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waylman -

Interesting. Always wondered if they actualy worked. One question though. How does it do with stuff on the floor, like cloths or papers? Does it get caught up on them or go around them or both depending on size of pile ect.?

Dan James -

It depends on size/weight of the things. Shoes it just cleans around. They are heavy enough to trigger it's bumper device. Clothes and other light things I'd imagine it would push around. To be honest, I've never really tested this out. I usually pick my clothes off the floor before I vacuum. We do have hanging drapes that reach the floor. The roomba seems to just push them to the side as it goes by.

Another note: Becky, my wife, complains that the Roomba doesn't quite get into all of the corners. If you have a ninety degree corner it will not be able to reach into the corner completely.

Isaac -

Apparently there is a new version coming out, with some nice improvements such as self charging and a bigger dirt bin.<a/>

M O'T -

Thanks to Dan for the thoroughly descriptive review. I just heard of the Roomba tonight when I spotted a review by Gannett News Service in the Seattle Times, tech page. The length fun title and its subject suggested a joke! Though brief, it was convincing. It said a rotating brush emerges for small spaces - are there any other attachment-like appendages? It still seems hard to believe, sort of Art Bell and UFOs. F for floor in this case.

HasMan -

We've had a roomba since December 2003, and it did a wonderful job picking up general dirt including incredible amounts of doghair. After about 4 months the battery started draining quickly. Roomba sent us a new battery, and about 4 months later, again the battery only lasts 15 minutes. I'm going to Sears today to buy a conventional Kenmore canister.

Dan James -

I can confirm your battery problems. Our roomba will not even last for a minute after a year of use. I will be contacting the company to see what they are able to do. I'll post the follow up here.

Fauzia -

Dan James
I realy want to buy Roomba, but after reading different comments I'm very confused. It seems as Roomdba will not last for long time.
How long the battery life is? What is the problem with air filters? Do we need to buy batteries and filters after time to time.irobot has introduced new products such as Roomba Discovery SE and Scheduler, I need some feedback about both of them.

Lin -


How about human hair? I have long hair. My regualr vaccum always gets strangled by my hair dropped on the floor. I have to lift up the vaccum and cut hair loose by scissors. How does the roomba handle long hairs?

Eric -

Like all vacuums hair is a problem it will rap around the brush and tangle, but you can use the roomba tool to cut it free and keep on going.

Dann -

I've wanted to purchase a Roomba but have 3 floors. Does it come with only one docking pad? The battery life became an issue after reading other's comments. I wouldn't have thought of the 'lack of cleaning in corners' either.

Dan -

The new Discovery handles alot of prior issues. This is not altogether different from a new car line, 1-2 years later they seem to fix the bugs. I Robot does a great job of taking consumer feedback and then tweaking the product. Discovery has a much larger dirt bin, better battery life, and you can even buy 2 and 3 year extended warranties cheaply. It also goes back to its own batter docking station to re-charge automatically. These things will just keep getting better and better, like the PC, Cellphones, etc etc.

ralph riols -

I have just brought a Rommbu at Christmas. It is making a grinding noise and does not pickup anything on the carpet.It also does not return to the docking station. I live in Charleston, S.C.. Is there somewhere I can take it to get it fixed, or can I send it to you for repairs.
Ralph Riols
241 little oak Dr.
Folly Beach, S.C. 29439

Ingrid Landishev -

I have bought Roomba a year ago. Now it does't start. Can you advise me where in Budapest (Hungary) I can find a service to fix it up?

Roomba -

Seems roomba has a few new vacuums out now.
Ralph Riols you can always go to
seems to have a few people that know what is going on with the roomba robots

Classified -

Thanks for the link, my old silver roomba has seen better days. Time for an upgrade.

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