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Tristan -

My dad found a similar device at a trade show that does the whole process in it's own 1 liter bottle. It's probably more weight than this even, but for us, great for day hikes. It also has a built in flashlight for kicks. If I find it I'll post a link.

Joe Kuster -

The other device that uses UV light to purify water is the AquaStar unit. To my knowledge it and the Steri-pen are the only two devices advertised for the hiking/camping crowd for UV purification.

I decided to try out the AquaStar Plus unit after comparing it for my needs vs the Miox and the Steripen. I think the Aquastar has a leg up on the Steripen in that it is lighter, multipurpose (Lantern like feature) and significantly cheaper with slightly faster cycle time. I also like the fact that it screws onto any normal nalgene bottle.

It still has most of the same advantages and disadvantages of the Steripen when compared to the Miox though. Despite being lighter than the Steripen the Miox is really light and very suitable for larger quantities of water.

For my use though I love the idea of immediate drinking, I hike along a lot of streams so I can continually re-fill throughout the day avoiding carrying too much weight during the day and the every so unpopular evening runs for water.

Colin Perry -

Just a quick note on Joe's comment... the website he meant to cite is in fact

Can't really comment on relative virtues as I'm only now starting on the road to evaluate a Steripen and a Waterworks EX for travelling (rather than hiking/trekking) in 'unsafe' places. But great reviews to help get me this far, so thanks.

Don Mitchell -

I am currently living in Colombia. Some friends brought one down for travelling here and left it with me. I just finished some travelling and found the steripen useful for treating potentially suspect city tap water and avoiding buying bottled water along with contributing to the dispsoable plastic bottle issue. One disadvantage, that I have not seen in any reviews ,is that you are up a dirty creek without teatment if that glass cylinder happens to get broken. I will be doing some backpacking soon and am "on the fence" with relying on it soley as a purification system and will probably bring iodine and, of course, an extra set of batteries, to back it up.

kelly crichton -


Has anyone used the Steripen in India...and if so, what was the result. Would also like to know if anyone has used the new Steripen solar charging unit which is supposed to be much lighter.

TonyC -

This review keeps talking about how the SteriPEN is too heavy, but the reviewer never bothers to post how much it weighs...glaring omission. It's an informative review besides that.

Larry -

Average weight is 8 oz. with alkaline batteries and 6.4 oz. with lithium batteries; weight empty is 3.7 ounces

Palak D -

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btw..I use the steripen..but never alone, I consider myself a luxurious backpacker and would not like to take any chances.

I filter the water through my MSRI ceramic filter, and then use the UV pen. The ceramic filter only takes out bacteria..not this is the most effective method for me

Gaboury -

There's now a Seripen Traveler that weighs just 3.6 oz (105 g)including 2 lithium batteries.

Gaboury -

oops! That's Steripen, of course.

L -

Here's a good review of the Adventurer/Traveler version, as well as the original Steripen:

Emilie -

I was absolutely wrapped with this device for a the first couple of hikes/trips I did with it, but unfortunately I dont think they are reliable yet. My first steripen took started to malfunction early during an extended trip through Morocco. The company was good about sending a replacement unit, but the delay cost us a fortune in bottled water.

The replacement unit I was super careful with, in case the last malfuction was my fault somehow. But it failed as well partway through a lengthy desert walk in Australia, and left me begging for purification tablets from fellow hikers, and eventually drinking unprotected water. Fail, in my humble opinion, until they can make them more robust. I emailed my 2nd disappointment to the company, but they no longer seemed interested in replying.

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