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Cyn -

I'm about to purchase new road shoes...what's your pick Nick?
BTW, I love my black (no flashy colours) mtb Chilis, but you're right they are a tad heavy.

Nick Burka -

Well, I'm not a roadie, but I did work in a bike shop that sold road bikes for a while. As I'm sure you know, Sidi sells a pretty amazing line of road shoes including the Dynamic 3 which is basically the Rampa shoe with a road base plate - it's pretty subtle too as far as its colours go.

I've tried on the Perl Izumi mountain bike shoes and they also carry a full line of road shoes. They're all space-agey with nasa materials. They're light, but I really don't know how long they'll last.

Again, Shimano has some really great shoes. From my experience and from what I've heard, you really can't go wrong with them.

I guess as an entry level shoe, I'd probably buy the Sidis. Probably for the higher end stuff that choice would be split between the Sidis and Shimano. Anyhow, that's my 2c as a person who spends more time on dirt than on the road.

Daniel Burka -

I concur with my brother on this entire review. Despite the dorkiness of purchasing the same shoes as my twin, after his initial experience I purchased a pair too and have been extremely pleased. The velcro still fits perfectly tight, the shoes look amazingly new, and they're stiff enough for the type of riding I do. Highly recommended.

Cyn -

Checking into all those suggestions makes me wonder why shoe manufacturers have a need to make the women's shoes gawdier...some of them are just un-wearable. I like the SIDI men's Lightning and the Shimano TO92. But I refuse to wear powder blue.
Thanks Nick.

Lara -

I started spinning with sationary spinning bikes in a class. I really like the Sidi rampas and what i have read so far about them, do they have/come with SPD clips? If not, any other sugestions?

alexis -

I've been doing the spinning class for about 6 months now, not happy with my shoes, I'm ready to buy me a new pair, need some recommendations please

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