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Mario Aguilar -

I have one of this basses , and it was excellent , but I´m trying to find out the machinery , ´cause 2 keys are broken. I dont know why Ibanez doesnt supply them ...
But it is an Excellent Bass ...

Memo Juez -

All Korean manufactured Ibanez Guitars were actually made by Samick.

I have an EX series (1991) Guitar and I can not get any replacement parts either.

Jezkah Flores -

I have this bass (4 string) in near mint condition. I have scratched it up a bit but overall... well nothing is broken. Now that I know I can't get any parts I will treat it like the gold I always thought it was.

I'm a girl, well nearing 29, and I've had this since I was 14. It's great for me because I have thinner hands and play punk rock, with a need to play fast. Also I have no desire to develop back pain from a heavy bass, so Fenders are out.

I tried to get Ibanez to ID this bass about a year ago. The web site said it could be 3-4 weeks. They still havn't said anything. I think they don't know that they made it. Perhaps they are in shock that they could make something THIS great (or put their name on it?)

Let the others have fenders, rickenbachers and hoffners- they'll have to pry this one from my arthritic fingers.

Robert E. Scott -

Does anyone know how to date these guitars by serial number?

ventura -

I think the first two digits are the year

Joey Racz -

I've been playing one since about 91'. It is the most road-worthy bass I own.
It has literally played Hundreds of gigs and I never took this baby out of my car except for gigs and practices. It would take the extreme heat of the summer and the extreme cold of the winter ! Neck and paint job are still mint. Compared to my fenders, gibsons and Barrington it holds up as my most respected and loved bass.

OhioBassLine -

I have a near mint 1985 Ibanez Destroyer BD800



joel -

well ... hey .. i need some help from anyone who knows about basses IBANEZ EX SERIES... ok amm the problem is that in my fucking city... THERE IS NOT ibanez ex series T__T ... and i really want it... they say .- i'm sorry dude ..that's an old model impossible to get it... pleeeaaasee tell me ..if someone got that bass T_T... five string..i'll pay for it...

Ante -

I have a electric guitar EX (1060001) series made in Korea, I'm from Croatia. I don't have a damn clue where could I get some info about my guitar. Please answer. I'm desperate. Thx in advance

Michael -

I just found an Ibanez EX series 5 string at this pawn shop a couple weeks ago..awesome condition its black with EMG select pick ups..I don't really want to sell it sounds like its a hot commodity (or however that word is spelt).

Richard -

I broke several tuning keys off of my Ibanez EX Series Bass (1990). I found replacement keys from ; they are not Ibanez keys (Gotoh, I think) but they work just as well! I was also able to acquire these in gold. Now if I could only install the bride I want...

Blade -

I have a 5 string EX that (unfortunately) I haven't used in years. I've thought about selling it, but want it to go to a good home. This bass is amazing. Lightweight, solid tone, fast neck. If someone is interested in it, make me an offer. Being in nashville, I'm forced to play my p bass all the time. Comes with hardshell ibanez case. I have always strung it with a high C string instead of a low B, but that was just personal preference---works great either way. Drop me a line for more details.

blackwell -

hey..i just bought an ibanez ex series from '91...didn't know if it was the real deal, since you can't find any information on it...'till today.i'm a lefty, so it becomes harder to find.i had 2 choices today...the ibanez or the washburn...there you go the ibanez won.the sound is just great, but like everybody said, i must change the keys...they allready changed it, and i'm a little fussy, i don't like them...they must go.for the rest it's just perfect!

Kat -

Hey I am thinking of getting an ibanez EX series (5 string) used, but i wasnt sure, they said it sounded to jazzy for them thats why they are selling it, and yet everyone else says its great for metal

kat -

Oh Yah! and one other question,Is It Possible to put EMG bass pickups on the Ibanez EX series?

anga -

i own an ex 4 string, the serial code starts with a p and on the site it dosent know where the factory was in korea

Jack -

i recently baught an ex series (i think) for 100 bucks of a pawn shop, made in japan, it seems like the tuning keys keep stuffing up...mine are perfect! serial no. starts with a f, has active pick ups and plays excellent for slapping, and i still play punk and metal with it, it is a really nice buy

Ken Mendicino -

I have a 1992 Black 5 string EX Bass that I bought new. I have used it on countless gigs and sessions and it has never failed me. It always plays, holds tuning, the neck is straight and strong, and the finish still looks great. As for the keys, mine are fine and the strap button on the horn has never been a problem. A great bass. But alas, time marches on and I am putting my beloved bass up for sale. I will make sure it goes to a great home. Dr. Ken.

angel mosqueda -

ihve this black EX series 5 string madein korea dont kno the year but the serial #sjo3107555 with the word Epiphone above it if any body is interested hit me back asap

Jason -

I have an EX Series 5 String. I bought it new in 91. It is in great shape, hardly ever used, never played out. I put Active EMG pickups in it, but still have the origional EMG Selects. I always loved this Bass but I never play it anymore so I wouldn't mind letting it go. Email me if interested.



An7on1o -

Hi, I'm looking for a tuning machine for this bass but I don't know the diameter. Could you please anyone tell me the diameter and/or where to find a specs manual for this bass?

Thanks a lot.

Peter -

Jason: Is your bass still for sale? What are you asking?

Josh -

I just traded my Epiphone Goth SG For a custom painted Ibanez EX Series. I've been trying to find ANY information about this guitar for the last month...DOES ANYONE KNOW OF ANY WEBSITES WITH INFORMATION ABOUT THESE GUITARS?!?!?!? If so email me so i can learn a little about it.....Thanks

ozzman226 -

yea i just picked up an ex series 5 string from a pawn shop in philly. havent had much of a chance to play it yet but im really excited to of found it.

James -

WILLING TO SELL***I have a red EX 4-string bass with hard case in IMMACULATE condition with the jazz and p-bass pickups (1 of each). Plays and sounds awesome but it's deep on my depth chart as far as what I play. Make an offer, thanks!!

Ryan -

i had a black 5-string that was amazing. i'm not sure if anyone covered it in here cuz i got lazy and didn't read all the posts but i know this is a dis-continued model since about 93-94, hence the lack of parts, knowledge, and units. but i loved this bass more than any other i've picked up, including the multi-thousand dollar models. awesome neck, action controll, and thundering sound. i broke mine in a retarded move on my part but managed to fix it. i was heart-broken the day i had to pawn it and my black satin coffin case for a mere 75 bucks. but the world requires money and i can make more music. i definitately give this bass an a++ and recommend it for noobs - pros.

Tony -

I picked up one of these from a guy for $40. It needed lots of work, but showed promise. I replaced the jack, rewired most of the electronics, and squirted a bit of deoxit fader lube into the pots, and it came to life. The action was set too high, so I dropped the strings down, and was amazed that there was no buzzing. The neck is in great shape.

I thought it would be a good kick around bass for the kids to play with, but the more I play it, the more I think I'll put it in my normal rotation. I am very impressed with this bass.

Mike -

last year i decided to start playing bass. I get to the music store and thats what the salesman sugested to buy, an Ibanez Ex 5 string. I had no clue how good this bass was its my first and only bass and i love it

Dave -

I own a Metalic Red 5 String Ibanez EX. Near Mint Original tuners, EMG Select passive P/J pickups Owned since 1990. I bought it brand new. Bass is awsome, I've kept it for posterity reasons...

Yuri -

I own a '91 5 string metalic red EX. Mint! I'm usign it since 2005 and last week I replaced one of the original J pickups with a Bass Lines Music Man. It was fantastic with the EMG/Select, now it's even better! The neck it's what makes this bass so special. I can play faster than i would on any other bass. Now I'm planning to put a Bartolini active circuit, to improve the gain and get even rich tones! I love the fact that I've never seen another Ibanez EX here in Brazil.

Kyle -

I bought a metallic red ibanez 4 string bass in Oklahoma about a year ago as my second bass. I have not found a bass I like better since then, and ive played multi-thousand dollar basses. The only thing wrong with mine is a small chip in the headstock but it still sounds great. I dont know what i would buy if this one broke on me. I bought this bass for $220 but in my opinion its worth much more than this. The tone range on this bass is incredible.

Doug -

I bought a red EX 5 string back in 92..I remember it was a great bass for live shows, easy on the shoulders and played better than my 4 BC Rich Warlocks, Ironbids, and Innovators. I am still kicking myself for selling it off.

Myles -

i have a red 4 string that I bought from a little corner/variety type store in Toronto YEARS ago. Still have it although it needs another tuning key as i had to use one of them on my black 5 String model that i bought off Ebay like 10-11 years ago now I guess.
i have tried countless other basses in my lifetime but these basses are by far the best feeling basses i have ever played. The neck is thin with a comfortable profile, and they are light. I dropped my 4 string one time when my neck strap broke on me and the fret board started pulling away from the neck. I just epoxied it back on and it was like new again! I can't even think of how many beatings my 5-string has been through and it still sounds just as good as when i bought it.
other than replacing the jack a couple times that bass is the best musical investment I have ever made. Would certainly love to get another.

Razor -

I have a 5 string ex bass for over 20 years. i also have 9 other quality basses including a rickinbacher. but my ex is my primary axe the sound is like no other. and i still play it out..

Razor -

I love my ExII.

greg -

i bought my first bass in 99' and it was the ex i still own this bass it is still all original. this bass was the best investment i have ever made. i still play it but it needs some work but compared to the sg series it is hands down the better of the too.

vito -

i have a 90 ex bass and i love it . i'm a guitarist and only use it to record but my basss friends love it as well. It ranges fromm jazzy to hard and is great for slap as well. the j and the p pickups give it incredible versatility. If any of u bassists out there want to buy it or trade for something send me your ideas. Im in the liquidating my gear stage. peace .

jeremy hale -

my 1990 bass is in exelant condition exept for a few dings and scratches but it is the best bass i own

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