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Betty Miller -

I have been using Silhouette frames for 2 years now. But I had to replace my lenses last year and now I have to replace again because of breaking my lenses. Reading your comment indicated that the newer frames solved this problem. Now I have to pay for the replacement, I realized that I need to think about buying the newer frames. I wonder there is any places have any discount for customers have the old frames.

Lynn Moore -

I have had 3 pairs of silhouette glasses and all 3 have had the same problem -- the lenses crack at the areas where the screws attached the nose piece and where the screws attach the frames to the lenses. The first pair lasted 2 years before the lenses cracked, the second lasted 12 months (which was within warranty so my Dr replaced them for a $25 fee) and the thrid cracked after 3 months. My dr won't replace these, so I've got to get a new pair. Given how expensive they are coupled with the fact that the lenses tend to crack & then break, I'm not going to buy another pair and I wouldn't recommend these to anyone.

Betty Miller -

Thank you for your comment, Lynn. I had the same experience with the second lenses. They craced within 12 months. The sales man told me that the new lenses will not crack, but they guarantee only 2 years. The cost is not cheap. I will look for another pair. Thank you again.

Paul Jacobson -

My Silhouette frame broke at the point where the side piece is under the most stress, just next to where it connects to the lens. This was after about 2-1/2 years, so no warranty. I tend to wear my glasses at least 3 years, so this is disappointing, especially since it is the most expensive frame I have ever bought, and none of my traditional hinged frames ever broke. I have been easier on these than any glasses I have ever owned. My sister had the exact same failure with the same frames, after about the same amount of time. I doubt I will buy them again, based on this poor performance. No problem with lens cracking, but it probably would have happened!

Bill Hager -

Those of you who have complained about Silhouette lens breakage and cracking, has this occurred on polycarbonate lenses?

Jim Attfield -

I bought a pair of Silhouettes as they appeared lightweight, less noticeable (frame-less) and I was told by the optician that they were practically indestructible. In just over three years I have had three arms break on me. The first time it was replaced under warranty, the second time was just out of warranty and was somewhat grudgingly replaced after I bitched a bit about it. The last time was two weeks ago when an arm broke without warning when I was in Khartoum, Sudan, 4000 miles from home. Stranded without glasses I would have been unable to use my laptop and unable to work had I not taken my non-prescription ready readers with me. I spent quite some time cursing Silhouette. I was prepared to admit the first time that I may have not known how to treat this type of frame properly, thinking 'indestructible' but after *three* breakages (and I don't believe I have developed Uri Geller skills) and treating them with kid gloves after the first breakage I don't believe I am at fault. This last time I put them in the case after work and when I got to the apartment and took them out one arm was left behind - no warning! I haven't had any cracking on the poly lenses, though.

I will never, never ever buy Silhouette again nor recommend them to anybody.

Craig MacDonald -

I bought a pair of Silhouttes in Feb 2006. Their light weight and frameless/flexible arms appealed to me. I invested a fair amount of money in them thinking I would be getting a quality product (to me, a quality product means a warranty of more than a year which shouldn't be needed anyway on a higher quality, higher priced item.) I take good care of my eyeglasses however, after less than 2 years of use (Oct 2007), the left arm broke off near the point where it connects to the lens. Since the 1 year warranty period has expired, Sterling Optical will not fix them unless I pay $80 to get a replacement arm.

Given these postings and others I see on the web, I will never buy Silhouettes again.

Mathis Haas -

Think Bill Hager's question is very good: what type of material where your lenses made of? I have been using my Silhouette with plastic lenses for more than 3 years without problems. I am now looking to invest into a new pair -> as my eyes have gotten worse again.

Peter -

I've been wearing Silhouettes since about 2001. I'm on my fourth or fifth pair now. I can tell you that without fail, they will break at the "hinge" within one year. You can count on it. Usually the first breakage occurs under warranty, so I get them replaced without cost. But after that, an arm replacement runs about $80.

Years ago I used to make the mistake of trying to adjust the fit myself. Don't ever do that. They will usually break because of that. Even my optician has weakened them by adjusting the fit, and they would end up breaking the next day.

I never remove them with one hand, I don't adjust the fit, and I'm always very careful with them. They'll still break :) Keep extra pairs in your car, home, office, luggage (when traveling), etc. Aside from this, they are great glasses.

Nic Barry -

I bought my rimless framed silhouettes Feb 7, 2007 and today at work when I was folding them to put into my case the lens snapped diagonally near the end of the nose frame and the outer screw hole. I was surprised and frustrated but thought that as they are only 9 months old I would be able to get the lens replaced and repaired by the Optometrist.

I just got off the phone with my Optometrists Office after being told that there is no warranty on the lens and it will cost $292.00 to replace it. These lenses are plastic.

I was interested to see that this is definitely a problem with the design and warranty. I don't recommend the rimless frame silhouettes!

Diane -

I just picked up my rimless Silhouettes today and am not finding these comments reassuring! I wondered about where the nosepiece and the templets are connected to the lenses . . .

Jessica -

About 8 months ago, I purchased a pair of 1938 Silhouette semi-rimless glasses. They were pretty cool glasses until about a month ago, when the frames snapped on the plastic nosepiece.

I really don't want to purchase another frame (which is just about impossible to locate, not to mention expensive), so how would I go about contacting Silhouette directly?

Awaiting in blindness ...

John Vacek -

Thanks for clueing me into this before I broke the bank on a pair. I am just now looking for new specs and love the look of these. However, I guess my quest continues... Any suggestions?

Rakesh -

I have had the rimless, hingeless silhouette frames for 3.5 years with polycarbonate bi-focal lenses. They have been great. I am about to buy another pair as my prescription has changed.

Mike T -

I love the look of the framless and hingless glasses, and I've had my silhouettes for about 3 1/2 years now. Aside from the 'sticker shock,' I had no complaints until my prescription changed about a year and a half ago. I kept my frames and had the lenses replaced, and about a month later the right lens developed a crack at the arm attach point. The lens was replaced under warranty and I was happy. Some time later the lens cracked in the same location, but now they are not covered. I've been walking around with a crack in my lens for about six months now because it's too expensive to fix, and my prescription will most likely change by the time of my next eye exam in 6 more months. Today, disaster struck. I took my glasses off on the way to work in order to rub my eye, and the left arm just fell off in my hand. At first I thought the screws had come out of the lens, but I knew I couldn't be that lucky. The arm appears to broken off flush with the lens.
Now I have to make it through the work day with only one arm on my glasses. I went on the Internet in hopes of finding some information about whether my frames would be warrantied or not, but judging by some of the comments here---it doesn't appear that they are. I really liked my glasses---I really did, but I'm throwing in the towel. I need some glasses that are a little more robust, and not so expensive to replace. I saw a pair of framless glasses with hinged arms at a Costco store for about half of what I paid for my Silhouettes.

Carrie -

I have owned my silhoutte glasses for over 4 years now, with no problems! I own a titanium frame from the minimal art collection. Also, i have polycarbonate lenses. I have never had any breaking, chipping or cracking on my lenses. I used to work for the eyeglass company that made my glasses, and we would NOT sell these totally rimless frames without using polycarbonate lenses. Mainly for safety purposes, but also for the fact that regular plastic usually does chip in these styles. The process for manufacturing is what is called "Drill mounted", hence the lenses have to have tiny holes drilled in them in order to affix the frame to them. Polycarbonate is the safer and more lightweight lens choice. It tends to cost a little more, but is SO worth it! I can barely feel these frames on my face...which is what i adore about them! Plus the fact that they are not that noticable. I cannot wear contacts, and cannot afford laser surgery, so these glasses to me are a Godsend! I also have the Anti-reflective coating on the lenses, which makes the lenses virtually invisible, and have had no problem with that either. Currently, i am getting ready to replace these with an updated prescription. Hoping to use the same titanium frame, and replace lenses only, because after four years of wear, tear and abuse (I have 4 children, the youngest being 6 mo. old now), they are still in gresat shape! I highly recommend Silhouette to anybody! P.S. Just saw the comment about the hinged arms (AKA: spring loaded), and want you to know that with the Silhouttes, that option is not necessary...the titanium bends and has alot of give without fear of breaking. Also, in case you are all wondering, i am not in the eyecare business anymore...been a stay-at-home Mommy for the last four years...just really love my Silhouttes! :)

Jennifer -

Just got off the phone with Silhouette's US "customer service" at 800-223-0180 to inquire about warranty on my 5 month old clip-on sunglasses which I purchased at the same time as my first pair of Silhouettes. They refuse to answer any questions and only throw you into a voicemail system for a response. Surely they offer a basic warranty period which can be communicated to a retail customer. (Tried my optical store first, but without much satisfaction.) Has anyone found them to be more service oriented?

Sheila -

After 3 years of wearing my rimless Silhouette glasses I needed a new prescription and replaced the polycarbonate lenses with same. During the three years I owned these glasses I ran face-first into a Nordic Trac and gave myself a black eye sending the glasses flying across the room. The glasses were unscathed except for a tiny chip at the bottom of one lens. I have dropped them numerous times and "bumped" them often. I thought they were indestructible until I read the postings here. The new trifolcal polycarbonate lens cost $340 and I hope they perform as well as the old lenses. My frames aren't bendable and I do not fold them and put them in the case. They are either on my face or on a flat surface. I will try to treat them more gently now that I know they aren't totally break-proof. They are the most comfortable glasses I have ever worn.

Debbie -

I just bought a pair of the frameless silhouettes today. I sure hope I don't have the problems I see posted here. I'm not sure I would have bought them if I had read these posts, or maybe I would have taken a chance since I liked them so much. I never knew they existed until my annual eye exam today. EXPENSIVE for sure and especially after putting the progressive, transistion, no glare in my lenses. I had to dig into my savings to pay for them so I am sure hoping I love them and have no problems, like Sheila who loves hers and has had no problem. I never scrimp on my eye glasses but this was WAY more than I had planned. Oh well....wish me luck. After all, it's only money. :oP


I just had an eye examination today and was looking at the Silhouette rim-less frame as a possible option. But after reading the comments above, I decided to remove it off the list of options.

I did try it on at the Dr.'s office, and it is very, very light. But I learn something today from others' comments:

1. It has the tendency to break (hello? reliability, where are you?)
2. It is expensive to repair (did you see that? affordability just flew out of the window.)
3. It requires more care in handing than regular frame (hold your breath and use both hands to lift it please!)

On a much lighter note, if I were to believe that Silhouette could magically make me look strikingly handsome, I wouldn't mind paying for it. After all if look could kill...


Alim -

That is great that you have warranty etc.In Kazakstan if you have problems with your frame then nobody will solve it for free.I bought frameless one,it seemed unstable on my nose but the saleswoman told me that they would fix it but they didn't.After my complaint that the frame didn't sit on my nose proportionally, slanting, they told me that I should not have chosen this frame and they were not going to take it back or change it.I was so frustrated.I never wore the frame because my eyes sore.

Laura -

I have been wearing rimless Silhouette glasses since 2000. I love them, I hated glasses before finding them. I can't wear contacts. I have only switched frames once for a color change. Reusing the second frames for over 4 years and only changing lens with new prescriptions every 2-3 years. The lenses are polycarbonate. During all these years I shut the glasses in the rear doors of my Chevy Tahoe, dropped them numerous times, kicked them a couple of times and bumped them often. The glasses weren't hurt except for a tiny scratch on one lens. I too, thought they were indestructible until I read the postings here. I do not fold my frames or put them in the case. They are either on my face or on a flat surface. I just started having problems with the glasses a week ago. While cleaning them, one of the inner drill mounts came apart a week after I got new lens. Now the glasses will not stay alined on my face. If I send them off for repair they will be gone for 3 weeks... blind I will be. They are expensive, but for the light weight and comfort my silhouettes have been worth the expense. My problem is the time I must give them up for repair or replace. I am sorry to hear others have not enjoyed their glasses as much as I have mine. I will continue with Silhouettes as long as I can.

titan -

I both my frame back in 2000. First, the left arm was broken then the right arm followed by the metal piece in the middle that connects the glasses during the course of 3-years. Paid $75.00 to replace each piece in the hopes that it won't happen again. Unfortunately, the left arm was broken approximately 4 years ago, which is when I gave up and stopped using silhouette products. I sent two or three e-mails to the company but never received a response. Beware.

new comer -

Hello I just recently purchased a pair of silhouettes. Thankfully, my insurance covered majority of the cost. I read the comments and I wished I had researched before purchasing. I have not had any problems.
I was wondering if anyone has purchased high index lens. I got the poly this time, because the high index is soooo!!! expensive.


If affordable eyeglasses are of interest to you, have a look at this site:

Matt, Minnesota USA -

Just got my silouettes today. I would be nervous about some of the negative experiences people have had if not for some logical thinking. How many pairs are sold, of those what are the odds that some will break? On top of that of all the people who buy a pair who is more likely to post a review; the person with a negative experience, or the person with a positive experience?

I hope that after 12 months my experience is still positive.

good luck to everyone who got screwed, I hope I don't join you.


dee -

I have contacted Silouette Customer service via email:
Also by Phone 800-223-0180

We are experiencing the same problem with breakage at the temple. Have had frames for 3 years and been extremely careful when handling them. They broke at the bend where they attach to the lens.

The dealer will not do anything other than sell a new frame for more than $300 and the manufacturer is saying that it is out of warranty.

Isn't titanium supposed to be the strongest metal? My grandmother's silver framed rimless glasses lasted for 20 years of use and are still in fantastic shape. I don't think that 3-4 years of life is asking too much!

We will never buy Silouette again.

Cathy -

I've had my Silouettes going on 3 yrs. and they have been the most comfortable, durable eyeglasses I've ever owned. Maybe I've been very lucky, but these have been sat on, slept in , and thrown across a ceramic tile floor by a 6 month old and still unscathed. Getting ready to purchase my second Silouettes this week. They're the only eyeglasses I've never hated wearing. Was it worth the price? Absolutely.

Kathy -

How do you clean your lenses?

Jordan -

To clean my Silhouettes, I use a soft cloth with a lens cleaning solution if it gets really greasy.
My frameless BROKE at the part where it right arm connects to the lens after 1.5 years of normal wear and tear. Has anyone tried Krazy gluing the arm back together?
ps. I'm never getting these again, I'd rather go with lightweight titanium frames which are probably more durable.

Brian -

Matt, you beat me to the's human nature for those with a complaint to want to tell everyone about it, while those who are quite happy with their Silhouettes form the silent majority. To those 'sitting on the fence' about getting Sihouettes after reading the comments here, I'm sure the same would apply to most products you research.

I'm posting to say I have owned my Silhouettes with polycarb lenses for FIVE years and have had ZERO problems with them. They are fantastic to wear, so light you hardly know you have them on, and with the rimless design and very narrow arms I have received many comments from others that from a distance it appears I'm not even wearing glasses!

I can't begin to imagine what handling would cause the breakages reported on here. I'm just about to replace my Silhouettes only because the lens coating has started to disintegrate. Hopefully I can get the coating removed and keep them for my back-up pair. I have no reservations about getting Silhouettes again, and won't even waste time looking at other manufacturers' frames.

(Silhouettes are also worn by NASA astronauts. Don't think that would be the case if there were lots of problems with them!)

Mike -

My pair just snapped. The left temple unit just snapped in two pieces. I had taken really good care of them and they snapped when I just picked them up (no twisting or bending or anything.) They are 15 months old and not under warranty. It would cost over 100$ to repair. They were way too expensive for this and are totally inoperable broken (unlike other glasses I could wear or temproarily repair with nerd tape.) I will never buy another pair from these people. Please save your money for another maker.

Jewell -

I've been wearing Silhouettes with polycarb lenses for about six years. I have two pairs and my spouse has two pairs we both LOVE them! Neither one of us has had any breakage of any kind. I was concerned t them looking too delicate when I first saw them. But my optician that I've had for years assured me they would hold up and not break. He was absolutely right!They are the best glasses I've ever had. Over the course of time with the two frames I've had 3 different lens shapes. I've be hit in the face a few time with falling objects that knocked my glasses completely off my face and into the floor and never had a lens crack or break. The glasses are so comfortable and I see so well with them I sometimes forget I have them on an walk into the shower with them. They are so light and comfortable it's like not wearing glasses at all. I can't recommend them high enough.

Ken Huxter -

Hi if anyone knows of Optical World near Fort Lauderdale please give me the phone no. or address. My Flair glasses broke when I was on Holidays in Florida. Flair is owned by Silhouette so I went to a Silhouette dealer and bought a new frame that fit. Recently the right temple arm piece broke off just like all the other stories here. I lost the receipt and I can't find the shop number. My frame is one and a half years old, so I could get a replacement arm if I could find the store.

I have tried on line, and other means to find the store but can't find it. I have to find that store no other dealer will honor the warranty.

Help, Ken Huxter, Steady Brook, NL. Can.

Thomas -

I just got my Silhouettes (model 7527) from Vision Express (UK) and reading about the fragility of these glasses is a little bit concerning. Luckily my glasses come with a 2 year warranty which covers all forms of breakages and accidental damage which only cost an extra £25 (approx $50). They are extremely comfortable and surprisingly extremely light when compared to my old semi rimless pair which I thought was light. Only time will tell how these fare, then again, I don't have to worry about the repair bill.

hmichelly -

Fascinating reading; but let's talk science:

Polycarbonate will crack upon drill-mounting about 50% of the time, especially with opticians and techs who do not use the proper tools to mount the lens into the frame, or have not been educated by the company representative to do it correctly.
We only use trivex or high index lenses with Silhouette frames.This solves 90% of the breakage and cracking. We only sell them to patients who understand that they should NEVER try to adjust them at home, do not fall asleep in their glasses on a regular basis or take them on and off numerous times during the day.We use a laboratory that is educated by Silhouette to drill the holes with the proper equipment. YES, there is a difference in laboratories!!

Overall, they do tend to break.But that is the price for the lightest frames around. My choice of drill mounts include Morel's LST line(much more stylish), NO SCREWS Either!!Yay!

Hope that helps,


Bill Claybo -

I purchased a pair of Silhoettes a couple of years ago costing me several hundred dollars. Within a year the finish came off the temples like something you would expect from a cheap pair of readers. I have received no response from Silhoette after emailing them several times. I love the frame but would never spent that kind of money again for something that is made soooo cheap. Would not recommend them to anyone.

Amy -

I love my Silhouette eyeglasses. I have had them since 2000 which is going on 8 years now! I have never had any trouble with them. When I bought them I did not know what the brand was or anything about them. I just liked how they were rimless at the bottom. Last year, I went to the eye doctor and they could not belive that I still had these same glasses. I think I paid over $300 for them and they have really been worth it. I would recommend them to anyone. They are so lightweight.

Jintana -

My first pair were very comfortable, but the arm broke off after 6 months. Cost a lot to repair, and broke again. Bought another pair, same problem. I bought a third pair ( they ARE comfotable and look great) and the frame broke again, same problem. This is obviously a major design fault, and I will NEVER buy any
of these sun glasses again.

Phyllis -

What a relief to know that it's not just me adn the dealer told me these frames were nearly indestuctible. I've had problems with the lenses and recently had one replaced. The dealer acted as if they had never heard of a lens cracking before and made a big deal of giving me a free replacement as the lens was only a few weeks more than a year old. Today, as I was driving, my glasses seemed to be uneven and, when I tried to adjust them, I found that the right arm had broken off. I would not recommend this product.

Pete -

I have been wearing Silhouette #7484 for three years and love them. They only broke when I accidently stepped on them in the driveway. I had taken them off while cleaning my car and put them on the roof. They are so light weight that the wind blew them off without me realizing it. Crunch. Believe it or not, they were repaired under the warranty for free. I was so impressed with these glasses for all the positive reasons listed above and have not had one problem with them that I purchased a second pair. MY ONE MAJOR COMPLAINT is that the corresponding clip-on sunglasses have been discontinued. Mine broke where the clip-ons attach to the bridge of the glasses and I cannot get a replacement. Although they still sell my style and size the clip-ons are discontinued leaving the only option of putting different size lenses in the frames, to the tune of $250.00. I still have not decided what to do yet. I am using scotch tape to hold the clips on my glasses. Unbelievable huh?.. on a $350 pair of glasses I have to use scotch tape.........

juanita king -

I recently bought my 2ond pair of silhouttes, the first ones I had about 3 years, loved them, then the left temple just broke off, shortly after the right one. It cost a lot to repair to the left one, since I needed to change my prescription I didnt fix the right. I needed bi-focals this time, so I bought a similiar but larger silhoutte frame with progressive lenses. I hate them. The have anti-reflection coating on them, and looking straight is fine, but I get such awful reflections from both the top and the bottom of the lenses they are hard to use. I also bought a cheap back up pair, which I am using. The eye doctor's say its something I just have to get used to. I never had it in my smaller ones, and my rimmed bi-focals are fine. I live in Canada, and these glasses cost over $600.00. Does anyone else have a problem with this?

Carol -

Gosh, I have been reading about the comments regarding Silhouette frames and I was shocked to hear all the negatives. I have had my polycarb , progressive lenses and frame for over four years. No problems. I am an active senior, play basketbal, garden, mow my own 2 acre lawn and they have fit great and never needed adjusting or repair. My thought about the cracking problems is that it's not the fault of the frame but rather the lenses. Maybe it's the the fault of the lab that is mounting the lense rather than Silhouette frame. They were costly but the comfort and not having to get them adjusted every few months was worth it. I plan on getting another pair. I hope the work out as well as my first pair.

Glen -

I have been shocked to read all the comments posted about Silhuette rimless. I have been wearing mine for more than 7 years. I have had them reglazed with an updated prescriptions and repaired once. The repair was because "I" was too heavy handed with the cleaning. Also they have taken a great amount of heavy use and been dropped and thrown. The result, they still look and feel great. I only looked for a site because last week I had an eye test and was told that it was not possible to have a reglaze again. I was shocked and was trying to find out if this was true. I did feel that the opticions just wanted to make another sale. They have won, I am picking up my new pair of Silhuette rimless today, and will hopefully be using my old ones for many many more years.

Corith -

I just got a set, and I'm not real happy. The compression fittings at the bridge seems to extend into my field of vision so it seems like there a line of fuzzy dirt. It is very distracting.

Anybody else notice this?

E Scratch P -

I've had my prescription rimless Silhouettes for seven years or so. Wore them every day for a couple years, then got contacts and now wear them to read at night, etc. I never had a problem except when I took them to the beach in Brazil--and scratched the lenses. Miraculously, my guys were able to remove the anti-scratch coating (which had scratched) and they're like new.

I also have a pair of their rimless sunglasses (custom, not premade) with polycarbonate lenses. Those were great--for several years--until they blew off my head and were run over by a car. Actually they'd still be fine but one of the lenses broke. The other arm and the bridge stayed together and in near perfect shape.

It might be that some people are better at assembling them than others. With normal, careful use, my experience is that they last for years.

jan7371 -

I purchased the Silhouette glasses since they were light weight and rimless. They were the most expensive glasses I have ever bought. My wife bought a similar pair.

My experience has been wholly negative. My left temple broke and had to be replaced, not under warranty of course. The right lens had to be replaced as the anti glare coating failed and left me lookng out of a foggy lens. No sooner had those things been repaired than my wife's left temple broke and needed replacement. Since then the sunglasses that were provided with the glasses have broken. The clip no longer keeps them secure on the glasses. Needless to say I am completely disappointed. Never in 50 years of wearing glasses have I ever had to repair any of them for any reason so I do not believe I have suddenly become heavy handed when I purchased these.

I would never recommend these glasses to anyone


Eric -


The extended bridge on my new Silhouettes is certainly noticeable and rather annoying. There were a few points during the past two days where I was engrossed with an activity and didn't notice it. However, many other times I've had to take them off for a few minutes because seeing the bridge there was straining my eyes. I'm hoping my vision will adjust to it.

Karine -

I've had my Silhouettes for about 4 years and have never had any problems with the frames. The style I have are rimless but the arms do have a hinge at the temple, perhaps that helps. I have the lenses changed every couple of years if my prescription changes but the frames are good as new. I use polycarbonate transitions lenses with Crizal anti-glare coating. I tried progressive lenses for a year and hated them. They cut out too much of my peripheral vision.

Sharol -

My first pair I wore 5+ years. They are still in great shape. I purchased new Silouette frames (same style) only 15 months ago in a bronze color. Most all of the bronze finish is gone and it changed to a bright purple! Now some of the purple is changing to a dull silver color. I only have about a 1/4 inch left of bronze in two spots except the bridge is still all bronze. My end result is frames that are three different colors. I'll never bye Silouettes again. I spent about $400.00 for the frames alone. My set ended up costing me nearly $1,000.00. I am shocked to the point I'm thinking I ended up a a pair of forgery. I bought my glasses in Miami. Is anyone else having this problem?

jnoathan -

i do not work for the manufacturer !

I have had mine for just under two years.
The welded arm that holds the nosepad just broke recently, the doctor ordered an entire bridge/nose assembly under warranty (no charge at all), was delivered in one business day (wow!) and replaced it inhouse in a half hour.

My friend and I went out last night and his did the exact same thing- so we may have a design/component issue here ... if you are outside 2 year warranty, I expect this is a very expensive thing - be warned

the glasses are simply amazing - I have never had a lens problem (cracking ?) and neither have any of my three friends who have these

taking them off and putting them on is indeed a one hand operation if desired - you quickly learn to get the little ball tucked in behind you ear and swing the on from the side - to be fair, this may stress the side pieces a bit more than usual, but again the four sets of frames I know of have never failed on the sides, and never experienced lens cracking.

one caution before buying - the sunglasses attachment is cumbersome, ugly and will likely scratch the main lens if you are less than careful with glasses (sounds like some of you are a little tough on them)...I wound up getting prescription sunglasses instead .. which means I get halfway into the grocery store before I realize I have left the normal ones in the car - and have to blindly fumble for items and money - this of course is an issue with ANY set of glasses


initial cost

flexible but very hard to adjust - if you do not have a perfectly aligned head, you have to bend them and the amount of force required is disturbing

if you lose your grip while taking them off, they fly off your head in a springloaded fashion and hit the pavement

i do miss hinged earpieces - stowing these is a pain
in the car when I need sunglasses, I use the defroster vents - stick the earpieces in there, lenses up ... and there you go

Ian -

I've had my sihouettes for 5 years and love them. They're the best looking, most comfortable glasses I've ever had. Unfortunately I broke them yesterday. It turns out that while the arms are very flexible sideways, they will snap from force in the vertical direction. Lesson: don't leave them on your bed where you can roll over them.

I'm going to buy another pair today.

Wanda -

I'm sitting at my desk wearing a pair of silhouettes that only have one ear! Last night I removed my glasses and the left ear piece just came apart in my hand. I've had the glasses for about 2 years and I was under the impression that they would last practically forever. What a surprise. I paid a lot of money to have glasses that were "invisible" and "indestructible". I'm so disappointed. Never again.

Barbara -

I have been wearing Silhouettes for the past 8-10 years and I love them. They are almost invisible looking, so light weight that I don't even feel them on my face and comfortable. I have never had a problem with them. I have gone to opticians who do not carry silhouettes buy there frames which turn out to be so uncomfortable that I end up spending extra money to go back to silhouettes. I was told that when I first started wearing them that once you wear a pair of silhouettes, you will never wear anything else. SO TRUE!!!!

Aggravated -

I just received my repaired Silhouettes in the mail. It was the right arm this time. I am thousands of miles from an optometrist and the right side lense is almost touching my eyebrows. I'm afraid to touch them, but I have to. Can someone give me advice on how to adjust the right side downwards (the left side is low, almost touching my cheek) and balance these things without ending up breaking the arms (again)? -- Aggravated in the dessert

jdh -

Glasses and frames have worked well. Clip-on sunglasses have not - that tiny plastic retaining tab at the bridge has fatigued and will no longer hold the sunglasses on. I am advised that replacements are available here in Canada ($140) - I agree with Jennifer (Jan29/08) that the "help" desk is completely unresponsive. I have sent 2 e-mals and left 2 voice mails in the past 6 weeks ... I'm waiting.

debbie -

I have the Silhouettes for 3 years now and I love them except.....

I allready had 4 new clip on sunglasses.

They break everytime in the middle.

Now I'm getting new sunglasses, absolutely no clip on anymore !!!

Joe -

Both arms have now been broken at the attachment.
There is apparently an insufficient thickness in the armature. While comfortable, I can't afford the inconvenience nor expense of these frames hyper-delicate construction.

Anita -

I've had my frameless Silhouettes with polycarb lenses for 2 years now and not one bit of trouble. I do wear them every waking hour and don't ever fold them into a case, which I'm sure helps reduce the stress on the stems. Due to their light weight, I find them amazingly comforable, and they've been durable as well. I got clopped a couple times and the glasses went flying - no damage to frame or lenses! Two of my immediate neighbor coworkers have them as well (both on their 2nd pairs) and both say they haven't had any problems with theirs. Again, they wear them all the time, like me.

Dan @ Boston -

Uhoh. Now I'm worried. I've had my rimless silhouettes for about 2 years only. So far they've been pretty comfortable, no issues except one of the nose clips came fell off. I do notice a little crack on the lens at one of the drill holes. When I bought these, I asked for something indestructible because I tend to abuse my glasses heavily. Sucks to learn that they're not as indestructible as I was sold.

Jerry Gunser -

Hi, At 1 year the left temple piece broke at the lens. 1.5 years the right temple piece broke. There still together at this time 2 years, with my fingers crossed. I can't beleive the company will not back their product. I baby my glasses and hope they will be OK. My doctor has fixed them twice for free. Should start a class action lawsuit.

Margaret E. Brinkmann -

I bought my silhouette glasses 3 years ago and love them, they are light and for a person who does not take good care of her glasses I was pleased, until they cracked on both of the lens where they attach to the lens. I wanted another pair but after reading all the comments listed here I went out and purchased standard rim glasses. Man! are they heavy, like a brick on your nose. I will try to get another pair of silouettes, if I can afford them!

Lee B -

Looks like I have the same problem as many have had. My no-hinge rimless frames broke at the connection point to the left lens after about 4 years. $85 for the fix.

Nice light glasses---high maintenance!

tucson az -

i bought the silhouette titan frames two and a half years ago with very light, high quality lenses (my eyes aren't too bad yet, so the glasses overall were extremely light). one hinge (weird little ball-type hinge) completely broke about a year later, after about a couple weeks of being very loose. i got them fixed under warranty. now the balls look seriously chipped and probably don't have too much life left in them. the frameless design meant that warranty work could not be done at my eye glasses store.

my least favorite thing about the glasses was the way the frame connected to the lenses for the nose piece. it stuck a line right in the middle of my vision that took a couple of months before i could successfully ignore.

i did like that they had the flexible metal (my third pair of glasses with that material), but i didn't like that they seemed so delicate. whenever they needed to be adjusted, i'd end up taking them in for fear of snapping something.

i am now back to a more traditional pair of glasses and am very happy to be back to something more substantial (a bit heavier, but i am much happier).

Uzumaki -

I haven't experiences any of the problems described here in this thread, and I've had Silhouettes since 2005. Never broken themselves, and the lenses never broke either, though eventually the coating started to break up. Unfortunately, I lost them last night on a rollercoaster (stupid me), so I'm not really looking forward to giving my optometrist another arm for another pair. But maybe I will anyway. Just hope I get a pair like my old ones!

Ubides -

They are the perfect way to go for eye wear, yes they can break. Its just taking care of any item you own. I have been using them for over five years and will never go back to those heavy frames. If you are looking to buy a frame here is a site that sell them for a great price.

Christopher Jackson -

I've had the same experience as everyone else--I loved my Silhouette rimless frames until the right arm broke near the temple yesterday. I've had them for just over two years. The most bizarre thing was I was not putting any stress on the arm whatsoever--the arm simply fell apart. After reading others' comments about Silhouette's poor customer service, I'm not even going to bother trying to contact them. Looks like I've got to buy a new right arm (and start saving my money for when the left arm breaks).

Capman -

I purchased Silhouette frames in the fall of 06. In the fall of 07, the left arm broke (sounds familiar). Luckily, still under warranty. This morning, the new left arm broke. Exact same place. Also the same place that everyone else having the same issue has described. This is getting to be an annual event. Luckily, my provider (Eye Care Plus - Nashville, TN) is an awesome customer service store. They will replace for $65 (discounted from $80), and will get it in next day. I have to say that I love the frames as far as comfort. I do feel that the weight and comfort come with a cost (other than the original price). Silhouette could stand to beef up this one spot in the arms. With the glasses on, I don't even notice where the arms attach. A little stronger material could not hurt. Also, I am on my second set of polycarbonate lenses. I have never had cracks.

David -

Would anyone recommend purchasing Silhouette glasses online; if so from which company?

Tom -

Wow a lot of problems! I might be able to offer some infomation. I am an optician at a wholesale lab and for the past 7 years I have spent my day drilling and assembling three piece optical frames. I also have 25 years expirence working for eyewear companies in new product development. The quality of your Slhouette frame expirence can vary on several factors. First the lens material should never be CR-39 or mid-index plastic (1.56). You should use poly, 1.67 hi-index, or trivex material. Poly can crack at the drill holes if the are too tight and cause too much stress. It is important that they are drilled and assembled correctly. They shoud be adjusted by an optician using the proper pliers to hold the compression mounts during adjustments so the wou't loosen the bridge or temples. The frames are made of Beta titatium material. This is a durable material and is hopo-alagenic. It is strong and flexable but if bent sharply it can crease the metal and cause it to crack and break at it's weakest points. (the bridge and temples near the edge of the lens. People who treat there frames carefully and remove them with two hand normally have good luck with them. But I would stress that no thin and light frames are unbreakable. I do agree with the complaints the the company Silhouette optical is not very receptical to customer service complaints and don't warrenty their product very well. In closing I like the frames a lot. I wear them and my wife does without any problems.

David -

My wife bought these glasses for an outrageous amount of money and was very disappointed when hers failed.

We have moved, so going to the optician where we bought them is not an option.

After 18 months, the little pins (they don't use screws) that hold the nose piece to the lens had gotten loose, so the two lens would wobble with respect to each other. I wrote to Silhouette and customer service was useless. It is really hard to imagine a company that makes high end products and treats their customers this way. They really couldn't care less. They said they have no responsibility and will not repair or replace anything.

For comparison, I had a much more positive experience with Ray-Ban recently. One lens cracked while I was traveling (I didn't notice it cracking, but a cracked lens in a pair of glasses with conventional frames is usually the users fault), and I sent them back to Ray-Ban and they replaced the lens for $12.50 (including S&H).

If anyone reading this is an attorney, I would love to hear your comments on how/if a manufacturer can disclaim an implied warranty. Should not every customer reasonably expect that ones glasses should not spontaneously fail or fail after just a few months of normal use? Is 12 months, 18 months, 24 months a reasonable life expectancy for adult glasses? Do we consider these disposable products with a short and finite life?

I don't understand how Silhouette can manufacture glasses and distribute them to all these people and not repair them when they break. The local opticians seem to eat some of the repair costs, but is that fair? What happens when your local optician will not absorb the cost (as is the case for many people who have written in here)?

Here is the email:


Thank you for your email and thank you for your support of Silhouette product.
Normally, we would suggest that you take your eyewear back to the place you purchased them. The warranty on your frame is with the original place of purchase. Silhouette distributes eyewear to retailers that sell our frames to end consumers. We do not offer a repair center and we are
unable to send product directly to our consumers.

If the original place of purchase is not an option for you, please let us know and we will be happy to assist with an optician in your area that carries Silhouette.

Thank you,

Silhouette Customer Service

Tom -

David, It sounds like the compression mounts have become loose. This can be from the holes being drilled a little too big or from rough treatment of the frame. The good news is that nothing is broken and if you find a local Pearle vision or some accomadating optician that carries Silhouettes they should be able to quickly fix your problem at a small cost to you. good luck!

Barbara Connolly -

I have taken extremely good and gentle care of my Silhouette rimless glasses which, with sun clip, cost $742.00. I have had them just past two years and the right arm broke off upon me putting them on. The doctor was not at all helpful--telling me that replacement arm is another $88.They know that I am a low-income senior who just made an investment in a "seemingly durable quality pair of eyeglasses". I will NEVER RECOMMEND SILHOUETTE EYEGLASSES, NOR ANY BUSINESS THAT DARES TO SELL THIS ABOMINABLE RIP-OFF! They are dishonest to say the very least!

Barbara -

Just as a post script-----------My doctor's office "personnel" informed me that some famous sport person (I live in Carmel, CA area) "has ordered 40 pairs of these Silhouette rimless glasses because he loves them". I guess so. He probably has gone through at least 40 pairs. Is this not a no-brainer? Needless to say, some of these "so-called eye doctors" will do most ---if not anything--- to preserve their money making gig! PLEASE LET US HELP SILHOUETTE EITHER GET HONEST AND REPUTABLE IN ITS BUSINESS OR GO TOTALLY OUT OF BUSINESS!

Charlie, North Carolina -

This was my first pair of glasses, I was told these glasses would not break, so I invested in what I thought were the best frames. The right arm broke just over a year and then today the left arm broke. I will buy different frames in the future.

Chris, Western Montana -

I've had my Silhouette's for 3+ years. I just put a new pair of lens's in the original frame. I didn't even need to have them adjusted. In fact, they've only been adjusted once...the day I first picked them up. They've been dropped, sat on, knocked off my face. I've stored them in the case and placed them in my fanny pack while hunting the Rocky Mountains every year. Frankly, I've never been very careful with them. They are bronze colored and look as good as new. I wear them everyday, all day...take them off and put them on with one hand. I've been very pleased. The best glasses I've ever had. (High index, transitions with anti glare). Even if they broke tomorrow, I'd buy another pair. More money than I can afford but so worth it!

Dave -

Just put my order in today !!!! After reading the comments of dissatisfied consumers have got a little buyers remorse BUT i hate wearing glasses have never found a pair of frames i liked or wanted to wear These are great looking and feel great on have got to the point where i need to wear glasses daily and will proceed with purchase .I tend to be a good test for defective products so standby !!! If it is going to breakdown i guarantee it will happen to me Will ask about extended warranty

Debbie - I can give my review. I've had my glasses now since the end of February and I love them! But my glasses do have the little hinges so they fold. The lenses are a little more wrap than just plain. I wore my glasses under my full faced helmet on a two week motorcycle trip I went on and they were great. I had to bend them to get them to go into my helmet (my wrap around's won't fit under my full face helmet) I was amazed that I didn't have a problem with them but they were no worse for the wear. It might have been the fact that they have the hinges that they held up so well, but I love them and probably won't wear anything else for a long while. I unitentionally give them the ultimate beating and they passed with flying colors!

rm -

I have owned my glasses for over 2 years now and have had no problems with the glasses cracking. The only reason I am getting a new pari is due to perscription change. I will buy no other glasses as these are the lightest and strongest glasses I have owned. Worth every penny I paid for them.

Aurora -

I just ordered my first pair of Silhouette glasses, and I need some advice. Could someone please tell me where to hold them during cleaning. In addition, where does one put them if they don't use a case? I understand that it's essential to put glasses in a case every time the glasses are removed in order to prevent scratches. Please help if you can. Many thanks!

tom -

To clean to glasses hold the bridge(nasil piece) between your thumb and finger. Always use a soft cleaner cloth and lens cleaner. Isopropyl (rubbing) Alcohol can also be used. Never use any wood products (Paper towels or tuissue paper) These may scratch lens. Make sure cloth is free of any thing that may scratch lens. If frames are not in a case you can place them upside down on a table and they will be Ok if you don't hit them or put something down on them. (Case is always the best when possible)

patty -

Hold the bridge when cleaning the lenses; I learned this the hard way, by breaking an arm, ball-hinge type, while cleaning. I use Dawn dish detergent (for 2+, warm water and a soft cloth as was suggested by the opt. I have large bifocal lenses, with anti-glare coating, which sit close to my face and eyebrows; Dawn works well on the oils.

A hinge broke another time after getting pulled out of shape (the arm caught on the edge of the sink as I picked them up ) and I tried to readjust it myself. Fortunately, the opt. had some extra hinge/frame bits and put it back together for less than $30.

My biggest complaint is how easily my frame, with ball-hinges, gets so loose that it falls off my face. I've had them about 5 years (on 2nd set of lenses w/new prescription)) but this has been a problem from the beginning. This is especially a problem when I work in movement with young children and fast head movements make them fly off (no breaks or scratches, though) or when I get sweaty. They keep horizontal alignment now that I have reading glasses for reading in bed :-) but they still get loose with regular wear. After taking them to opt. twice for tightening (1st time free, 2nd time $10) he cautioned that each adjustment makes them more likely to break, so I'm trying to make do.

These are the first and only all-day glasses I've had. They are the best I'd found for giving me the largest corrected field of vision with minimal peripheral distraction so I can read/sing/direct from music while watching the conductor/choir with minimal head movement. (I also had the opt. place the bifocal break higher than normal for that purpose, but not so high that it interferes with driving.) I love the light weight because I hate the feel of glasses. I'm online looking for a cheaper place to get the next pair that I know I'll need eventually.

Joe S. -

light and nice
but too expansive and bad warranty.
one band broke got a new band for free 3 month later it's broke again,but the delar refused to replaced it for free even the warranty time did not expayred neededto to pay $100 for the band.

Dr. Mumpta -

This website obviously attracts a disproportionate number of people who have had BAD silhouette experiences. I've had 5 pairs of them, and never had a quality / structural issue (e.g. breaks / cracks etc.) Any eyeglass, particularly one that uses more advanced construction and mounting techniques (rimless, drill mounted, composite materials etc.) will have some problems in mass production. But, in general, these are extremely reliable frames.

Obviously, very comfortable. Very stylish. Very cool - if you've been wearing rim glasses, you'll find that you 'look' different in the mirror!

Drawbacks are 3:

1) Expensive (but you get what you pay for)
2) Harder to get all lens options / when you get certain lens options, harder to get them done properly. E.g. it's possible to get very high index lenses in the glasses - I have them - but it takes a skilled lab to properly drillmount them
3) this is the biggest drawback in my opinion: although the glasses are extremely sturdy from a 'break' perspective, they are just the opposite from a 'bend' / 'fall out of adjustment' perspective. I.e. it's very easy to accidentally shift the frame / lens by a slight amount. Slight amounts don't seem like a problem, but, with these glasses, they are - they can substantially alter your vision, make the lens too close to your eye, etc. AND it's hard to put back into place.

Rae Osborne -

I have a pair of Silhouettes that I purchased in 2004. They are still in great condition except for the scratches on the lens. Mine are the plastic ones that have no hinges, rims, or screws, for that matter. Unfortunately, I've been told that because of the no screw construction, just replacing the lenses is not an option. However, for durability they are the best I have ever had. I'm going next week for an eye exam and think that my prescription has probably changed this time. So new glasses will be in order. I'll be getting the silhouettes again, in the same style if possible. I'll let everyone know how it works out.

Tom -

Plastic SPX frames are normally reuseable if they used an compression insert in the mounting process. I've seen some that are glued directly into the lenses and cut flush with the back of the lenses. These would not be reuseable. The insert wpuld be visable from the back of the lens.

Fronnie -

Oh my, this site has been very informative. I have had my Silhouette glasses since 2006. I did have a crack in the lens within a month, which was replaced under warranty. Since then, I have been extremely pleased with these frames...I have worn glasses for 60+ years and these are the most comfortable I have ever owned. I do try to be careful with them, but they have come off accidentally and I do put them in a case when I go swimming (can't find my way to the pool without them!). I also was told to take them off with both hands, which I have been careful to do. My frames are the ones without a hinge, so am not sure if that is why I haven't had problems with them. After reading all the problems, I'm not too sure if I would take the chance and buy them again, but hopefully the frames I have will last another 20 years!

Gareth -

I bought a pair of Silhouettes 5 years ago. They have been fantastic. I changed the lenses after about 2 years because my prescription changed. No problems at all. I haven't taken very good care of them: I dropped them, accidentally flung them across rooms. They appeared to be indestructible so I'm very surprised at all the reports. (I recently lost my pair and I'm about to buy some 7627s to replace them.)

I misplaced the case after a couple of years and never replaced it. So my pair were rarely folded up (although occasionally folded up and stuffed in a pocket). Perhaps this saved some wear and tear on the fixtures.

It would be useful to know which models have suffered the problems. It may be that some are more prone to this breakage than others. One other datapoint, a friend has frameless glasses (don't know the brand but they're hinged) and he has suffered cracked glass at the fixture also.

Tom -

7627 Is a lens shape. 7395 don't have a hinge and sometimes break on the temples near the lens.I don't like the frames with the ball hinges. They seem to get real loose and flop around. The plastic SPX frames without a hinge sometimes break on the temples near the lens. The lenses cracking on mongrel three peice frames are often from compression mountings not being sent to the lab therefore the lab has to fudge some inserts to fit and this can lead to too much stress in the lens.

Maarten Lindtjorn -

I have worn Silhouette rimless glasses for about 6 or 7 years now, and the same frames have lasted me until this weekend. I have broken one lense, but that was due to being shoved into a sofa, face first.

The glasses have held up well to a lot of use and abuse without problems, and after all these years I think it is acceptable for the frame to finally suffer from metal fatigue.

Linda in Texas -

I picked up my first pair of Silhouettes about a week ago. I have polycarb, no glare howver they don't fit my face correctly. I've had then adjusted once as my lashes were touching the lens. The same evening the glasses were adjusted, my lashes started touching the lens again as well as the ear piece began hurting my ear. I am beginning to wonder if a custom fit is impossible since they are so flexible. I hope I'm wrong as I really like the way they look.

Tom -

Hi Linda, The frames should be able to be adjusted away from your face by adding pantoscoptic angle to the temples or adjusting the nose pads out from the back of the lenses. The temples are bent too tight behind your ears. They are a little more difficult to adjust properly but keep going back to your optician until he gets them just right. It is your right and his responsibilty and I'm sure your optician would want them to fit you comfortbilty.

Paul -

My silhouette rimless glasses are the toughest glasses I've ever known. I'm very hard on my glasses and they've just broken after 5 years. They've taken numerous direct hits from soccer balls and other projectiles.

Mike -

Like Sharol July 13th purchased a bronze par of frames, had them for 3 months now and the bronze s comng off leavng a purple colour, purchased these in Hong Kong, dont know what I can do to get them repaired.

Tom -

Mike No great way of repairing coloring that is comming off your frame part. The place you bought them or another dealer selling silhouette's may be of some assistance warenty may not apply but I would check it out as a first course of action. I have used nail polish with some limited sucess but it isn't perfect. Be careful not to get any on lenses. Good luck!

Linda -

I've been wearing Silhouette rimless frames for 2 years. I love the lightweight frames but have found that the lens has cracked 4 times.
My optician is very good and replaces them for 2 years. Was going to buy another pair of snap-on sunglasses but have decided not to after reading your comments. Thanks.

Sandy Mathis -

Ok, I am confused with all of the cracked lenses! I have Silhouettes Polycarbonate Lenses, wear them every day, all day for three years now. Never cracked the lenses. The lens/frame conections get loose, but my provider takes them completely apart cleans everything in the ultrasonic cleaner and puts them back together. Takes a few hours for the cleaning, but it is like getting a brand new pair each year. These glasses are the best I have ever had!

James -

...I like them alot, been wearing them for about 7 years, however, the right arm snapped off on the bent part close to the lense. Who has the best price & selection of just the frames in Canada? ...or, do you have to get them in the States? Thx for your info...

blanka -

I have been using the same silhouette frame everyday for the past 9 (nine) years already. It is still in very good condition. It never broke, never cracked a lens. But of course, I don't abuse it. That is why I never encountered any problems with it. When im buying my next frame, im getting another silhouette.

john -

A lens broke on my seven-month-old Silhouettes at the bridge connection. My optician quoted me £144 for a repair. I contacted Silhouette who kindly pointed out that they recommend a certain type of lens for their frames. I mentioned this to my optician and they spoke to the lens maker. The repair was caried out free of charge.

Scot -

I've used (past tense) the Silhouette hingeless frames for the past 2 1/2 years and they have been (past tense) great. A few days ago the left earpiece broke near the lens from what appears to be metal fatigue. Since I recently had new lenses put in these I must pony up for a $100 repair or completely replace everything. I treated these glasses very well and at my age I am beyond "risky behavior" that could damage them. Very, very disappointed.

Debbie -

I read the mostly negative reviews AFTER I purchased my Silhouettes last year. It scared me a little, but I had already bought them. I did buy the ones with the hinges and I'm glad I did. I wanted more of a wrap around type and these were as close as I could get. They have been way past fantastic and I love the way they look. I am not easy on my glasses since I am always stuffing them under my full face motorcycle helmet. I have really given them THE test and they've passed with flying colors. I have transistion, progressive lenses with anti reflective coating and the Phoenix Lens. Yes, VERY expensive but way worth the cost, IMHO. I would buy them again I like them so much. I have never needed them adjusted and they've never become loose fitting so far and they're over a year old now. I do try to take care of them except for the helmet thing where I have to bend them to get them between the helmet and my head.

Sarah -

I am very pleased with my frameless Silhouette glasses purchased ten (10) years ago. No breakages or cracks etc.during the ten years. I suffer from migraines and found the light weight and flexibility of these glasses made my life bearable while at work on the computer for hours each day. Before purchasing this pair of glasses I constantly struggled with the headaches and added pressure from other eye glasses. Unfortunately, recently the right arm snapped off on the bent part close to the lense. So, if anyone can assist me in finding a company who has the best price & selection of just the frames in Canada it would be much appreciated?

francois -


i wish i had seen visited this site and seen these posts an optician/technician actually consider myself the best,i have extensive expeerience with silhouettes actually all rimless frames.the problem is not the frames; as you look at the posts everyone complains about the lenses.this is a result of the of of possibly three things.1) poor lab work, there are no screws on silhouette frames therefore the lenses have to be drilled to perfection.if they are drilled too small the fit will be tight and the lenses will crack from pressure,if they are drilled too big the lenses will come apart rather easily especially if the rx is high.
2)"cleaning agents"alcohol or other abrasive chemicals should not be used to clean the lenses they may not crack the lenses right away but it starts a continous chemical reaction that eventually crack or weaken the points at the mounts.3)" applying pressure to frames" the frames have no screws, they are put together with small plastic inserts.if you continuosly try to adjust the glasses on your own eventually they become loose and get detached from the frames.if your glasses need adjusting take them to the place where you bought them, while adjusting the frames have to held at the pressure points in order to maintain the rigidity of the frame.if they are over a year old ask the opticians to change the inserts this will give new life to the frames as the inserts are plastic and everyday wear and tear softens them a bit. I hope I have cleared up some misconceptions about silhouette frames. i have made thousand of these and my complaints are practically nil and no, i do not work for silhouette i have me own store in the los angeles area, and i do complimentary repairs on all types of frames...........

Freebird -

I've been wearing the same pair of rimless Sillouette frames for almost 10 years and have never had a problem with them. I frequently sleep in them as I hate feeling around for my glasses when I wake up.
I've had them reglazed 5 times over the years and plan to do so again. I've always had a good polycarbonate lens with a high refractive index.
From what I've read here the problems people are experiencing are due more to incorrect glazing by labs and incorrect lenses being put in the frames. While it seems Silluette customer service is an oxymoron I belive that the problem lies squarely with the work being done by the retailers. I'm more than a little concerned as I never had a problem in the Uk but now live in the US where retailers seem to be less competent.

dlouise -

Today I had my first problem with my Silhouete Frames that I purchased in Aug 2006. The right stem broke off at the attachments point on the lens. Called my Optician who told me to bring them in. He had parts there, replaced the stem and sent me on my way free of charge. I am very happy with these frames and will buy them again when needed.

Jaybird -

My Silhouette rimless frames have broken after 2 years and 2 months of use. The temple broke where it attaches to the lens - a clean snap. These glasses have seen no rough usage. The Silhouettes are the most expensive frames I've ever purchased. I do not recommend them.

Carol Chase -

I'm so sorry, BUT, I cannot imagine how and/or why some of you have had problems with the rimless Silhouette frames. I'm about to order my 3rd pair, ONLY because my prescription has changed. My first pair I had for 4 years, my second pair I've had for 5 years!!! I absolutely LOVE them; they are lightweight, practically invisible, and don't leave a gouge on either side of the bridge of my nose. I am careful with them; i.e. not folding them, etc. and I have a less expensive pair of glasses to wear by the pool, bike riding, etc. My Silhouette frames, however, are my FAVORITE, and I wouldn't be without them!

Terry Sanborn -

Boy, after reading some of these coments, I sure can not complain, I have had my framless glasses for almost 9 years and I noticed that the little tear drop piece they have at the end of the rim that goes behind your ear was missing thought I would check out the warranty I guess it is out of warranty, After nine years I'm lucky I still have them in one piece, apparently ift is time for a new pair, but by all the comments I may have to reconsider what to buy, but end results I have been happy with them.

CrackedGlasses -

I purchased a set of silhouette glasses and they only lasted about a year before small cracks started forming in the lenses where the metal parts attach.

Nancy -

I have had my silhouette rimless glasses for about 7 years...I love them! They were expensive but a great investment...I'm spoiled...I could never go back to regular glasses...they are the best!

Ryan A. Lewis -

I had the original minimal art hingeless Silhouettes, and they were fantastic. All the comments about cracking lenses makes no sense to Silhouette as a brand as they provide frames, not lenses.

Be smart and buy the best lenses money can buy for your frames. I cannot comment on their other 100+ models (even though everyone has lumped them into one) but the minimal art survived everything I threw at it.

I've smacked them off my face 10 feet onto cement, slept on top of them, had my son rip them off my face, etc. No breaks. The titanium frame is very tough.

Finally, with the right technique you can easily one hand remove and put on, just use your forehead to spread the arms.

Oh and it's past tense, as my son knocked them off my face in a public wave pool and they immediately disappeared. Thats the one downfall with minimal metal designs, they truely are invisible!

Ron Fitzgerald -

Please advise information on how I can get a lefthand frame replaced. It snapped. Thanks.

Jonathon -

Wow!!! I've officially qualified for the Silhouette complaint squad- my right arm broke off today (on the glasses, silly). After having them 2 years and 1 month, which appears to be a record on this blog. I believe that everyone who has had problems with these frames/lenses should call and write to the manufacturer and log an official complaint and then tell everyone you know, including your eye doctor NOT to buy products from Silhouette. Refer them to this blog. This is absolutely disgusting that these glasses are less reliable and the customer service is poorer than what you would get for less expensive products. Silhouette should put its money where its mouth is and offer a lifetime warranty on the frames. I would compare this to a $400 dollar string bikini whose strings broke after so many times worn but at least you get more material in the string bikini, and of course I don't wear bikinis!

Lyn -

I agree with Ryan. Be aware from whom you are buying your lenses and make sure they know how to attach the lens to the frame. I have worn mine for two years - day in and day out, without a problem. I can take them off with one hand; putting them back on takes two! I've sctratched the lenses, but that's just me. My Rx has changed. I will use the same frame!

Chris -

I bought my Silhouettes 2 1/2 years ago and this morning, I picked them up and the left temple stayed in my hand while the rest fell on the floor... Very dissapointing. Here in Canada I paid 650$ for these as I thought, and was told, that they were almost undestructable and that they could last for life!!!!! They only thing I can say is ''Silhouette, never again''.

Chris -

Forgot to mention... If you want ''cheap'' Silhouette frames, look at Ebay and you'll find most of them for between 150 and 200. Just make sure you get them from a known or trustable vendor like JM Lunettes in NYC.

And for Ron: Have you tried where you got them from? Otherwise, and eyeglasses store who carries them should help in getting them fixed. I just paid 100$ for mine today (broken arm/temple).

Kevin -

At 2.5 years old, my Silhouette rimless glasses broke today. The left arm fell off right at the greatest inflection point in the curve next to the lens. No significant stress induced the break, just a regular motion to take them off to wash my face.

I would hypothesize that most people that are seeing similar breakages would notice that the break occurs on the arm of the glasses that is opposite to the hand that they use the most.

I am right handed, therefore the left arm on the glasses broke due to it having a more awkward bend when I take them off if I do not take them off perfectly straight.

I would bet that the people that do not have trouble, take them off more evenly handed and in a straighter dismount.

I digress with the engineering talk; but where are all the ambulance chasing class action lawsuit attorneys when you need them? Can't one of you toss up a html page, look for people like myself to join in and get this company to address this through a better warranty or discounts on repairs?

Hopefully there is a lawyers out there wearing these same glasses that has had them for 2.499 years and has never had a problem, until he/she takes off their glasses to wash their face tomorrow morning...

Diane Kossak, East Windsor, NJ -

When I bought my pair of Silhouette glasses a little over a year ago, I thought I was purchasing something that would last a life time. Since this brand was NOT covered by my insurance and I need progressive, anti-glare glasses, the price for these glasses was EXPENSIVE. After a demonstration on how durable these glasses were and a convincing sales pitch, I made the investment.

The left lense cracked at the area where the screws attach the nose piece. I went back to the eye care center to see if there was something they could do. I believed the crack was caused by a defect in the lense. The eye glass place tried to put the blame on me stating that I was not careful with how I handled the glasses. Little did I know there are SO MANY out there with the same problem. I need my glasses so I was left with no choice but to pay an additional $160 to get a new lense.

Until this happened my mind was made up that my next pair of glasses would be another Silhouette. I will have to rethink that decision in light of everything I have just read about breakage with these glasses. The initial price for these glasses is far more than I have ever paid for glasses and I have been wearing them for over 20 years. If you factor in the additional costs for repairs these glasses are just not worth it.

Farouk Moussa -

Silhouette does not answer emails sent to them.
No feed back or apologies regarding faulty materials.

Daniel J Miller -

I absolutely LOVE my Silhouette glasses. I've been wearing the same pair since 2001!! I do not keep them in their case at night, but rather sit them on a table next to my bed. I never bend them, or fall asleep with them on. Until recently they've never had any issues. Recently however they finially formed cracks around the frame screws. I figured this would've happened years ago, but I'm happy to say I've had a great 8 years use out of them

Yes I payed a LOT more than your average pair of glasses, but until I got these glasses, I was purchasing a new pair of glasses every 2 years due to broken/bent frames or uncomfortableness. So to those who are afraid of the price, your going to save a lot more money in the long run. People don't regret purchasing quality!

Daniel J Miller -

... sorry but to also comment on people complaints about these breaking.

Everyone is complaining about the lenses breaking... this is NOT the silhouette frames breaking! Keep in mind what type of lenses you are getting to go with your frames. I personally ask for the thinest, scratch resistant lenses for my bad eyes. NO GLASS.

Deb -

In reading all the comments about breakage, I would like to confirm the comments that much of the problem has to do with 1) what lenses you buy, 2) who does the drilling, 3) whether the optical shop people know what they're doing, 4) whether they helped you purchase the correct style & frame materials for your use. Those are just a few factors. Please keep in mind that where you purchase the Silhouette glasses makes a HUGE difference in terms of quality of assembly, product knowledge and customer service. Also the different chains, private opticians, etc. use different lense materials, etc. No, I'm not a Silhouette dealer, and I'm about to purchase a pair... several friends of mine have purchased Silhouettes from this same optical shop w/a very experienced optician, and they've all been quite satisfied. Hope I'm another one!

Peter N -

My right arm broke, my glasses are out of warranty and I need to have it replaced. Does anybody know approximately how much it will cost to replace the arm?

I have had my Silhouettes for almost 7 years and I love them. This is the second time that they have been damaged. The first time my lense cracked and almost two weeks after I had it replaced (under warranty), the arms snapped. Not at the hinges or the screw inserts but in the middle. Yip, it just snapped like a chicken wishbone. Other than that, they have been great.

Sherry -

I so regret buying Silhouettes. I bought my frame in spring 2006, and after I passed the two year mark, they started breaking. First it was the left temple pulling out of the holes in the lenses, then it was the left temple snapping off at the curve (sound famililar?!) I was at the dentist, preparing to pay a large bill and I got up and picked them up with both hands, and the temple stayed on the counter. I was NOT impressed. I had to pay $75 to get a new temple that day so I could go to work. Today, I was sitting in class thinking that my glasses were feeling weird, so I took them off, and lo and behold, a teeny piece of "titanium" on the right temple had stuck into the hole in the lense, so that I couldn't merely just plug it back in, I'd need another new temple, for $90 this time. Added to this, the paint is peeling off. I paid over $800 for glasses that I may as well have gotten from the dollar store. I was told I was getting indestructible frames that I could wear for a lifetime. This company should be ashamed of themselves! Never again, and the next time someone compliments my glasses, I will be sure to warn them! Yes, I am angry. Thank goodness I have contacts now because I cannot rely on my glasses.

Dennis -

I guess my experience has been a little different than many of the posts. I purchased my silhouette glasses with polycarbonate lenses in August 2007. Last spring the arms became loose at the point of contact with the lenses. Since the company I purchased them was no longer in business I went elsewhere. They were fixed in one-half hour at no cost to me. Two days ago they fell onto the road while bike riding and one of the nose rests was bent with the nose cushion missing. I took them to another company that works on silhouettes. They repaired them again at no cost. So far, in two years I have been satisfied.

Jay -

I have had a pair of Silhouettes for about 8 years. I have had to replace one arm. Right now the nose is gone and there is a crack across the rigth lens, but I think I have got my money out of them. I have 3 kids I play with all the time and these glasse are indestructable!

Bill -

I've had it -- I've replaced four broken temples (2 left, 2 right) in four years on my Silhouettes, and they've snapped again. So is the problem my optician's workmanship or defects in the titanium frames? I've loved wearing them, but can't afford the $90 a year in repairs. I'd only buy them again if they had a 5-year warranty.

Kent Bloomquist -

You do realize that mostly complainers and people with bad experiences usually post reviews of anything. Most people with Silhouettes are probably fully satisfied, as am I.

Cathya -

What a great review - thank you very much everybody. I was going to waste my money.

I'll stick to less esthetic but solid frames. No one has any money to waste, especially now.

Kris K -

In a rush, I left my Silhouettes on the driver's seat of my car, soon forgetting about it. Sure enough, it wasn't long before I was sitting on my pricey, though comfortably soft (ie., flexible), rimless spectacles. When recovered from the crevices of the seat (mostly car seat, that is) the pair was mangled and twisted, as you might expect. Since I was stranded far away from home and could not drive without an eyewear, swearing under my breath, wincing, and expecting the worst, I literally untwisted the glasses. To my utter dismay, the pair returned to its original shape in no time. Only a year or so later did I discover a very tiny crack, less than 1 mm in length, beginning in one of the holes where the bridge is attached to the lenses. Two years after the accident, it takes a magnifying glass to tell that the glasses were subjected to a test as trying and wrenching to them as it was to the owner and his posterior. I am extremely pleased, if not intimately attached to!, my Silhouettes which I bought some five (sic) years ago. (My eyesight deteriorates rather slowly.)

My wife wears Silhouettes, too. However, her lenses are thicker and heavier than mine. As a result, even a small deviation from the optimal position of the glasses on her face creates problems. Besides, even eyeglasses as light as the Silhouettes, when fit with heavier lenses, tend to slide down the nose. Silhouettes lenses tend to be small. If you need bifocals, expect a narrow lens area designated for reading. Every time she reads, my wife needs to adjust the position of her glasses by keeping them in place with a finger pressed against the bridge, a somewhat awkward sight. Be careful when deciding on buying Silhouettes with thick bifocal lenses. (I do not complain about my bifocals, but they are relatively thin and light.)

Lud van der Garde -

I've had my silhouettes for nigh on two years, the titanium minimal with autopolarizing lenses, Since then they've been sat on (both by me and my Bernese mountaindog) about 5 times, got it bent out of shape (looking at is sideways, the arms differed about 40 degrees). At last (yes, i'm lazy) went back to the optician; he fixed tem and no cracks, no costs, everything fine. They're a marvel to wear, light and especially as the lenses polarize automatically and effectively, not like those cheap coloring lenses. Yes, they're expensive but definitely worth it!

Katherine -

I have had Silhouette semi-rimless for about 4 years, no problems. I have just ordered a second pair. I cannot use the totally rimless because my prescription is too high - even with super high index the lenses are too thick for a true rimless. They are the most beautiful pair of glasses I've ever had, and so lightweight. I do find they get out of adjustment easier than I like. I don't wear them when doing yard work or other work where they might get damaged.

I do feel that there are not that many qualified opticians around anymore, and that may account for some of the lens problems you hear about. I go to a private optical shop where the owners are both licensed dispensing opticians. They know what will work with my prescription, and what won't. A lot of the optometrist's offices just have clerks dispensing glasses and they don't know much about lenses. I would not trust them to do much of a repair either.

Scott -

Hi Katherine,

Maybe you should check out thin eyeglasses . com they can probably do your rx in a true rimless

Dude -

To repeat what other knowledgeable people have written:
Longevity depends on using a strong poly lens and quality of the people who drill and assemble the lens to the frame. I use Ziess lenses and have been lucky with the quality of the opticians workmanship.

Silhouette are not indestructible, but I have seen them survive many things they shouldn't have. I cleaned them everyday and tried to keep the forces to a minimum. I never folded or encased them. Generally I put them on in the morning and never took them off till bedtime.

I wore the silver minimal-art silhouettes for over seven years and the left temple finally broke where it attaches to the lens, just like many others described here. It was a good long run and I am pleased. I would be satisfied even if they only lasted a couple of years.

These are glasses that wear like your not wearing glasses. They are super light and comfortable. I can put them on and not have to adjust them again. These facts make it easy for me to accept that they will break one day.

That said, does anybody have a silver left temple that they don't need anymore?

(use only one "@")

teetertotter - USA -

I have had 2 titatium rimless and 2 plastic rimless over the past 8 years. My current plastic frame is hinged and get new frames every 2 years along with new Hi Index progressive lenses. My new Silhouette Leather Touch frame will be hinged and lenses will be ready in 2 more days. Silhouette frames are like a feather and the most comfortable you will ever wear. I have NO issues with Silhoutte frames are the most fashionable on the market.
I would not be without my Silhouette frames!

Debbie -

I am 100% satisfied with my Silhouettes. I've been wearing them for more than two and a half years now with no problems. I have put my glasses through a lot of abuse, only because I ride a motorcycle and have to bend the arms of my glasses to get them under my full faced helmet. I also wear them daily at work. I work in a Public Works Department and I am outside more than inside, on and off equipment constantly. My glasses have survived nicely. I would never have anything but progressive transition lenses and they have been great in my Silhouettes. I don't expect my glasses to last forever, given my lifestyle. With the use I've gotten from my Silhouettes I feel I've more than gotten my money's worth already. They are fashionable, weightless and very comfortable and I'll buy them again when the time comes.

Darlene -

I have had the same Silhouette frame for 8 years and changed the lenses (for prescription) once. They are the best I have ever had and I have had NO problems. I use other glasses for reading music about once a week and put these into their proper case during band and on the nightstand at night. I will get a new Silhouette frame soon, as they are loosing their gold colour from wear.

mel parr -

I have gone through 2 pair in a years time. These things are junk. Please do yourself a favor and stay away from rimless type glasses. Function will always trump style.

Barb -

I have had two pair of Silhouette frames and loved them both. Last spring I needed a new prescription, and being a woman felt that warranted new frames. They are not Silhouette and I wish I had never bought them. After five trips back to the optician they are still not adjusted properly. My Silhouette's always stayed properly situated on my face and I never had a problem with breakage of the lenses or the frames. I think I am going to go back and have new lenses made for my first pair of Silhouette frames. They are so comfortable and I have found them very durable.

Frank O -

My Silhouette frames are so old I can't remember what model they are. They are the flexible wire frame style with no hinges and the lenses magically glued to them. The worst abuse I put them through was laying them in an open window before going to bed one night. Part way through the night I got cold so I reached over and slid the window shut.
The next morning I searched everywhere for them and then remembered the window.
I expected to find them in pieces. Instead they were neatly folded flat in half. It took 2 needlenose pliers and a lot of bending until they finally fit my face again.
I probably just got lucky with that pair and some quality work put into them when they were built.
I love them and would buy another pair over some lower priced, heavier frames out there that are just as likely to break at any time. Try them if you can afford them.

Huguette -

I bught my Silhouette in 2003. I am still wearing the same one since then. I just love them. They are light and they seem to disappear in your face. I need new lenses but I am keeping the frame because it is like brand new even after 6 years of wearing them full time. They are the best and I would not want anything else.

Huguette -

I bught my Silhouette in 2003. I am still wearing the same one since then. I just love them. They are light and they seem to disappear in your face. I need new lenses but I am keeping the frame because it is like brand new even after 6 years of wearing them full time. They are the best and I would not want anything else.

Shelly -

I bought these glasses for my 3 year old. 3 years later he has the same frames in perfect condition. I will never buy another brand again! What glasses will last a child from 3 to 6? And he is NOT gentle with them

Stan Kaminski -

Hello everyone. I am an optician in Milwaukee, WI and I specialize in Silhouette repairs. I do most repairs within 7 working days. If you need a new prescription put in, send that via fax first. I'll order the lenses and notify you when they arrive. Mail your glasses to me and I'll mail them back. I've been doing this kind of work for over 30 years. I accept payment via credit card over the phone or in person at the store. My contact information is on my website.

Kai -

Now you tell me... Just broke the arm off my Silhouette sunglasses. Thought this was very unusual until I read this forum. They are great but all my other glasses have outlasted my Silhouettes so will never buy them again. Next pair will be Serengeti.

Melissa Cope -

I am looking for a retailer Middletown/Cromwell, CT area that
carry Silhoutte (extravant) frames for immediate delivery.

Thank you

Ray BIndas -

I have the silhouette with the hinges and the polycarbonate lense. They are the lighest glasses and most expensive I have ever owned. I have had no frame issues after three years but have had a lense crack shortly after changing prescriptions. They were replaced under warranty. I would suggest staying with a hinged model and if you want a great pair of glasses these are the only way to go. I might add that I am in the maintenance line of work and these glasses take a beating but have held up very good. The polycarbonate will scratch so be careful how you clean your lenses.

Kevin Metheny -

Over 8 or 9 years I have accumulated 4 pairs of Silhouettes. All remain in service. All are rimless. 1 hinged pair. 3 flexible temples. of those, 1 pair titanium frames, 2 are some spaceage plasticlike product.

No complaints. No problems. No lens breakage. Once skiied at brisk speed into a sturdy friend. Went ass over teakettle with titaniums in my pocket inside my ski jacket, regrettably not in their case. Silhouette replaced (or perhaps repaired?) under warranty. No questions.

I am a delighted repeat customer. They are expensive because they are worth it. Really.

bill nick -

My silhouette with titanium frames broke twice( where the screws attach the frames to the lenses).The glasses can be scratched very easy.Avoid if you can .

sandy camacho -

I heard that the Silhouette company is no longer in business. I have have the rimless eyeglasses for over 7 years. I have had 1 broken earpiece and I did that through my own stupidity. I know it was not from faulty glasses. When I called the optomitrists office where I bought the glasses they said that they could replace that earpiece for 100 bucks. I thought that was too much and got a cheap pair of "silhouette look alikes" Believe me that was all they had in common. They were heavy, not as flexible and not near the quality of the Silhouette. I ended up paying he 100 dollars and was glad to do so and have my wonderful glasses back. I hope that when I have to have new glasses, I can keep these frames. They are the shiz!

kathleen Matthews -

how expensive are Silhoutte frames without the lens ? I just paid 300.00 for the frames only and had my lens inserted, however I also discovered contrary to what the optician told me my lens did not fit perfectly.

Werner Villaceran -

I've been reading all the complaints about silhoutte eyeglasses. I have 2 right now. I said to myself why are they complaining about breakage when it is made of titanium? So I reached for one of my pair and inspected the frame.To my surprise, it has developed a small crack i can feel when i ran my fingers to it. Ive hardly worn it in 1 year! Now I understand what people are saying. Im disappointed and I wont recommend it to anyone.

Berni -

I've had my polycarb/titanium hingeless glasses for about 3 years..they are the most comfortable glasses I've ever worn...I've loved them...however, one of those little posts broke off I'm trying to see if I can get them fixed. I'd switched opthomologists in the going back to my old doc re the one couldn't help as I'd not gotten them there....I'd pay $80 to repair...but not sure I can afford the $600 to replace...I also wonder about super glue..has anyone tried it?

I love these glasses..

Utsch Gisela -

Der Nasenbügel meiner Silhouette Brille ist zerbrochen. Ich mußte für diesen kleinen Nasenbügel 130 Euro!!!!!!!!!!!! zahlen.
Ich werde mich beim nächsten Brillenkauf für ein anderes Fabrikat entscheiden.

Jill -

Have had silhouettes for about 10 years - same frames. No problem with lenses cracking (I use lightweight with transitions). One time, the frame separated from the lens at the bridge of the nose when my toddler clobbered me attempting a hug. Can't very well blame silhouette for that now, can I?
WILL ABSOLUTELY buy them again.

Jayne -

I've have owned my Silhouettes for about 3 years with only one need for lens replacements. The lenses started to crack at the drill site so I had them replaced while they were still under warrentee.

The tiny stress fractures started occurring in my second set of lenses so I stopped putting them in their case and the cracking completely stopped. I think the case bends them too much. Obviously, my problem was with the case, not the frames or lenses per say.

I love these extremely light weight frames (mine are not hinged, flexible, pink, and very cute) and plan on keeping them around for many more years.

I have found a very large hard glasses case that they fit in without folding so if I do need to put them away for some reason, I can use that case. My advise is to not use the Silhouette glasses case unless they have re-engineered them in the past couple of years.

donbsea -

I purchased my Silhouette glasses two years ago, and after 19 months,the right temple broke about a 1/4 inch from where it fastens into the edge of the plastic lens. Then two months after that, the left temple broke a 14 inch from where it fastens into the lens. Of coarse I'm told that the so called "warranty" is only good for nine or twelve months from date of purchase. Fine!

Bill -

I've had a pair of Silhouette's for about a year now and I haven't had any problems with the frames breaking as of yet, however, I have had a lot of problems with the lenses, which has given me a lot of experience with having them worked on. From this I can tell you that I've learned that there is an art to putting these things together and some technicians are very bad at it! If they don't reem the holes out enough the mounts are too tight and can cause the lenses to crack over time. If they reem them too much, the mounts will loosen up over time. I suspect that a lot of the problems that people have with these glasses are caused by the technicians who put them together. It generally takes at least 3 return visits after they've been worked on before they get them right, usually the lense mounts loosen up. Over the last few visits I have come to realize that one technician seems to be much better at assembling these glasses then the others and I plan on asking for him specifically from now on. Hopefully I won't be spending so much time there now.
I guess I'd have to say that's the only problem with these glasses is the amount of time and money you have to put into maintaining them. They're kind of like an expensive sports car that looks good and is fun to drive, but spends a lot of time in the shop and costs a lot to own. Personally I don't plan to get them again.....Too much trouble!

Rob Webster -

Does anyone have a spare nose bridge they are not using? As I was cleaning my glasses, the metal snapped right where the bridge connects to the lense. I was told I would have to buy a whole new pair as they don't sell parts. My glasses are silver. I have another older pair which are brownish so that color would be fine too ...(same thing happened to these ones)...You think I would have learned my lesson. Thanks

Cristiano Cerca -

I have conducted my own experiment and I have concluded that around the 2 years mark, depending on the style you got, the arms break. I believe that is due to the life cicle of the metal they use. I am sure the manufacturer knows it and they just do not write it on the box.


Edward -

I'm a 100% satisfied Silhouette frame fan. My wife and I each purchased hinged Silhouette Titan frames with poly lens about 5 years ago. We still have our original frames in excellent condition. She still wears hers on the days she don't wear contacts. My Titans now serve as backup as about two years ago I purchased another pair (hinged model 7460) and I wear them everyday. I've just started looking for my third pair and my 18 yr old son wants to use my original Titan frames for his next pair. Mom always told me you have to take care of your stuff cause if man made it, it will break. These frames have suffered normal bumps and bruises and I've chewed up and replaced a couple of temple tips. Overall we've taken care of ours and they continue to serve us well.

Kathy -

I bought my first pair of Silhouette's last June. They have been the most frustrating pair of glasses I've had in many years. When I first got them they constantly slid down my nose. The optical shop finally agreed that I needed a different type of nose pad. Even though the glasses were brand new, I was charged for the replacement nose pads. In the months since, I have lost count of the times I have lost a nose pad while carefully cleaning my glasses or simply taking my glasses off. When I've returned to the optical shop to purchase new pads I've asked them to adjust the frame so that the pads are held tightly but I'm told that they cannot do this because all the parts of the Silhouette frame are designed so that parts may be easily replaced. (I've almost lost one of the gold tips on the ear piece and the plastic for both ear pieces tend to slide back and I need to keep shoving them back to their original position.) When I require a change in prescription I will be returning to a former optician and staying away from Silhouette frames. I do love their look, but they are not worth the hassle.

An -

I found to be heigh price and low quality.
It only last 3 years.
Spending money for this product is foolish.

Diane -

Just ordered Silhouette Enviso frames with AR and brown Transition lenses. I am optimistic that they will work for me and hold up despite what negative comments I am reading here. I was willing to try them because with my optical insurance and the balance remaining in my flex spending acct, I won't be paying much out-of-pocket. I feel somewhat confident because the staff at the opticians office wear Silhouettes and they look great.They said they stand behind them. We'll "see" pun intended. I pick them up in a couple of days. (I did resist the $65 clip on's for now, but was tempted!) --can always add clip-ons later.

I sure hope I am not one of the dissatisfied consumers that will be bellyaching down the road on this site.

Donna -

I have had my silhouettes about 2 1/2 years. Just recently got a new perscription and used my same frames because I was told they were indistructable. I have always taken good care of my glasses. I put them on first thing in the morning and take them off before bedtime. Was at a political function tonight and my glasses felt strange. Mt left side arm fell off in my hands. The new lens have only been in them about a month and a half. I will take them Monday and see what if anything can be done. I am very disappointed. I thought that this would be the last frames that I would ever buy (sales pitch) that I could just get new lenses as needed.

Cindi Galbraith -

I've had my rimless Silhouettes for 5 years. The left temple wire needed replaced the tune of $72 !! Five years is quite a feat for nothing having been broken prior though.

Sandra -

I've had mine for 8 years with 3 sets of lenses (scratched, new prescription) and I love them. They are light and they stay on. I play ultimate frisbee, exercise, and do everything with them on and they have never had any issues. No broken lenses, nothing.

I know that the lenses have to be attached by someone who knows what they are doing but I have never had any problems.

If I ever buy another pair of glasses I'll look first at the silhouettes.

marian -

I have had my rimless Silhouettes for about three years. I started noticing, several years ago, that the color, bronze, is peeling off the temples and bridge, revealing dark purple below. At first, Silhouette's phone operator said they knew they had had that problem but had corrected it; in fact, before I could describe the problem, he said "it's turning purple, right?". A supervisor after that denied they'd ever had a problem. They have tried to blame my natural face oil or my sunscreen. Surely, millions of people wearing Silhouettes use sunscreen. Mine is a common brand. I spent all that money on a pair of glasses I'd dreamed of owning for years, only to have them crap out even sooner than the normal glasses I'd had for many years before I decided to fulfill my dream. The first guy had said they had had this problem only with the bronze color, and that was two years ago, and they had corrected the issue. I doubt I will ever buy another pair again, even though they haven't broken in any way, and even though they are incredibly light and the Trivex lenses are accurate. I feel ripped off. For them to have a manufacturing flaw, and blame in on my body oil (!)... I don't even have any body oil any more, I'm 59! I live below poverty level, and it took me years to save enough to buy these Mercedes of rimless glasses.

Has anyone else out there had peeling back of the bronze coatingr of their glass frames???

Marion E. Case -

I have had the same pair of Silhouette Titan glasses for 5 years and love them! They have been tossed across the room a few times by accident, no cracks,
the lenses have been changes due to changes in vision. They do not have a screw hinge, I like that. The fine thin frames do not block my vision and they do not slip down my face. The ball and wire type of hinge keeps then secure on my face. I hope they last another 5 years.

Linda Nordell -

I have 4 pairs of Silhouette Titan over the past 9 years. My sunglasses, which are thin rimmed, but are fabulous for tennis and golf, just had a mishap yesterday. After 5 years I cannot complain, but I thought I would be able to get the arm that broke off fixed. Apparently, not. No part is available since it is discontinued. I will purchase another pair, but sure do wish I could fix my old pair. I have a perscription for distance only on these. I will continue to wear Silhouettes...They are just heaven on your nose, and look line on the face. I wear glasses all the time, and sometime find myself wearing them into the shower.

James L -

After Specsavers cheapies for some years was persuaded to go for 'quality glasses' by local optician. Spent £400+ for specs that lasted only just over 2 years.

In that time the both lens suddenly cracked dramatically for no apparent reason, (£200 bill), an arm dislodged itself where the lousy Plastic hinge/slot split (£70) ( coated to look metallic) and the arms became so loose I had to wear a sports strap.

Complaints met by opticians predictably blaming handling issues - by a white collar man pushing 60 (?), and dismissing as minor and atypical the 40+ pages of complaints here!

Back to Specsavers for me- suggest you do the same.

Simon -

Bought my Silhouettes in December of 2008. The right temple broke on Dec 6 2010. Out of warranty. I have been told that the Doctors office is responsible for the warranty, although that doesn't make sense for the frames.

I love the rimless and hinge-less design. I bought the silhouettes after loosing a pair of Marchon Airlocks to the same fate as described in several of the posts in this forum.

Initially the lenses on the Airlocks cracked (which is completely on the lab that does the lens and not the frame company). However, lenses have come a long way since the early iterations of rimless glasses, your Doctor's office should be able to tell you which lens is appropriate for frame-less glasses. After replacing the lenses, the Marchon's survived another couple of years before the stem ended up breaking at the stress-point on the right temple.

When I went to buy a new pair there were none to be found, apparently Flexon stopped making Airlocks. The closest match I found were the Silhouettes. After a display of their durability, with the Opt tech wrapping them around her fingers and bending them in every direction, I was sold. I laid out my $395 bucks and walked away happy. Six days out of the 1 year warranty period the stem snapped and no one is willing to do a thing. While they were the lightest, best-fitting glasses I have ever owned, I would have to recommend staying away due to obvious quality control and customer service issues.

Simon -

My last post should have read 6 January 2010 as the date the glasses broke. Six days after the warranty period...

Ben Lachman -

Review: 1 star. I have had these glasses for less than three months. Since then they have broken twice. The left lense frequently falls out of place from issuse as simple as glasses falling off your face onto carpet. Usually, I spend 15 to 20 minutes popping them back in; however, the frames bend very easily. So, even if you happen to get the lenses back into place, you have to make an appointment to get them readjusted. Unfortunatlly, with my luck, every time it has been on a Sunday when the offices are closed. I do not have good vision, hence the glasses, so going a weekend without glasses is an extreme inconvience. Glasses this expensive should not have these kind of problems. With my experience, I have found that these glasses serve one good purpose: buy a few spares to the point where you have about ten frames or so, tie them together around a small paperweight, and use as a boat anchor.

alan -


your glasses have been put together and/or fitted incorrectly. I am an independent optician of 10 years plus and I choose what I sell. I sell Silhouette rimless only (no other rimless) not because they are the most expensive (they are not!) but because they are the best. I offer a 3 year no quibble guarantee on the frame (it rarely gets used).

When you hold the glasses you should have no movement whatsoever of the plastic gromits that are pushed into the lens. If your lenses are thick the opticians should have used extenders to make the frame sit further inside the lens (i say this because you said your eyesight is poor). If there is any movement the lenses need re-plugging, The lens should never fall out without cutting the plastic at the back, I have put together hundreds of theses frames and they are designed so that the only way to remove a lens is to cut the plastic fromt eh back or break the lens!!!
If your optician cannot give you satisfaction contact silhoette and ask them to help. These spectacles cost a lot of money and I promise they are excellent if they are made correctly. cheers al

alan -

silhoette titan are still being made to my knowledge no silhouette rimless has been discontinued!!!!!!!!! someone may want you to buy a whole new frame check silhouette webiste if they really are discontinued - just get another pair of sides froom a different model they are all the same fitting!!!

Lisa -

I have just bought my 2nd pair of these frames. The first lasted 8 years, and I replaced that set because the colored coating had worn away at the temples from the Solarshields (slip over sunglasses) that I wear. I thought they were indestructible, but I am like one of the other writers: they are either on my nose or on a flat surface. On thing I learned from the last pair is that the polished lens edges create a distraction for me, I always noticed the reflections, so I did not have the edges polished this time. I also bought the uncoated, pewter gray frames so they will not show abrasion from my slip over sunglasses. I have a very strong prescription, and with high index lenses and this frame I am still comfortable after a full day's wear. I have not been able to say that about other eyeglasses I have worn. I really like these, and I expect (hope?) that this pair will last as long as the former pair.

Esther -

I have Silhoutte rimless frames. Does anyone have the Silhouette clip on or magnetic sunglasses? Which are better? Do they make the glasses feel a lot heavier because I spent a lot of money for these frames because they are so lightweight. Which are better or are neither recommended. My optician does not carry them and will only order them ($150 Canadian) if I prepay with no return if I don't like them.

Scott Hix -

I am on my 5th pair of Silhouettes. I have never had an arm crack or break or a lens crack or break. I do have the clip- on to turn the frames into sunglasses. I paid $75US 10 yrs ago and get the same shape frame every year so that the clip-on will match. I am still using it after 10 yrs. Love these glasses!

Joy Pollard -

Hi, I have been wearing my sylhouettes fot 6 years and had the lens replaced once. 6 months ago the right arn broke and I took it to a jeweler who welded it together for $50 cnd this lasted 6 months and it has broken again in the same place.
I really like these glasses and would have them again they are light and clean looking for a small face
can anyone tell me where I can buy new ones on London onterio? Thanks

Steve -

High priced, poor quality. One of the temple/bars on my titanium Silhouette eyeglasses broke. The glasses were not abused and were properly stored in their original case. Had to pay $80 for a replacement arm. These glass are not worth the price charged and the quality is poor. Junk.

David -

Had the rimless for 1.5 years and it has broken both the temple peices and lenses, expensive junk!

Dianne -

Had the rimless for a year and a half, was told that it would last forever....I guess I did not ask about the screw that holds the arm...that broke and I was told $140 to replace....forget the expensive junk....

Jay -

I have My rimless Hingeless glasses for over 10 years. I love them!! I have had new lens put in twice. Last year the right arm broke as I was driving my car for no reason. Idioms like to replace it does any one know where I can purchase one in Ontario. I don't remember which city I got them from it's so long ago.

Robert -

All interesting comments. For those who have had broken frames,and not meant to sound rude but, what were you guys doing that caused them to break, playing tackle football and your head was the ball? I've worn glasses for over 40 years and have never encountered such problems i was the careless, abusive, or wasn't paying attention. I'm wearing a pair of rimless & hinge less now but don't know what brand they are. They've been in use for over 3 yrs now with having 1 minor adjustment and I wasn't the one that did the adjusting. I need to have my script updated and there is only one location locally that sells the same style of what I am wearing. As mentioned earlier, I don't know if my frames are Silhouette but those are the ones locally available. I even looked online but those costs are too close to what my cost would be locally so I would be a fool to not buy them in town. Especially if a repair (God forbid) or adjustment was needed.
Thanks all for sharing your comments. lenses are plastic.

Justin -

I have had my pair of Silhouette Titan X glasses for just over a year now and love them.
Previously i had worn plastic Ray Ban, regular metal framed glasses and semi rimless Ray Ban glasses, and these Silhouettes are the only frames i can wear all day with no discomfort.
The bridge that I ordered i fear may have been a bit to large, but i have adjusted them myself and fit comfortably.
I have polycarbonate lenses with anti reflective and anti scratch coating and have had no cracks (knock on wood).
I am very careful with my glasses, if they aren't on my face they are on my nightstand, never in the case. I do however clean my glasses every day with a lens cloth and lens cleaner. I'm not sure if that adds stress or anything, but what can one do about OCD?
I ordered mine from Frames Direct and I think the price came out to under $500. I could be mistaken though.
My next pair will be the TMA collection. I really dont ever need to fold my glasses, so the hinge is just unnecessary. Then again, the hinge is great. NO ADJUSTING! Never is it needed to tighten anything ever!
I have been really debating buying a pair of Lunor frames as I prefer a "granny bridge" to nose pads (not sure what the proper name is). The thought of having screws again and the weight of stainless steel vs the beta titanium makes me think I will stay a Silhouette customer. I am very satisfied.

Julie O. -

Add me to the list of dissatisfied customers. BUT!!! My own glasses have been uneventful, and have lasted 8+ years. However, the workmanship is different than my daughter's glasses. Hers were purchased and assembled at the same place as mine a couple years later. Her children's frames were UNBELIEVABLY FLIMSY at the nosepads and bridge. The nosepads were attached by wire nearly as thin as thread! I would be ASTONISHED each time I looked, because my adult glasses nosepads are attached with a continuous piece of very durable metal. We have had my daughter's bridge piece replaced 4 times. Yesterday, the side arm broke next to the lens. Every time she has a breakage I re-compare her frame (now her second adult pair) to mine, and am astonished at the flimsiness of her frame compared to mine purchased so long ago. I am thinking that either there are different qualities available for purchase (unknown to consumers) OR Silhouette is making the frame pieces NOT MORE durable, but LESS durable (profit$$$ ???). I believe we are done with these frames. A previous reviewer's (July 14, 2009) analogy of the string bikini is brilliant :)

Randy C. -

I have a pair of 6601 Silhouette frames for not quite 13 months (purchased July 9, 2009). The left arm is now broken at the hinge point. I'm not happy.

Jerry Pearl -

I have a pair of Silhouette frames for 4 years, only used for reading. The left arm just broke at hinge point.

Dennis N. -

I've had mine for over 4 years without a single problem. When needed, I'll buy another pair.

Chuck -

I have worn my Silhouette frames daily for over 5 years without a single problem. I love these glasses so much. Lightweight but indestructible from my experience. Wouldn't buy another kind of frame unless my optomistrist could convince me they would be better than these.

Benoit Girard -

I bough my titanium Silhouette frameless eyeglasses January 2010 with the promise for the optician of a high quality product. I wanted something resistant to torsion and squeezing. Some time, I fall asleep with my eyeglasses and it is not good for them. So this product is your solution said the vendor in bending the glasses in all manners in front of me. So I was convinced and bought a pair.

I really like the tiny weight of these eyeglasses. It is just as I had nothing on my nose. I did not treat them badly and gave them the recommended care. I was very surprise when the arm on the right side broke at the hinge point. It was supposed to be indestructible. So I went back to see the optician and ask a replacement. First, he did not want to replace them on guarantee arguing that I had put so chemical product on the titanium arm. He could not believe it. Finally, he accepted because he is a good fellow and said he will try to make arrangement with the company. Then, I was convinced I was unlucky once and won’t have the problem again. After, I manipulated my eyeglasses with an even greater care than before, just in case. What was not my surprise when the left arm just stay between my fingers detached from the rest when I was putting them on one morning?

This happened three weeks ago. I’m afraid to go back to the optician. He will be convinced of my bad treatment, even if he affirms that the product is indestructible.

I wanted to have some arguments and opinions from other experiences before seeing him. This site answers my need (thank you every one). Many like me experienced the problem and some, other types of trouble. Many are very satisfied. It seem that the standard of quality is not permanent. Silhouette seems to have incapacity to provide all the time the quality they pretend to attain. If their product is indestructible, Silhouette should give a lifetime warranty. It seems not to be the case.

Kent -

I've had the same two polycarb lenses for about five years-one regular and one sun glass tinted. I love the comfort and the look.I have one small crack in one where it attaches to arm. However, I have had to replace 3 arms over this time period. They have always broken while taking them out of the case--so it could be that never bending them to fit the case could make them last longer. I will continue to buy them but will likely get hinged frames next time. I like to carry a single case and change from clear to sun glass many times during the day.

Lee -

I am on my third pair of Silhouettes in 8 years, just purchased my third pair because I needed the prescription changed, the "old" pair are still great, the first pair were accidently broken when I left them on the car seat while changing to my sunglasses, and forgot and put my handbag on top of them and the arm broke off... my fault... otherwise I love them, don't be put off by all the negative reviews, I never had any problem with mine.

Karen -

I have had Silhouettes for 1 year and 1 month now - Major adjustments in November 09, Major adjustments in March 10 (should have been sooner, but I was in a location that had no opticians who could deal with it). Major adjustment when I sat on them in the Summer 10 , Minor adjustment about 2 weeks ago, Major adjustment this week as arm fell off... again, with barely a bump. These glasses are not for typical people or people around small children who pull glasses off out of curiosity.

I am amazed they are still in business considering this kind of quality is reported. I am especially disappointed and wonder if that the maker ignores training opticians on the limitations so that they tell the consumer accurate information about them, stating that they should be able to handle typical handling. I am now probably persona non grata at my optician's office because of Silhouettes. Very disappointing as this was supposed to be my last pair of glasses needed and was the only pair that ever would be paid for by insurance. Had I known this I would never have bought them. I am now on my 2nd set of very strong attachments... and expect the lens to break next time there is a typical blow to them. (by typical I mean one that most pairs of glasses will tolerate with no problem).

Bob ONeil -

I've had my glasses for a little over 2 years. I had both temples replaced due to breakage within the last 6 months. Both were covered under warranty. The right temple broke again and is not covered under warranty. It cost me $70.00 to replace the temple. The problem seems to be when you put your glasses in the case, the temples are compressed and after time, they break. Maybe Silhouette needs to think about a new style glass case that doesn't compress the temples to the point of breakage.

Steve Cook -

I have had mine three years and the nose piece has broken three times. I do not adjust or mess with the glasses at all. I had to pay $50.00 the first two times at Bay Street Optical in Sebastian Fl, they did not offer any compensation. I'm going somewhere else and see if my lens can be put in another brand frame. I will not buy Silhouette again and will not use Bay Street Optical again.

Monica Jenot -

I would not recommend these glasses. I have regretted buying them since the first month. I have been eying this brand, no pun intended, for several years, but had not been in the financial position to buy them. They are not what I expected for the price. I have had these for less than a year and a temple piece broke off at the bend. I definitely treat them extra carefully. I always have. A temporary replacement piece (different color) was used, but the correct one was on back order so I had to wear a non-matching temple piece for 2 1/2 weeks. After reading these reviews, I am even more concerned about the minute chips where the temple piece was replaced. When I first got my glasses, they had to be adjusted a few times. They are progressive bifocals. They are finally adjusted so that I do not get nauseous, but the nose piece rides on my nose, so I have a permanent mark on the bridge of my nose. They also gave me a larger case because they were a very tight fit with the hope that readjustments would be needed less often. These glasses are not worth the time or inconvenience.

Paul Nevai -

Starting with 2002, I have had 2 pairs of Silhouettes. The bridge and temple broke on numerous occasions both in and out of warranty. The latter cost me a small fortune to fix. I consider this as unavoidable maintenance cost and I am not too upset. I knew what I was buying and I was aware of the risks I was taking with these super lightweight and delicate glasses. The bottom line is that these are the very best, most comfortable, and most sophisticated glasses I ever had (except, of course, they they keep breaking).

jamey -

I bought my silhouettes about 4 years ago. Many problems. Mostly the temple breaks, but also nose hinge replaced. Those were under warranty and one happened in the opto office.
I wear contacts all the time. I also have a new pair of glasses I just purchased that I wear in the evenings while on the computer. I wanted my silhouettes to have the new subscription as well. So I paid big $$ to have new lenses put in. I am not kidding, I have worn them maybe 3 times. I went to clean lenses and the temple piece broke. I think they weakened it while replacing lenses. No warranty on the temple piece I was told. Even though the new lenses are less than 3 months old. To replace temple piece it is $98. OUCH! I just spent over $200 for new lenses.

Any suggestions where to go to get a new temple piece attached? I have read in some of these posts that some have replaced temple pieces for less than what I was quoted.

My other glasses have bi-focals, these do not. I wanted a pair that doesn't have bi-focals. Silhouettes are only for distance. I will not buy another pair of silhouettes or replace the lenses on them next time. Just too much maintance and like I said, I rarely wear them.

Ken -

I have been a loyal Silhouette owner since 2003. Unfortunately, my fantastic optometrist and technician went out of business 3 years ago, and I have suffered with my Silhouettes ever since losing these highly trained professionals. Without highly trained highly skilled professionals, Silhouettes are a poor choice in eye wear.

Is there anyone in Chicago who can repair Silhouette Eyeglass Frames? I have four pair of Silhouette glasses, and I have tried to get the bridge re-attached to the lense on one pair unsuccessfully for two years. Each technician just tries to apply pressure to the bridge and lense, unaware that something is wrong with the anchor. When I try to explain this to them, I am told that I do not know what I am talking about.

Bottom line, there are highly skilled technicians who can successfully work on Silhouettes, unfortunately thus far I cannot find anyone in Chicago who fits this description.

I need to replace my two pair of prescription Silhouettes, but since I cannot successfully contact 'Silhouette customer service' for a service provider recommendation, I am in limbo. I have only suffered this long because of my substantial investment in these lovely frames, but I must consider my slowly fading vision. IMHO, building and repairing Silhouettes is an art, not a science. Unfortunately the required artisans are in short supply.

Buy these lovely frames, and accept the risk. You may be on your own, without proper support. Warranties don’t matter when the service provider skills are lacking.

Michael -

I have been wearing Silhouette frames ever since they came on the market and they have lasted me approximately 6 years each unless I had to change my prescription. I would not buy any other frames.

My latest pair was even purchased via the internet because I got a better deal and are very happy with those, I must add that I have lense implant in both eyes due to cataracts at a very early age of 42.

I am sorry to hear that people are having problems with the product, I am suggesting to go in touch with the company with your complaints because they stand behing their product. Make sure that the people who make your glasses know what they are doing.

Hector Avalos -

When I firts heard of them, I really wanted to have them. I have been using frames for 15 years, and not really into contacs ( Sensitive eyes) So, when I finally got them I realized that the brige's shadows are somewhat annoying ( did not expected that) So if you are thinking about getting them, better if you check out this posts. Had I konwn it, Would've think it twice.

Mark -

I babied my rimless Silhouettes, but mine broke at the major stress point where the temple fastens to the lens. These glasses are expensive and although titanium has many excellent physical properties, it is not ductile enough. If the thin temple is bent enough... in some cases just once, you are done! Read the posted comments; many owners had the same breakage point.
These frames are absolutely not robust where the temple is fastened and not worth the money!

Hector Avalos -

Never, ever let those incompetent guys make adjustments to your brand new silhouette glasses' arms ( from the vision store ) ended up like crap. instead of using their hands I think they used their paws. For a 750 dls, they should do adjustments very carefuly.Glases are our presentation card, Dotn forget that! !!!!And, next time you need a new pair, make sure you pick up the righ arms length ( they come in differente sizes) so you can avoid giving them for fixures to an inept guy to frick them up. Save yourself a headache please!!!!!!

Patty C -

I'm on my fifth pair of Silhouette glasses and I cannot imagine wearing anything else. Needless to say I LOVE them!

I am thinking of buying their clip on sunglasses but am reluctant after reading some of the early negative comments. DOES ANYONE HAVE RECENT EXPERIENCE...have they improved the clip ons?

Phil Knight -

I have owned three pairs of Silhouette frames and two Adidas sunglasses that are manufactured by Silhouette. They are absolutely the best I have ever had. I encourage any eyeglass wearer to fully consider stepping into a Silhouette or Adidas frame.

Gerald Gunser -

My right side arm broke off my Silhouette glasses today for the 3rd time in 2 years. I babied these glasses because I loved them. That's it now. I've had enough. I will not pay another $80.00 to get them repaired anymore. Damn shame, they are so light and comfortable but don't hold together. For what they cost me they should never break. I recommend that you purchase glasses from another manufacturer. I am heartbroken, my glasses were like a friend to me. Thank You

Melissa -

I have been wearing the same basic Silhouettes frames for 10 years. I did replace one arm after our puppy chewed it up-4 years ago! I have needed new plastic nosepieces on a few occassions and I have needed to have the arms reinserted into the glass twice. The frame color does eventually fade (I noticed it after 4 years). But these glasses are incredibly lightweight and have survived many bad hits. They are EXCELLENT! Sadly, one temple just broke- I'm looking for a new pair today!!!

Casey -

I have had my Silhouttes for 3 years maybe more and haven't had a problem. My kitten chewed off the tips on the arms but no marks on the metal. I am going to replace the lenses this year because the coating is wearing off. I have had no issue with the lenses cracking but even buying the 2nd most expensive thin/light lenses they are still 5mm thick at the sides, but I am sure a little of that is because rimless glasses need to be thicker to hold together without breaking. I wear my glass from wake up to bedtime (sometime even sleeping, oops) and never put them in a case. I also have never tested the flex of the frames because whenever I see people showing off thier new flex frames by twisting them into knots again and again, the glasses break in a relatively short time.

mitate -

had my flexible silhouette "bridge and temples" with bifocal standard plastic lenses for six years. on my second set of lenses, and only problem an ear piece coming loose from a temple piece. can only think heavy-handedness involved in some comments.

Lynne -

I think the experience and lens quality offered by the optician makes the difference between breaking or not.
There are much better materials than polycarbonate for lenses.
Many choices, such as Phoenix.

Fernando -

Most of the broken lenses are because the stores or doctor put some cheap glasses on such a good frame. If you expend 200USD for the frame, use quality lenses such as Hoya, Varilux or Nikon. Cheap/plastic stuff breaks very easy.
Me and my wife use Sillhoute frames for may year with no problems

Fernando -

Most of the broken lenses are because the stores or doctor put some cheap glasses on such a good frame. If you expend 200USD for the frame, use quality lenses such as Hoya, Varilux or Nikon. Cheap/plastic stuff breaks very easy.
Me and my wife use Sillhoute frames for may year with no problems

Steve -

I bought my first pair of Silhouettes from Pearle Vision in October 2010.

My left lens cracked at the nose piece junction and the right lens chipped in the same place! I have only had them for three months! They cost over $600 because I have progressive bifocal lenses.

Pearle Vision is replacing the lenses at no cost. I wish I read about this problem beforehand! I imagine that I will have more trouble in the future. Fortunately, I bought these when Pearle Vision was having a buy one, get one pair free sale. My second pair is a different brand with rims. They actually feel more secure and comfortable on my face then the rimless Silhouettes!

My advice: if you must buy these for vanity reasons, buy from someone like Pearle Vision when they offer a second pair of eyeglasses for free. Choose a second pair that are something different to have when your Silhouettes break.

I really thought that I purchased the best pair of eyeglasses money could buy when I selected my Silhouettes, but I was wrong; and people need to know the risks when considering Silhouettes.

Smith Barns -

Good idea (light weight), but execution and support is not so great.
Fragile construction (temple) is really a weak point.
I've just broken mine (and I'm very, very careful) after trying to adjust (very gently indeed) an angle of lense that was slightly changed in carrying case.
Noone can repair that in my town and there is no word on repair centres on company's site.
I opted for another brand (same light weight)
My recomendation: Do not buy Silhouette !

Bruce -

I have really liked these frames since I got them in November 2009. So much so that when I needed my lenses changed this last November 2010, I wanted them put in the same frames. I treated them with kid gloves. While gently cleaning them today the left arm just came apart at the lens. Notice I did not say "snap off"....It just fell apart. After reading all the postings and considering the care I have given them, The only thing I can figure might have helped this problem to occur is that when I switch these out for my prescription sunglasses, I put them in the hard clamshell sunglasses case which might have caused undue stress. Never warned by the techs that sold them to avoid this. I guess a partial lesson learned.

Oliver -

I have had two pairs of the Titan X minimal frame, each of which lasted for over 2 years. I wanted something lightweight and frames that could take some punishment because at the time I was working in landscaping/construction. I never had any problems with my frames breaking although my lenses(which I changed yearly because of pitting/scratching) always looked like I had drug them across the concrete. Since my last pair of Silhouettes I owned two pairs of oakleys and one pair of mykita frames and wish I still had the silhouettes. Going to buy another pair.

rimless glasses -

A fabulous resource for Silhouette frameless glasses is its official website, It shows all important information about the brand as well as their products. They offer rimless eyewear and rimless sunglasses.

Chad -

I have had a pair of silhouette frames for less than a year and have already had two arms break, first the right, just before the screws on the lens. Then today about 4 months later the Left broke. I am not an active person and only have a slight astigmatism so I am not taking them on and off a lot. When the do break it when I am taking them off to set on my end table when I am reading. I would strongly advise against this style, especially if you are someone who can not see with out your glasses. The are comfortable yes but they are ticking time bombs waiting to break for no discernible reason !

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