service Center is open Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 8:45pm Eastern Standard Time, excluding holidays.

I own two Brother machines A MFC 695 and a MFC 1770, both still work well. However I preferred having a flatbet scanner and switched to a Xerox machine. I purchased all of my machines on Ebay and haven't had a bit of trouble with any of them,

Brother 2820 broadcast help -

I need to be able to broadcast using the brother 2820 fax - I have managed to create quick dial numbers as they print out on the report - but I seem to be unable to broadcast to them using the instructions in the manual - it says "press the quick dial key # and the bloody middle blue button as many times as you need to select all the quick dials you need - then to broadcast to all of your selection press start" I have done this and am about to be fired for not being able to do it in the next 2 hours - if anyone can help - please let me know.....thanx

Ken Boorman -


Daniel -

Thank for the info on the 770 manual

Erin -

I have a Brother Intellifax 770. I can't find my manual anywhere. How do you clean it. I have a big black line that goes down almost the middle of the page.
Thanks. Erin

ready to explode -

OK I have just bought a brother intellifax 640 from a friend for $10 canadian as I am trying to start my own business.... so yes now it works??although I havent bought paper yet for the fax.. so I sit back at my desk looking at the various other things I have bought (thats really work).. I decided to check the VM.. but NO I CANT.. I need to dial *98 to listen but the bugger of a machine wont allow me to use the *.. so I decide to dial my own number.. wait for the message and press #.. BUT NO ONCE AGAIN.. said incorrect function from my phone company.. so darn it how the heck do I listen to voice mail messages.. after a drink I have connected my old phone again.. gone throught the manual online .. IS THERE ANY HOPE??????

Bobby -

I have a Brother Intellifax 775 with no manual.
All I want to do is to make a copy . How do I do this. I bowworowed the machine and the person I borrowed it from doesn't have a manual. Please help.

leigh -

I have lost my manual and i can not program my fax machine can u help me

Mrs. L. Lagares

Hope -

It does not take messages. You have to connect another machine to it that does answer messages.

The specs list 'external' under answering device.

anne -

i to am looking for the brother manual please email it to me someone

Tina -

I need to know how to change the name and number programmed into the fax machine already. If someone can help me I would appreciate it. Thank you.


can you please help me fine my owner manual for fax intellifax 770. thanks go by

dianne vane -

just got the brother intellifax 770 and would like instructions on how to use it. also the phone receiver is gone. where would i find another one or if i could use the receiver off another phone. first time to own a fax machine and what to use it. thank you dianne

Richard Keith -

To all who are still searching for a manual for the Brother IntelliFAX 770 machine: I tried the and the websites but this manual wasn't even listed. However you can get it at this Canadian site for Brother:


Carolyn -

Finally a working link for the 770! Thanks!

john bastida -

just got a intellifax 770 at goodwell ineed a manuall only paid 15 dollers for it john

Theresa -

I have a used intellifax 770. I replased the cartridge, but now every time I copy or fax something all they get is a black sheet. Any advice??? Thanks.

john bastida -

hay i sent you an email on oct 25 at[5:19 i did not get an answer.i need to find out how to get a manual for a intellifax 770 my email address is

Fran Zimet -

Help! I have a Brother Intellifax775 which was sent to me from California. I have no manual, no instructions, and have really messed things up by playing with it. Could you please send me an e-mail with a phone # so that I can order a booklet and talk to a representative. Thanks

Brenda Barnett -

I don't mean to be rude, but I cannot get the links posted in this forum for the intellifax 770 manual to open. Can anyone provide a real working link?

Gina B -

I went online to the Canada link provided and was able to download the manual. Thanks for that info. My problem is using the 770 we can't get the fax and voicemail to work. If I set it to F/T we can use the fax or pick up the voice call as the manual instructs, but if we don't answer a non-fax phone call, the call won't go into the AT&T voicemail. Is there something I need to do differently?

Copy this into your address bar on the internet and it will take you directly to the manual. It is 165 pages so be aware! :-)

Ben -

THIS is the link to the user manual

betty whitney -

need a manuel for a 775 friend gave me a machine and i don't know how to use this one please advise

psychicfaxer -

you can find all the manuals for all the brother fax machines on this page and print right out on your computer. Hope this helps yall.

James Clacher -

My MFC-580 is displaying the dreaded error 41, it has used a concrete mixer worth of ink 'cleaning' itself, and is possibly the biggest heap of poorly designed c$*p I have ever set eyes on. Looking around the web, it seems that about 90% of Brother customers agree with me. Brother, you really need to sort your life out. Now, back to the MFC, where did I put that shotgun...

Bobbie L Berry -

How can I get the owners manuel for Brother MFC 1770 Fax. Printer. copier. scanner. PC Fax
can I down load this manuel?
Thank You

Cary Laurenson -

visit for the complete list of Brother Intellifax Manuals.

Cornwell Plumbing & Heating -

I have lost my manuel for Brother intellifax 770. Can you please send me one at
Cornwell Plumbing & Heating
12196 Triadelpnia Rd
Ellicott City, Md. 21042

Rami Kuttaineh -

The manual for the Brother Intellifax 775 can be found at

Leader of THE SHEOPLE!!! -

Holy Crap there are lot of requests for lost manuals. I'm even more suprised that the users can't just call brother and get it. Blogs are great ideas, but IMO 95% of the internet slaves still don't know how to read, let alone how to use the search command in a browser.

Anyhow, I loved your pics of destruction! :) Makes me want to dig out my images of the fax machine I tried to destroy due to many aggravating factors. When I dropped it from a 1.5 story Strip Mall rooftop, the fax

It took nearly 2 minutes just to break off the plastic outer-cover using a 5 pound hammer, I should have went looking for the sledge hammer.

If anyone knows where my Swingline Stappler went, can you kindly let me know.


I moved from California 12-04 and had to leave behind to my EX the 770,,,,,,,,,,,what a blooody shame,,,,,,,,,shes not SURE how to use it,,,,,,and I have no idea where the manual is.

Anyway,,,,,,,,a new job I have, an Indian artifacts store, has the same machine in it! I too, would like a manual for removing memory etc. But it worked wonderfully then, and Im sure still does today.

Thank you

Neil Madeley -

My question is very do I send a fax.....I'm having trouble since I lost my manual years ago. I sent some last year but forget what I did RIGHT.

Kenneth Walters -

My daughter gave me a Brother 770 fax machine but did not have the manuel. I can send a fax, but can not receive one. Can anyone help? Tell me how to "set-up" etc.

sharon -

This link works--manual for the 770

Kathleen Nichols -

Hi.. Im amused by all of the posts asking for manuals.. and questions on how to program this machine. I just picked up one at a trift store ( manual included) and Im about to list mine on ebay.. but wanted to research it first. - This is how I ran across you all! And I guess I can help a little since I not only have a manual, but paper work on Service centers too. The number for getting ahold of a service center near you that can help with function or repair.. is : 1-800-284-4329.. For Operation assistance, you can call Brother Fax Diagnostic Center at: 1-800-298-3616. To order Brother accessories or supplies by Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express.. you may call toll free 1-888-879-3232.. or to order by mail or pay by check or for inquiries on order forms.. mail to: Brother International Corporation Attn:Consumer Accessory Division P.O. Box 341332
Bartlett, Tn 38133-1332. For technical questions and downloading the latest drivers:http:/
Good luck to you all.. take care.. and be careful swinging them brothers around by the cords! (ha ha) Sincerely Kayla in Tacoma Washington

GRace -

Hi, My name is Grace
I need the cartridge for this fax 770 Brother but I am in Ecuador where I can Find it?

Please Help me

Thanks a lot

Happy with CastOffs -

I waited to get a FAX machine until some one gave me a used
Thermal one that had a dirty mirror under the scanning section.
Cleaned the mirror and had all the FAX I needed. A new roll
of paper is all the supplies it needs. If one can be satisfied
with last generation equipment one can do an incredible amount
of work awful cheaply!

antonio -

thank you guys for making feel better about myself. i lost my manual and i've been hard on myself. i need to find a manual or some instructions some plaace for my brother intellifax 770. thank you

Grant -

Your manuals can be found at You can copy and paste this address into your browser


Ester Almon -

I need a manual for the Brother Intellifax 770

Please tell me where I can found one.

Donna -

I had no problem going online and getting the manual. Copy and paste the following:

If you have a problem, go to:

and choose manuals on the lower left hand side of the page.

I know many many companies and individuals who have this fax and they have no problems!!!

Donna -

One more thing choose the PPF-770 as the model number

Chris -

Where can i download a driver for my fax machine to my computer? Which website could i go to? And if @ all possible a free download to boot.


I have a intelliFax 4100 that it"s shuting a blank line over the fax context
(vertical line that is) it"s only 3/16' wide and it"s as long as the page format, but enough to have missing caracters out of the fax context. can you help?

twyla -

There is the latest link for the online manual. These things are tanks and work very well. I know that there are many of them used in the artic in mining sites. Can you think of anything/anyone else that would want to work up there?? It's not like they can goto your local staples and get a replacement either. Here is a link for any of you that may be missing any owners manual. :-)

Joe -

I bought a Brother IntelliFAX 770 last year, and I have experienced virtually no problems with it. The length of the receiver cord is perfectly fine and more than long enough to suit me. Also, it has very rarely had problems with jamming paper, much to my surprise. And I had no problems whatsoever with replacing the toner. Perhaps one reason for that is due to the fact that I just bought an entirely new cartrige, rather than replacement ribbon.

One thing I would like help on with this fax is the fact that the paper input slot jams. Whenever I insert paper into it to copy something or fax something, it starts to take in the paper, but part of the way through, it just sticks. Maybe it needs cleaning or something, but I imagine it's something that can be fixed. Can anyone help me with this problem? Thanks.

missie -

I have a Brother Intellifax 775 with no instructions. Could you please tell me where to get them.

Isaac Grant -

To everyone asking for a manual, please follow the instructions contained in the pictures linked below:

Brother Intellifax 770 Manual

Unbelievable -

It's amazing that noone looking for a manual did not bother to check the BROTHER web site under SUPPORT....................

Go figure when your fax machine is smarter than You!

Crystal Stoppel -

I got to this site also looking for a 770 manual, tried several of the links and they didn't work. While it is silly to post the same request over and over, these people that are having trouble finding it are not as stupid as some of you think!

finally worked good for me. Going to didn't help much because they didn't have the 770 listed in the manuals to choose from. I emailed them and they sent me this link. Copy and paste it onto browser address bar and you'll hopefully have good luck. I see Donna (above) has provided the same information.

SirBaz -

Did anyone figured out the PC Connection yet?
I'd like to read about it if poss.

Cheers and happy new gadjet year!

Martini -

The owner's manuals for Brother products are all on, they're just hard to find. Go to, click on USA, then click on SEARCH, select 'Product Information' and then put in a keyword. For my Intellifax 775, I typed in '775'. At the bottom of the page under 'Support Resources', there is a list of downloads for the Intellifax 775.

trs -

I got a old IntelliFax 770 machine with MFL attachment, attached to a COM port. Is there any way to make it work with Windows XP PC?

darkenrahl -

Just got my 770 (used). Can't wait to spend a fortune on toner, and remove jammed paper.

A few years ago I got even with a computer mouse that refused to cooperate. You can really make 'em whistle if the tail is long enough. When I got it up to top speed, I introduced it to a brick wall.
No more problems with that one.

Does anyone want this 770 manual?

rossymac -

I have had this fax machine for several years and it has performed beautifully! I have no complaints. It is a plain paper fax machine, not thermal and the label on the front says exactly "IntelliFAX 770"


Jaquita Cheeks -

Holy Crap!! Most of you people are total freaks! I mean come on! This blog is NOT to send you a manual!! They demolished - that is DESTROYED their machine! I would safely bet that the manual either ended up in the bin or was set ablaze (and I would have roasted marshmellows!) It is true the 770 is a bloody mess! It jams constantly and on occasion it will actually send a fax (when it so chooses). Send reviews, don't ask for supplies!

oleflattop -

shut the fuck up CHEEKS. you sound like you roasted your ass. my machine works fine I just need the manual not your childish thoughts, you freak.

Raymond -

Just wondering how to connect mfc 1770 up with windows xp, I had it working but change computers now it does not even detect it, have downloaded MFC 1770 drivers, have downloaded Manual, have phone brother at 1 877 brother, and was told can't do it, but i know you can somehow

Lisa -

I have seen alot of post that people are needing manuals. Well, I am one of them also. I have had this particular intellifax 775 for 2 months now, we purchased it from a pawnshop with new everything, but no manual. Now, I have called customer service and got no luck, on hold for over 35 minutes, so I hung up. I also had seen where someone was kind to give an email address so I could download the manual. Well the thing is, I have a printer, but my 2 year old shoved skittles in it and now it will not turn. When it does try to turn the whole room smells of skittles. So if anyone that could help me, I would pay you for the paper and the time, I just want the manual printed out for me. We own our own comapany and it is emaressing because I do not know how to send or recieve, make a copy or practically use the phone on this thing. I humblely ask for help. Email me if you are willing to print it out and send to me. I will pay you first of course. I trust in the Lord enough where I believe that there is good people out there that are willing to help mothers that are distressed and about to go bonkers.
God Bless to all and thank you for everyones help, I am sorry for everyones problems with their faxes, I know it is frustrating. Anyway, eamil me if you can help.

Patriock -

I have owned my Brothers Fax (the 770Intelli) for years. I even had the software to be able to use it as a Printer, scanner, and Fax for my Computer. Unfortunately it worked on my Win98 but not XP. I don't ever remember having a paper jam. Maybe 1 or 2 but I don't remember. Last: I can't imagine having trouble with the Roll of Toner. I wasn't and still not fond of the price but actually I don't think it is any worse then other printers or copiers. A thought: now it has been kept clean and dry. Plus, I am the only one to use it.

George Stancliffe -

I did a Google search using the following terms: INTELLIFAX 770 INSTRUCTIONS.

Search result #8 was a PDF file of the instruction manual. See the following link:

I have found that search engines can usually find the right information if you are willing to experiment with the search terms a bit. My search took less than 5 minutes.




faye Brown -

Need manual for brother 770 send to 166 s. Fowler Fresno,CA.93727

ruby -

I have the brother intellifax 770 and i'm getting the following message: document jam; i've unplugged the machine and restarted and still get document jam. anyone able to help. thanks

ruby -

I have the brother intellifax 770 and i'm getting the following message: document jam; i've unplugged the machine and restarted and still get document jam. anyone able to help. thanks

harrison lushbaugh -

i have used a brothers intellifax 770 for a good number of years and have been very pleased with it, however, it just recently went on the blink and i would like to replace it with a new one just like the old one. please advise me as to where i may purchase one. thank you.

Sherry -

OK, Its very simple to get ahold of the manual for all the different models!


Go all the way down the page, and look to your bottom left,
Under 'To Support' you will find a link to 'Manuals'..

Just search for your model and it will give you an Adobe Reader Manual for your Brother Fax Machine..

I dont see why so many people are struggling with this, Its very simple.

Hope I helped..Good luck.


Deb -

This is the brother page with the manual in PDF format.


Nikki -

Hi, my name is Nikki and my grandmother has a brother in tellifax 775 and she has lost the instruction manual and I was wondering where I could possibly find one...If you happen to know please email me.Thhank you

Elizabeth99 -

The reason people can't find a manual other than going here, is when you search for "brother intellifax 770 manual," the brother-usa site does not show up (in Google, that is). (I got lucky and just typed in Everyone is coming to this site, because it's showing up on google results. :) Now, I can't answer why people don't just look through the historic responses instead of reposting the same question. That's an Americanism, I'm afraid.

BC -

For the online manual go to:

pat kerstetter -

I would like to acquire an owners manuel for our machine. how do we go about it????

Greg Romero -

My brother fax 3in one MFC-340C, has a digital camera card/chip data reader but I can't get it to tranfer pictures to my computer.
Help me correct this problem.
Greg Romero

lolo -

pat b -

I have had a used Intellifax 770 that i bought
off a guy for 10 years now, gosh, who knows how old it
really is.

I'm not going to call it a great fax machine, but it's adequate,
it likes to be blown out with air regularly and i try to clean the
interior quarterly, or when i see streaks, but, it's not a piece of shit.

these are for sale for less then $80 new, so, what's the beef?

howard veldran -

need some information on how to program a brothers inteeli fax 770 if any body could help me thank you

frances -

Thanks Lolo !!!

You guys can find all the manuals here:

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