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Jim Ewing -

Hmmm . . . looks to me like a portable oval office . . .

David Colbert -

Having used a Sierra Design Meteor Light tent for at least 6 years, I would agree with just about everything Dan said about this tent.

It's strongest points are its spaciousness and awesome ventilation. This is one backpacking tent that you won't feel cramped up in. And, If you hate it when your sleeping bag and other gear get wet from moisture inside your tent, those huge mesh panels in the ceiling will ensure it never happens again.

The extra space is really beneficial in winter treks where gear is bulkier. I wouldn't suggest using this above treeline in winter, but I've used it many times under tree cover and it copes well with wind and snow loads. For winter use, it really should be yellow, but I've never had any trouble finding it in the dark or snow. Using reflective guy lines or flags might be a good idea though.

The only negative that I can think of is that the Meteor Light is not really all that light.... that's the trade-off for all that spaciousness. However, if you can split the weight with a hiking partner, and hate damp, tiny tents, the Meteor Light is the tent for you.

Kerstin -

I've had a Meteor Light tent since 1991. I originally rented one for a trip to Tuolumne Meadows the same year. We experienced one of the most torrential rain/hail/lightning storms I've ever experienced. The Tuolumne Meadows campground was actually evacuated. We had a site on a high spot and chose to stay put. Even thought there was so much water flowing around and under the tent that it felt like a waterbed, there was no leakage anywhere: no rain splattering under the fly sheet and no water coming in through the floor. It stayed put in the high winds too.

Because of this experience, I bought one of these tents.

My old-model tent looks a lot different than the one available today. The only improvement I could think of, a door on each side of the tent, has been taken care of. I don't know if this makes the newer models heavier or not.

In the late-nineties I had the door zipper fail during a trip to Mt. Langley. Thankfully it was a late season trip with good weather and no mosquitos. Sierra Designs replaced the door zipper with a heavier-duty one for free.

I stake the tent down carefully with Black Diamond aluminum stakes (I've also had those for over a decade). I've never had a problem with the tent blowing away even in the heaviest winds.

I really love the spaciousness of this tent and it's durability--I've had it for 14 years. It ventilates well, too. Perhaps it's a bit heavy when compared to more recent designs, but it's reliability is most important to me.

Barry -

I have had a meteor light since 1998 and continue to love it. I agree with everything that Dan wrote above. I have been through days of heavy rain and high winds along the Lake Superior shoreline and it has never leaked nor blown away. Since it is the older, single door model, I do wish that I had the newer design with two doors. Great tent!

Rich -

I bought a Meteor Light in the early 1990s and used it to backpack the Sierras each summer with my growing children. Early on, it served great as a "one adult, three kids" tent. (Tip: Put the two smallest kids in opposite ends of a single rectangular sleeping bag.)

I can't say enough good words about the tent's design. Extremely simple to set up. Self-standing. Wonderfully open and "transparent" when the rain fly is not needed. Bug-free inside. Dry when it's pouring outside. An elegantly simple design built with high quality workmanship..

I finally retired it three years ago, replaced by a Sierra Designs Lightning -- essentially an ultralight Meteor that's slightly smaller, 2.5 pounds lighter and -- remarkably -- even easier to pitch. Well done!

Ryan -

I bought a first generation meteor light in 1995. Quite possibly the best all-round tent available. It has been my 'office' every summer and has withstood massive winds at the upper end of Waterton Lake (Alberta), snowstorms in Kluane (Yukon), and downpoors on Vancouver Island (BC) - just to name a few. When I finally had to by a new tent this year there was no second guessing - I bought a Meteor Light.

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