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Nick -

Hey, i was wondering how these subs were if anyone has bought them, please tell me how they are. Im affriad since some people said this is not a good brand?
thank nick

Gilles -

Hey Nick, Here in europe it is a very good brand! LA is actually a sub-brand of Rockford Fosgate so you won't have to worry about quality. I had LA and it sounded great. Because my budget increased i could affort Rockford Fosgate.

Giselle -

Hey nick, Well i bought the fast & furious pack and thank god for the warrnty cuz it would have been a huge rip off, after 10 months one of the subs the wires broke so i had to send it in to replace it it tool then 35 days to send another one, then 2 weeks after that the 2nd one did the same thing and now i`m going to have to wait anout month to get a new one.. REALLY hard to keep 2 suns going at a time. I`ll never go with that brand again they`re cheap for a reason.

james -

go big or go home. a friend of mine has this system and it sounds decent, but the woofers disort at high volumes and do not sound clear. this system was built cheap and sold cheap. if you want power and good quality sound, put in 200$ more and buy something worth bragging about.

jackie wakefield -

are you selling these and if how much for

tecnik -

I bought this set for NZ$200 [$US100]. Its not the best, but its completely unbeatble for the price. Seamlessly integrates into any existing audio system, and adds decent bass.Of course if you want serious power or a decent clear system, spend extra and get what you pay for.

Andrew -

Hey there

I was looking into buying one of these sets just wondering if its bad to have your amp close to the subs or does it not matter ??


Danny -

Yea I just bought this set up but it kinda diffrent. I have two amps hooked up, one to each speaker. It sounds fine but I am going to update the box with Audiobahn ALUM12N, The box it self is worth what your paying. I bought mine from a pawn shop so I only payed half of that. I would say yea its an ok system but your just buy the box really.

Norm -

Andrew, no it doesn't matter if the amp is close 2 the subs. U can even screw the amp 2 the subs, only thing is in a few years it may rattle appart,but in a few years it's time 2 upgrade anyways. when i say a few years i mean like maybe 5. Depends if u have a shitty one or a luckily built one.

Michael -

I just bought these Brand New from Fry's, however the subs are 10's and not 12's. The sound quality is pretty good for the price. I only paid $60. The sound does get distorted at high volumes. I am constantly having to adjust the settings on my head unit depending on what kind of music I am playing to get the most sound without losing quality of getting distortion. I think if I get an EQ and attach it to my head unit will help with the distortion since I will be able to make adjustments with the flip of a switch instead of having to navigate through the head unit settings

Simon -

I bought a 12" 2Fast2Furious Sub, box and amp and it was the best value for money around. Unfortunately mine got stolen. I am going to get a replacement and now they have 4 sets that I am aware of now - 10" single sub boxed with amp, 2 x 10" subs boxed with amp, 12" single sub boxed with amp, and 2 x 12" boxed with sub. So you must have got the 10" packs Michael.
NZD - 12" single is $189 and the 12" double is $259, so not bad at all!
If you take into account the time to put a box together - maybe an hour or two if you have all the equipment and all setup, and the cost of custom wood/chipboard wood ~$80 and carpetting, and then the tidy little plugs, it is almost just worthwhile buying the pack for the box alone!

Mark -

I purchased a kit like this from Frys also. I paid $100 and this "the Fast and the Furious" Lighting Audio kit came with everything. It had the wires, speaker was already in a box, and the amp. I havn't noticed any distortion but I don't play it on full blast. If you want a full, great sounding system for a good price this is a good choice. If you want to be the guy at the stoplight who shakes other peoples cars, you will need to step up and spend much more money.

Evan -

Yo on sunday i bought a 10" lightning audio fast and furious sub in a bandpass box for $40 bux!the sub handles 5oo watts i took my two 12" alpines outta my car and threw the box in to see how it would sound.I hooked it up to my vr 400 watt amp that i had bridged and i barely even had the dam thing playing and it was far from loud and it blew!!i would have to say this sub sucks ass!i wasnt even pushing maybe 100 watts to it cuz i had my stereo down so low and it blew. these subs are worthless. thank god that i only paid $40 bux for it and the bandpass box that came with it is easily worth James either but something worth ur time and money or dont buy anything at all.just one of my 12" type E's in an enclosed box absolutly killed this 500 watt 10" in a bandpass box. same gos for my MTX of them has to be at least 2x's as good as this gay ass LA 10".

BoltZ22 -

don't know whats going on with some of these peoples setups. my bro got the single 10" with amp at walmart on clearance for $50 a couple years ago. very nice for the price. his amp eventually fried though. i have the same amp they package with that sub except for mine is not the F&F style one (mine's yellow and says bolt instead of red and sayin F&F). i did have to get the cooling turbine cuz the amp does like to hit up super fast. the sub though has taken a beating and still works get. we've had it hooked up to over it's power rating and it didn't blow or anything. the sub is sitting in my room right now and will be going in my winter beater once i upgrade my system in my car.

joe -

yo wat up that sub is mint have u got anymore if u have send them to my email adress

hector -

hello: i bought these speakers and amp but it didnt come with wires or conections!!
please some one tell me what i will need for the F&F speakers BRAND OF WIRES AND CONNECTIONS???? AND MAYBE WHERE I CAN GET THEM

robert -

i have the same problem

AG -

Yeah about a year ago I bought these subs,a set of 12's. I had them hooked up to a coustic amp (400se) and at moderate volumes these things bumped. I even made a couple of car alarms go off, no joke. I guess maybe it depends on the brand of amp you hook them up to. The only setbacks that were apparent to me were that the wires do tend to come loose on the subs, and that at high volumes distortion became a problem. Other than that, for the price you can't go wrong. Now I have two Rockford Fosgate Punch P212S4's and these things make the LA's look like trash. But if your looking for a starter system you might want to invest in the LA's, but if your serious about adding some serious bass, pull out your wallet and and go for something with more quality.

Tina Dilloway -

I was wondering if you could help me? My friend just got the same exact set you are talking about and didn't get any instructions on how to hook it up. Can you please tell me where I can get,or how I can get help with hooking it up, like maybe a link or something or if you still have your manual for yours maybe you would please post it? I would really appreciateit. Thankz, Tina

Tina Dilloway -

HELP!! If anyone knows how to hook-up FF12.4 12" 2Fast2Furious Sub, box and amp and can tell me how I would really appreciate it. Maybe u can show me a link or something I'm desperate. Got them from someone else that didn't have instructions with it. THANKZ,TINA

Chris Lavin -

This reply is for anyone whose got questions about this system. I'd have to say, it's an ok system...more for the beginners looking into gettin something..i'm gunna have to agree though with a lot of these guys, if you want something better just spend a little bit more money..I used to have this system until it was stolen outa my car... i dont really care cuz it was more of a beginners set and it was probably time for me to step it up..if anything.. buy the alpine type e' system for the money

David Jones -

The Only Reason This System Destorts Is Because The Amp Is Not Powerful Enough To Drive These Subwoofers At Their Maximum Rms And Bear In Mind That The Signal Coming from Your Headunit Maybe Not Enough For It To Reach Its Maximum Power on the amp.

Overall this system is an amature system And Is Only Intended for People Who Only Require A Little Bass In Their System

For Big Bang Your Should Go for : Rockford fosgate, Soundstream, Alpine , JL Audio , Audiobahn, Power Acoustic , Spl , Digital Designs...

Thanks David

Pravin -

Hi !

I got monoblock Active Amp-Speaker. I want to buy reare speaker, which speker model (Two way or three way) is sutable.


Ashlee -

Hey all...
I have the 2 fast 2 furious audio is a good system for begginers, It's extra sound but nothing with a bang... any way..I have just one 10" speaker box w/ a 1200 wat amp... I'm looking to sell if any ones insterested..let me know!!

Jordan -

Ya, I was looking into putting in a system in my Nissan Frontier. I just happened to get the LA's, and once I popped in my Low Bass techno, the woofer went out in about two weeks. They weren't even turned up that high either. Now I've got a blown sub that sounds terrible and have to redo it. Now I'm planning on putting in a pioneer 500 watt ten inch to a fosgate amp. If you want quality and pounding bass, then these are not the subs for you. Excellent for first starters I guess. I Guarentee that you will want to upgrade later.

eric -

i just bouoght the 10's and the box setup from a guy at my school and was wondering if they were even worth a damn. and how i could wire them to my car so i dont have to pay some jackass to do it.

ajwhitaker -

how mach u went 4 your sistime

Chad -

i bought the single 10 inch sub kit with a 450 watt peak power 2 channel amp and i had the same problem with the wire on the sub so i trashed that sub and installed a memphis street ede sub and i have had no problems and the amp is still running strong after 2 years of use i am pleased with the amp but their subs need to be of more quality

trent -

Im sorry, but this sub SUCKS!!! I didn't even have it one week and it blew up. Sounded pretty good at first, but all of a sudden while i was listening to it at fairly low volume it quit. Now all it does is crackle. At least it was cheap.

Tony -

I got the fast and the furious 12" sub,box and amp with wires and connectors.Unforunetly one of the two were blown. but with the one hooked up i have great sound with heavy bass and very little distortion. I have a question where would i be able to get another F&F 12" sub?(stores & not used)
thanks Tony

chad revis -

i just got a 15'kicker solobaric L7 and i am pushing it with the lightning audio 2 channel ff amp and this sucker pounds like no other and its only getting 150 watts rms to it if you dont belive me try it i kid you not this amp is awesome


Nah... i wouldn't recomend this "boom in a box" package. It sound something like those woofers you get from "Biltema" (the cheapest car-boat-and-other-useless-things-shop you get in Norway).

Buy a decent Cerwin Vega, MA Audio, og MTX sub for about 200$ and a monoblock for about 450$, and then you got a system u can realy on for years... and it even sounds good too :)

Chris Smith -

I have a cousin that has a lighting audio amp with two pioneer 12's and I have to admit... With it being the cheaper stuff on the block, it sounds pretty nice. Pretty nice indeed. I was surprised and most assuredly even amazed at the quality sound and bumb his system was making. I myself have an expensive, complete Memphis Car Audio system and it had me seriously thinking of trying out his setup. In comparison his sub, amp, and box cost him around 300 US dollars with mine being 1000 US dollars. That has me convinced that you can still get good quality with the lower end stuff if you are careful and shop around. I'm wishing I had done it.

Mike -

YA i got dual 12" subs lightin audio F&F for sale only the box wit the subs in but no wires or nothen hot a hell holla at ya boyy

rmwhpr68 -

don`t buy that junk you can buy a good mid end sub pretty cheap but if your smart you`ll save and buy high end and you won`t have all the problems that come with the cheap subs . i have two 10" cerwin vega vega series being pushed with a 1200 watt jbl amp. i wouldn`t even buy fosgate so i know i wouldn`t buy their cheap product the only thing that ever came out of fosgate is they have damn good amps.

Al Schrader -

My dad was a German Rocket Scientist with General Dynamics. I can analyse the geometry of the atoms in the sound system's conductors. Right now I'm working on a new subwoofer system that can turn whole milk into whip cream if left on the seat. If I have time I'll discuss my subwoofer secrets.

wes -

these subs blow ass

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